Children’s electric toothbrush Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars”

Oral-b Kids Star Wars

Children's electric toothbrush Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars

A new gadget for oral care will help strengthen teeth from an early age.

Fantastic world of heroes and events of the saga “Star Wars” has long inspired designers. In the stores you can buy various products with Star Wars symbols, both the “Clothing and Accessories” segment and “Gadgets”.

And here’s a novelty for the youngest users of electric toothbrushes – Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars.”

Yes, the strength of healthy teeth will come with us!

The new children’s electric brush Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars” – a powerful weapon for young Jedi in the fight against caries and bacterial plaque.

Everyone knows that the baby teeth at a certain age are replaced by indigenous teeth. Milk teeth, although “temporary”, however it is very important to keep them healthy, as the caries of a baby tooth can adversely affect future permanent teeth. Therefore, dentists urge both children and their parents to take oral hygiene seriously from an early age.

Measures to prevent the appearance of caries are very simple: you just need to thoroughly clean the bacterial plaque. And you need to do this twice a day.

Oral-B Stages Power – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Oral-B Stages Power in the US is about $ 23. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Oral-B Stages Power when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 30. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

A series of children’s electric toothbrushes Oral-B Stages Power

The newest development Oral-B for children – electric toothbrushes Oral-B Stages Power. These brushes work in tandem with a special mobile phone training application and help children more efficiently brush their teeth and enjoy the process.

Children's electric toothbrush Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars

Surely you have already seen in the shops different designs of brushes Oral-B Stages Power – “Mickey Mouse” and Oral-B Stages Power “Cold Heart”? Now they will be added one more for young fiction fans: Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars.”

Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars

Effective cleaning of teeth during the game

Numerous studies have shown that 90% of children brush teeth with a more qualitative electric brush Oral-B Stages Power, because it was developed in conjunction with dentists, taking into account all the features of the structure of the oral cavity and the psychology of the child. It’s all about the free training application for smartphones Magic Timer, developed in conjunction with Disney, with which the child is much easier to get used to regularly brush his teeth and learn how to do it right.

The Magic Timer application has several useful functions:

  • An individual profile where the child can try on the image of the beloved Disney character. In Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars” the collection will be supplemented by the heroes of the legendary space saga
  • A system of rewards for regular cleaning and fearless visits to a doctor. There is also a special album of achievements, which records all the successes of the child in the difficult matter of brushing teeth;
  • An unusual timer is a scratch-picture, which is gradually “cleared” on the screen of the smartphone, motivating children to brush their teeth for at least two minutes. “Purified” pictures are saved in the album of achievements.

In addition, in the individual profile in the application you can conduct a dental “diary”, which helps to monitor the health and dynamics of development of the child’s skills.

Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars

Battery charging Oral-B Stages Power lasts for 5 days

The electric toothbrush Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars” is released specially for children. It is absolutely safe for hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, while removing more bacterial plaque than a manual toothbrush. Shortened soft bristles are ideal for children and do not injure the gums.

The round shape of the cleaning head allows to remove plaque from all sides of each tooth, preventing the appearance of calculus and caries.

The battery holds a charge up to 5 days (when using 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening).

What’s in the set of Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars

The package includes:

  • the nozzle with the image of characters of “Star wars”. Specialists say, for the best result, it should be changed every 3 months;
  • Charge the battery (not on all models).

With such an innovative device and “space” technologies, your kid will feel like a hero of the “far-distant galaxy”, and usual boring cleaning of teeth will turn into a real adventure.

The price of the children’s electric toothbrush Oral-B Stages Power “Star Wars”: about $ 30.

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