Overview and testing of the vacuum cleaner Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro

Passport characteristics, package and price

Model name Animalpro
Cinetic Big Ball
Type Flip-up floor-type vacuum cleaner with mains power
Method of dust collection Vacuum filtration + active brush
Main Filter Type Cyclone
The type of the pre-engine filter None
The type of the exhaust filter No data
Container volume Volume 1,6 & nbsp; l
Control On the handle – the suction power adjustment valve, on the body – only on / off
Noise level 82 & nbsp; dB
Power is electric 1300 & nbsp; W
Maximum suction power 250 & nbsp; AUT
Weight 7,7 & nbsp; kg
Dimensions 347 × 399 × 308 & nbsp; mm
  • Filtering technology Dyson Cinetic
  • Lack of supplies
  • Returns to the starting position with rollover
  • Hygienic cleaning of the container
  • Cord length 6.6 & nbsp; m
  • 5 Years Warranty
Package Contents *
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Flexible pipe connection
  • Handle
  • Telescopic tube
  • Turbo brush
  • Mini Turbo Brush
  • Musclehead nozzle
  • Cleaning brush for hard surfaces
  • Combination nozzle
  • Nozzle for upholstered furniture
  • Attachment holder
  • Adapter for old style nozzles
  • User’s Guide

* The package is better to check before you buy.

The price of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro on the publication date of the review $ 600

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal in the US is $ 593,00. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 620,00. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

Appearance and function of the vacuum cleaner.

