Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless – test and review

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless review

The world’s best wireless headphones?

When Beyerdynamic makes wireless headsets, they’re not kidding. Amiron Wireless is the most expensive – and best – we have tested.

  • Pro: Here you get the sound of cream and gold at once! Supernova sound with a broken detail, and also a very effective passive noise reduction.
  • Contra: They are large, lumpy and not foldable. The bass could have been more energetic and there are headphones where the treble shines even more.

Whether you’re in the market for high-end headphones around $ 5,000, because you’re a hard-barred music lover who just needs the best sound and maybe you want something to mix music with – and you’re willing to pay another $ 3,000 To get them wireless, there is only one option.

Covers the ears

Amiron Wireless is the German Beyerdynamics first wireless over-ear headphone, so headphones large enough to completely encapsulate the ears. This allows for larger elements, 45 millimeters in this case. To get the best control of an item, especially at high sound pressure, it’s important with a powerful magnet. Beyerdynamic uses more powerful magnets than most, and Amiron Wireless has a tesla of strength, which begins to approach the elements of large speakers. Do not bother, in other words!

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless review

Where the wired Amiron Home is of open type, Amiron Wireless is closed. This to make them more useful on the move. Look at it as a wireless version of the closed DT 1770 Pro , which we still think is one of the best we’ve heard of less than $1500.

Headphones can be controlled on the right ear bud, swiveling sideways to scroll between sounds and vertically to turn the sound up and down. Two easy tap my finger and the music pauses or starts.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless build quality and comfort

Amiron Wireless oozes building quality, and the comfort is impeccable. The only thing we miss is the ability to fold them together. They are big and rather lumpy. But they are like a dream in the ears, here you can enjoy music for hours without pushing the skull, while at the same time reducing noise from outside effectively. Active noise reduction is missing, but it’s just a miss when I’m going to fly or take public transport.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless test

Amiron Wireless is big and lumpy, and not foldable. But for a sound!

Tailored to the ears

With Amiron Wireless, Beyerdynamic, in collaboration with audiologists, has added the ability to customize the sound of listener ears. Download an app to your mobile and your own individual listening profile will be automatically created after a completed hearing test. This allows you to tailor the sound to your ears. This looks like Nuraphone – which does much of the same, but completely automatically by means of sound measurements of the ear. You can then choose between 20 and 100 percent correction, as full-corrected audio can be a little over. Even I thought it was the most natural thing about 60 percent, as the sound could be a little scratch in the mid-range at full power.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless fit

Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connection is very stable, I walked up 25 meters from my iPhone X before the sound started to drop out. Better sound with aptX HD is supported and also short audio delay with aptX LL. As an iPhone user, only the AAC codec is relevant to me, which is also in place. Using cable, you can enjoy high-quality music in full quality and the pair of proper headphone amplifiers also get the best sound, about the height of the DT 1770 Pro.

Great sound

The sound of Amiron Wireless is not many headsets – neither wireless nor wired – that can be measured against. In particular, singing vocals, guitars and cellos were reproduced with such creamy smoothness and warmth that one could hardly believe it was possible. The voice of Janelle Monáe on her driving RnB song I Like That has barely sounded better. The space zone has such a fullness and glow that you just do not get with cheap headphones. And the edge of the sharpener is sparse, but never sharp and hard. In comparison, the Master & Dynamic MW60 has a lighter and more energetic treble display, where the edge and hi-hat sounds more crisp. But they can forget Beyerdynamics quality and musicality.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless sound

Classical music may be the favorite costume of Amiron Wireless, and preferably any major orchestral works. Like Stravinsky’s brutal ballet Firebird . With a large sound image, the instruments are placed with ample space between each other, and with overtones that most easily distinguish rocks from violins, and wood from brass. The contrast is excellent, the same is the control of the bass rain. The maximum noise level in wireless mode may be slightly below what I could think of, especially on music with high contrasts in the sound image and thus a lower average level than usual. In such cases it is good to be able to use cable with a proper amplifier. Like Chord Mojo , which promotes even more dynamics in the headphones.

Other music with more normal sound levels, like pop and rock, sounds like a dream with Amiron Wireless. With an exception: if you’re fond of bass, then you’ll know that the headphones are not the most energetic in the deep bass. Not for that, they go all the way down to the basement, and the basalting structures appear like just a few other headsets. But I miss the really energetic slide in the bass stream of Eminem’s Without Me and the percussion of A Perfect Circles über-fat Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums . In such cases, an external amplifier comes even longer, or there are other headsets that fix that particular steak better. Like Nuraphone.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless – our opinion

At Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless with its price tag of over $ 8,000, the most expensive wireless headsets we’ve tested are fortunately also audible. For the wife of sound!

Although the audio over Bluetooth is compressed, it’s very good sound when you connect to a source that supports either aptX or AAC – as are most. The instrumental sound structures come in abundant monks, and the warm, almost creamy sound is a little unseen.

The only thing we miss is a little more energy in the bass register. Trailers of very much energy in the treble area will also want more, but we appreciate the choice of warm sound balance rather than excessive details.


  • Type: Over-ear, wireless, closed
  • Connectivity: 3,5 mm, BT 4.2 aptX (LL/HD)/ AAC
  • Active noise reduction: No
  • Foldable: No
  • Microphone and remote control: Yes
  • Speaker element: 45 mm Tesla
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • Weight: 380 grams
  • Color: Black / Gun Metal
  • Price: $990, –

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