Beats Pro 2018 – review

Beats Pro

Solid built with dynamic sound

Beats has an undeserved bad reputation, the Pro model is the audible proof.


Massive bass dynamics with stone control and good dynamic contrast. Rich and sound sound. Very solid building quality.


Stiff hoop that hugs well on the ears, not among the most detailed.


The big Beats Pro must not be confused with the DJ edition we tested a few years ago. They only have the name and scope in common.

The headphones are aimed at DJs, musicians, studio users and others who need something more robust to play loudly, sounds good and can withstand beating.

They should not be confused with the ATH-M series for Audio-Technica, or the SRH Shure Studio Studio, for Beats Pro poses in another league. At least what construction concerns.

The large headphones, supplied only in matt black, weigh 400 grams and are mostly built in solid metal. Hinges, hangers, screws and pillows are of a different quality than usual, and bear that these can withstand the floor for a few years before something goes wrong. Confident is the word.

The closest competitor is Philips A5-Pro , which was developed in collaboration with DJ Armin van Buuren. Also those of the solid battle, with closed ear bells, thick spiral cable and detachable ear pads.

There are no technical specifications on Beats Pro. Apple does not tell much, other than the features of the headphones. For example, they come with two cables. Both with 3.5mm mini jack plug, one with spiral at the end, the other with microphone and remote control for the mobile.

It also comes with a case to collect everything in, including the included 6.5 mm jack adapter.

Beats Pro review

The earlocks can be swung away so that you can have an ear free to attend when you are in the DJ box.

Sound quality

My experience is that the sensitivity is medium high and they can be run well right from the phone, and can withstand really much volume before the audio distorts. Of course, it will be better with a small amplifier between. An Audioquest Dragonfly lasts a long time for the Beats.

The cables are inserted into one of the two inputs of the ear cups and can be locked to the connector with a slight twist of the plug. The second connector can be used for hearing, that is, an additional pair of headphones can be connected to a pair of Beats Pro. The earlocks can be swung away so that you can have an ear free to attend when you are in the DJ box.

Apple, though, directs them to DJs, but it sounds so good that even clever ears will be happy. At first, the sound can be perceived as dark, but it is because they do not have the sharp treble for example. the predecessor had. There is a lack of refinement and detail here, but the sound image is rich with a very good balance right down to the solid deep bass. Not of the intrusive variety, but of the type that gives the feeling that there is a subwoofer connected.

But it’s not just bass and drums that come to fruition right here. Piano, vocals, guitars and even strings, blends warm and beautiful, and the headphones give the music a good depth and scale.

They simply sound much better than feared, and are light years away from the furious hammock response to the predecessor, with too much bass and treble, and too little mid-tone.

Beats Pro

The earlocks can be swung away so that you can have an ear free to attend when you are in the DJ box.

A little to draw for

However, they are not perfect for anything. Audio files will find better resolution and focus in a pair of Sennheiser HD660S , Beyerdynamic DT1770 or Shure SRH1840 in the price range, but DJs will hardly find better sound anywhere else. The mentioned Philips A5-Pro ​​is the closest one comes. They sound a bit opener in the middle tones, and also tolerate playing crazy loudly, but do not have the same massive bass as Beats Pro has.

But they are more comfortable to wear in the long run. The Beats earlocks cling well to their ears – they are not big enough to get around the ears. It helps to stretch a little – carefully – on the barrel, but the tight barrel provides at least a tight coupling to the ears, so that there is hardly any noise.


Beats Pro is a positive acquaintance with far better sound than expected. They have qualities that make them suitable for more than DJs and musicians, and are built to withstand a life on the road. They are also big, heavy and rigid, so everything is not just joy and gammen. But since sound quality is so convincing, it’s easy to recommend Beats Pro to those who need a pair of headphones that can withstand Christmas without compromising too much on the sound quality.

Beats Pro 2018 Characteristics

  • Type: Closed ear bells
  • Sensitivity: n/a
  • Resistance: n/a
  • Element: n/a
  • Frequency response: n/a
  • Weight: 400 grams plus cable
  • Other: 3.5mm jack, cord with mic
    and remote control, case
  • Web:

Beats Pro 2018 Price: $450, –

Unboxing: 2018 Beats Pro

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