Коробка Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The vacuum cleaner comes in a large box made of durable corrugated cardboard. A box without pens, so the buyer is better to think in advance about how he will transport it. The design of the box is strict and informative, on the planes it is clearly told about the main advantages and features of the unit, the complete set with pictures is shown, and the exact mass (11.79 kg) is indicated so that by means of weighing it would be possible to determine the integrity of the assembly. For packaging, the minimum amount of plastic is used, and for protection and distribution of components – inserts and partitions from corrugated cardboard. The kit is very rich, in addition to the usual flexible flexible pipe and telescopic tube for the floor vacuum cleaner there are a lot of attachments of different types:
Package Contents of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The word Animalpro in the name of the model hints that from the point of view of the manufacturer, this equipment is ideal for the owners of animals because of the need to harvest a large amount of wool, hair and other things.
Front view Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Printed materials from the kit – a multilingual user guide, in which all the main points are shown in the pictures and an additional instruction for the adapter.The design for the floor vacuum cleaner is very unusual – the body is visually divided into spherical and cylindrical parts, both parts partially overlapping. A ball-shaped part is a motor block, and a cylindrical part is a dust collector with cyclones. The segments on the sides of the spherical body are large wheels. The width of the entire assembly in the assembly (motor unit and dust collector with cyclones) according to our measurements is 297 mm, length – 379 mm, height – 346 mm.
Right view Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
A feature of the layout and shape of the hull is that the vacuum cleaner on an even floor from any position itself is turned into a working one, the bottom is down, according to the principle of a tumbler. The main parts of the body and accessories are made of plastic of different types. Opaque structural elements – mainly made of ABS, polypropylene, etc., transparent – made of polycarbonate (a glass of a dust collector, for example) and, apparently, also from ABS. The surface of most of the details of the opaque ABS mirror is smooth, apparently uncoated, but minor damage and scratches on them are invisible, since the plastic is not too light and not too dark, but gray (with a slight shade of brown) and slightly silvery, sometimes with divorces from variations in the concentration of the filler. The cyclone unit on the outside has a dark-gray silver scratch-resistant coating.
Left view Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The tires of the wheels and rollers are made of elastic rubber-like plastic. A flexible pipe is a plastic spiral corrugated pipe. The telescopic tube is made of plastic. On top of the dust collector is a handle-bracket, for which the vacuum cleaner in the collection or only the dust collector is convenient to carry. On the spherical part of the body behind the dustbag compartment there are two pedal buttons made of transparent plastic: colorless left – removes the lock of the cable coil, and the right one, tinted in red, – turns on / off the vacuum cleaner. According to our measurements, the length of the cable is 6.6 m. The cable is not slippery, elastic, with a round sheath, and the cross-section of the two conductors is 0.75 mm2. The cable does not show any tendency to tangling.
Back view Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Note that the “road” clearance is very small, and on a flat surface and without outside influences, the vacuum cleaner rests on the front roller and on the large side wheels. If the hose of the vacuum cleaner is slightly pulled up, then the support is transferred to the two rear rollers. The axes of all rollers are fixed in the vacuum cleaner body. The groove at the back in the continuation of the handle-staples geometrically corresponds to the protrusions on the complete large turbo brush and the Musclehead nozzle, which allows fixing these nozzles with a hose and a pipe on the body of the vacuum cleaner. This fastening can be used during cleaning breaks, for example, for carrying a vacuum cleaner, or for storing in an assembled state.
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Transparent body of the dust collector at a glance allows you to assess the degree of its filling. To remove the block of cyclone mixtures with a dust collector, you need to press the red button on the handle of the dust collector and pull it forward and up.
Dyson Cinetic Bag Big Ball Animalpro
It is usually necessary to pull out this part to empty the dust bag, so the next step is to place the unit above the trash can (the manufacturer recommends completely immersing it in the garbage bag) and push the red pusher down. This action will move down the transparent body of the dust bag, while the red rubber skirt cleans the garbage that has adhered to the mesh of the large cyclone, then the bottom of the dustbag recedes and all the garbage falls down.
Dyson Cinetic Bag Big Ball Animalpro
Most often this can be stopped, but if necessary, you can separate the transparent glass and wash it (only it!) Under cold water. The filtration system is three-stage. The cylindrical body of the dust collector forms a large cyclone of the first stage, on which large and heavy debris is separated. Light and large debris, such as fibers and wool, is retained by a stainless steel mesh. Final air purification is performed by many small cyclones that separate the smallest dust and air, the dust is poured into the container of the dust collector, and the air goes to the fan. Perhaps small cyclones are grouped together, and to achieve the best result, air purification is carried out in groups in series. The flexible ends of the cyclones vibrate in the flow of air and shake off the adhering dust.
Flexible tips of cyclones Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Air goes through the grilles from behind, behind which you can see the post-engine filter. This filter is non-replaceable and is designed for the entire service life. Note that all joints of separable structural elements, pipes and nozzles, through which air passes from the surface to be cleaned to the fan, have seals made of rubber or elastic plastic, so the parasite air sucking is negligible. A reliable connection of the branch pipe to the pipe / nozzles and pipes with nozzles is provided by snap-on latches. The flexible pipe is light. The nozzle freely rotates in the couplers at both ends. Detachable handle, which is convenient for the removal of blockages. The hinge in the handle allows you to deflect the flexible pipe relative to the pipe by more than 90 °, in addition the input of the handle rotates somewhere by 90 °. Such a mobility makes it easy to manipulate the nozzles and reduces the possibility of twisting and pinching the nozzle.
Dyson Arm Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Hinge handle Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The length of the corrugated part of the branch pipe is approximately 148 cm. The tube is telescopic.
Telescopic tube Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Its length is adjustable from 602 to 984 mm. To change its length you need to press the red lock and pull at the far part of the pipe. On the upper part of the tube you can put on a small bracket, which allows you to keep two small nozzles on hand. The vacuum cleaner is turned on immediately at the maximum power or turns off after pressing the button on the body. To adjust the suction power, a valve on the handle is used, which is opened with the index finger. Let’s go through the nozzles:

