2Sense Cone 65 review and sound test

Brave debut model

New and old ideas meet in an exciting debut model from a new Danish speaker producer – which is definitely not lost in the decor.

  • Large and open sound image. Successful rendering and excellent 3D perspective. The design is thoughtful and challenging.
  • No wireless connection or flow. They cost quite a lot of money! The bass could be firmer. The sound is affected by the room.

Denmark is a speaker country, which has both fought international giants like Dali, Dynaudio and B & O – and small, original newcomers such as Buchardt and Iron. And an almost endless array of marks between the extremes.

2Sense Speakers from Bronderslev have a different approach than we are used to seeing.

The company, consisting of three people, has at least not chosen the easiest solution. Where most people tackle a passive construction in a cabinet of merged MDF discs, 2Sense has chosen to debut with three active speakers in molded cabinets.

The design of the Cone 65 is even more unusual than the technique: a half-meter half-timber frame, which can either be placed on a furniture or on the special floor rails in polished steel that elevates the speaker to the earpiece. The gold metallic edition we tested certainly does not slip into any decor. But it’s an almost safe card as a topic in the designer home.

And not so, the single speaker unit is upside down. An acoustic spreading lens spreads the light radiation into a 180 degree wide horizontal fan shape. The cabinet is molded into a plastic material whose composition is a secret, but it is relatively heavy and resonant dead, and along with the conical shape promises it well.

“It should not exactly look like a speaker. We were inspired by ice creams, steam horns and vintage speaker models from the 70’s, with full-featured units and scattered lights on top. It was changed on the scatter lens during the process, as it should be an integral part of the design, “says Brian H. Pedersen, who has been behind the acoustic design of the speaker.

Vapor flutes and ice creams have been inspirational sources for 2Sense Cone 65. Photo: 2Sense

The speaker unit is a special edition of SEAS: a 6.5 “coaxial device where a dome disc is located in the center of the bass / mid-range device, which usually finds the center domain. However, it is an independent device with its own amplifier.

Since 2Sense Cone 65 is an active speaker, the bass and tweeter amplifiers are embedded in the cabinet. There is only one cable for each speaker (which, in return, was blue in the version we tested). The cable takes care of both signal and power to the amplifiers. The speakers connect to the supplied hub, which holds all the inputs (four digital and a pair of analogs). The power is supplied by a brick of an external adapter, of the same type used for powerful laptops. However, the adapter delivers just under 300 W of the amplifier tips, so it’s sufficient for the 270 W output power as the Class D amplifiers have very high efficiency, thus converting almost all of the power consumption to output power.

There are four digital inputs and a pair of analog inputs on the box. Photo: 2Sense

The sound of 2Sense Cone 65 Surrounding

Speakers often have a large and open but also unpredictable sound image, which is also highly influenced by room acoustics. However, 2Sense has succeeded in making the perspective well under control, undoubtedly thanks to the built-in spreader lens, which provides a relatively homogeneous sound field 180 degrees forward in front of the speaker, but limits the spread backwards and on the vertical plane.

2Sense Cone 65 draws a large room as mentioned above. Live recording sounds to be located at the end of the living room. Although the acoustics of the living room play, the speakers happily communicate the acoustics of the shooting room, so there is a clear difference in the jazz mood of Confessin from Jazz at the Pawnshop and a major orchestra at Fishing Junks at Sunset from The Concerts in China.

The sight of a single coaxial unit probably gives unconsciously a thought that the speaker can not play treble. Something that, of course, is wrong, as it is a completely normal dome disc that is only built with the bass unit. And treble plays it very brilliantly. Small cymbals and hi-hat are evident.

The midnight rendering is as nice as the treble. Song tunes are clean and uncolored in perspective, freed for romance. It can be done better, for example, on the equally active Dynaudio Focus 20 XD , but we are still in the very nice class. And the design and the low number will after all be added to the price.

The bass is there too. The small 6.5 “unit is playing a medium sized living room of 30 square meters. Surely helped on the way of the DSP in the active speaker. There is also no problem playing high. However, the bass could be firmer. Here comes the small 45W amplifier to short. But it’s only at high volume.

The precision is very good at 2Sense Cone 65. On Roger Waters’ Three Wishes , recorded with the 3D QSound technology , the effects sound far beyond the stereo image – and a good deal on the way to the backside. It is testified that there is control over the phase conditions.

2Sense Cone 65 is also available in black, but it will not be discreet. Photo: 2Sense

Generally speaking, the 2Sense Cone 65 is a speaker that works very well and can sound the big manufacturers in the heels. Without possibly passing them. Should I point to a weak point (and that’s why you’ve read the test here), the active price range competitors can offer built-in wireless connectivity and possibly also streaming. On Cone 65, it requires an additional device, such as a network player like Marantz ND8006.


2Sense Cone 65 is an interesting debut in the Danish speaker world. It is refreshing to see a manufacturer who dares to have a radical approach other than usual. Especially when it succeeds, as is the case here. The design will rock someone while others will make the cross’s sign. If you belong to the first group, the price will seem reasonable – for design costs. Soundly, the unique construction is successful, and at a quality level, as a matter of fact, must be included in a serious assessment.

2Sense Cone 65 Characteristics

  • Fitting: 6,5 “coaxial w. Integrated dome disc
  • Construction principle: Closed, active
  • Frequency range: 46-20,000 Hz (-2 dB)
  • Built-in amplifier power 90 W (bass) / 45 W (treble) class D
  • Crossover: 2.5 kHz, DSP-based
  • Connections: Analog (stereo RCA), optical digital (2 x Toslink), coaxial digital (RCA), USB
  • Outputs: Subwoofer Out, 80 Hz (RCA)
  • Resolution: 24-bit / 192 kHz
  • Dimensions / Weight: 23.0 x 52.0 x 23.0 cm (WxHxD), 9 kg
  • Floor stand: 25.0 x 62.0 x 25.0 cm.
  • Colors: black, white, eggplant, gold
  • Web: 2sensespeakers.com

2Sense Cone 65┬áPrice: $5,600, –

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