The main wide nozzle has a rotating brush with a drive from a small impeller, which spins the intake air.
Main brush Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Rotation from the impeller through the reducer is transferred to the brush. The air for rotating the turbine is taken separately from the main flow through the mesh filter on the side of the nozzle body. The brush has four rows of bristles. Black rows are formed of soft bristles made of carbon fiber that retains the shape well, while the red ones are made of thicker nylon bristles. When the vacuum cleaner is in operation, the transparent cap makes it possible to determine whether the brush rotates. And in breaks you can see how much and what wound on the brush and whether it’s time to clean it. The nozzle is equipped with a hinge with two degrees of freedom – a vertical deflection of about 60 ° and free rotation along the pipe. The nozzle cover can slightly deviate with respect to the housing, which helps maintain close contact with the floor as the nozzle moves. This brush can put under the lengthy furnishings with clearance somewhere 82 mm. With a nozzle width of 266 mm, the working width is 227 mm (along the length of the bristle on the brush). The body of the nozzle is glued with a velor strip, which protects the surface of the floor from scratches, and in front there is an elastic lining forming a safety bumper for furniture. Four small rollers and wheel-hinges on the hinge help to brush along the floor. Tire covers and wheels are made of resilient plastic.
Main brush Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
This nozzle is designed for cleaning hard surfaces and carpeting. To remove the end cap, you must crank it with a coin, after which the brush can be pulled out for inspection and cleaning.
Main Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
In addition, this kit includes a mini turbo brush, designed to collect hair and pet hair from carpets and upholstery furniture. Nozzle without hinge, but with swivel cover.
Mini Turbo Brush Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The nozzle is equipped with two counter-rotating brushes, whose axes are oriented perpendicular to the floor. Bunches of nylon bristles are fixed on elastic oval plates of brushes. The absence of a roller (according to the plan of the developers) excludes the winding of hair and wool.
Mini Turbo Brush Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Brushes are also driven by a turbine and gear reducer. The air for the turbine is taken through the mesh on top of the nozzle body. With a nozzle width of 125 mm, the working width is 117 mm (along the cut-out length). The next nozzle is a flat nozzle for cleaning hard surfaces.
Nozzle for cleaning hard surfaces Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
From the bottom, the nozzle is framed by a dense series of nylon bristles with cut-outs for gripping large debris.
Nozzle for cleaning hard surfaces Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The nozzle has a vertical hinge with a deviation of more than 90 degrees and an unusual hinge in the horizontal plane, ensuring free rotation. This design, as well as a small height of the nozzle allows you to climb with it under the furnishings with a clearance of about 50 mm from the floor. The wings of the nozzle can be palmated under even lower lumens. The width of this brush is 300 mm.

Innovation is a universal nozzle, designed for cleaning of smooth floors and carpets. It’s called Musclehead.
Musclehead Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The nozzle has two vertical hinges with a total deviation of about 70 degrees and a hinge providing free rotation along the longitudinal axis. From the bottom there is a frame of elastic plastic scrapers and strips with a short pile. Scrapers have cutouts for grabbing large debris, and grooves on the sides allow you to suck in garbage directly from the wall surfaces. The brush is sliding on the floor using eight small rollers and wheel-hinged hinges. The central gray part of the nozzle moves up and down, pressing harder or weaker against the floor. On carpets, the pressure is stronger, the air is pumped through the pile of the carpet, clearing it of debris. To make it easier for the brush to move around the floor and keep the air flow necessary for grabbing debris on smooth surfaces, the pressure of the clamp is weaker. The type of coating is recognized with a red flag at the back of the nozzle, which is deflected by the carpet pile and remains perpendicular to the floor on smooth surfaces. In addition, the user can increase the clamping force by moving the regulator from the top of the nozzle to the Max position.
Musclehead Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The crevice nozzle in this case is combined, since it also has a sliding corolla from a relatively long (20-30 mm) and non-rigid nylon bristles.
combination nozzle Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The nose of the nozzle is long enough to climb into the hidden places of dust accumulation, and with a series of holes on the lateral surface helping to keep the airflow necessary for the operation of the cyclones and cooling the motor while completely closing the mouth of the nozzle.
combo nozzle Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The length of the slotted nozzle is about 342 mm, the outer profile of the spout is 17 by 34 mm. And, finally, the last nozzle is a nozzle for upholstered furniture.
Nozzle for upholstered furniture Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
There is nothing unusual in the design of this nozzle.
Nozzle for upholstered furniture Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
In addition, an adapter is included in the scope of delivery, which allows using with this vacuum cleaner attachments from the previous generation of Dyson floor vacuum cleaners.
Dyson Cinetic Adapter Big Ball Animalpro
Such a rich set of nozzles allows you to perform almost the entire range of tasks for dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is made in Malaysia. Let’s remind, that all vertical and cylindrical vacuum cleaners Dyson are provided with the five-year guarantee on spare parts and functioning. We complete the descriptive section with the results of mass measurements.

Detail Weight, g
Motor Assembly Assembly with Dust Collector 6079
Flexible sleeve + handle + pipe 1069
The vacuum cleaner assembly (see photo above) 7973
Turbo brush 629
Mini Turbo Brush 232
Musclehead nozzle 634
Brush for cleaning hard surfaces 282
Combination attachment 103
Nozzle for upholstered furniture 40
Bit holder 53
Adapter 32


Testing was in the trial cleaning of about a hundred square meters (linoleum and carpet) of office areas, including a pair of door mats, as well as several dozen chairs with fabric upholstery. The main composition of garbage is dirt from shoes (sand, clay, dust), pile from carpet and rugs, hair, fibers, etc. Even for the floor version, the vacuum cleaner is heavy. But it is convenient to carry it by the handle, at least in assembly with the fastened pipe, though the motor unit is in one hand, and the pipe is with nozzles and a branch pipe in the other. If you pull the vacuum cleaner by the hose behind it, then it easily and without showing a tendency to rollover when changing the trajectory rolls over hard and carpeted surfaces, stretches from behind the corner and overcomes the high thresholds. In place, the vacuum cleaner rotates with some difficulty, since the rollers on the bottom are fixed, and not mounted on the turntable. If, in some way, the vacuum cleaner is dropped on its side, then, once it’s on a level surface, it immediately restores the correct position. The handle is snug, but smooth and slippery, especially in a slightly sweaty arm. As a result, after a long cleaning, the hand gets a little tired. A valve that reduces suction power is convenient. But, of course, at least a simple switch on the handle is lacked. Lean towards the pedal to press it with your hand or balance on one leg and another to step on the tiny pedal – it’s uncomfortable. Suspension with small brushes, really comfortable, she is very securely fixed to the pipe, and small nozzles retain even when working with the vacuum cleaner. Static electricity in a noticeable amount does not accumulate, and debris to the outer surfaces of the nozzles adheres in a moderate amount.

A large turbo brush has proven very effective on carpeting. Basically, apparently, because of the intense action of the bristles on a rotating roller at high speed. A relatively large width of the nozzle plays a positive role in terms of performance. This nozzle can be used on hard smooth coatings, such as laminate, tile, etc., but large rubbish on the smooth floor of the nozzle basically scraps in front of it, but perfectly removes small debris such as sand, wool, hair, etc. Yes, and on smooth floors this turbo-brush strongly sucks to the floor, it is necessary to open the bypass valve. However, on such floors it is still better to use a wide passive brush-attachment for cleaning hard surfaces. By the way, it can not be used on the carpet, as it clings to bristles and rolls. With a local cleaning of carpets and cleaning up the fabric upholstery, a mini turbo brush has proved to be a good idea. The intensity of the impact, it clearly exceeds the large turbo-brush, but, of course, the performance is worse because of the small width, and under low furniture with it do not fit. A mini turbo brush is good for collecting virtually any garbage, including hair, fibers, wool, etc. A very small part of this is wrapped in bundles with bristles, and everything is easily removed when cleaning the brush.

Test Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
A little more winding winds on the brush of a large hair nozzle.
Test Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
However, due to the relatively large diameter roller and the special geometry of all the wound can be easily removed simply with your fingers, without the involvement of any tools. We did not find any special advantages with the Musclehead nozzle. Even if the regulator on the nozzle itself does not stand at the maximum, it still too much sucked to any surfaces, and it is difficult to move it across the floor. Feeling with the cleaning of smooth floors and carpets, it is much worse than a simple brushhead and turbo brush, respectively. Crevice nozzle allows you to remove garbage from the most hidden places, and in the variant with an extended corolla it is convenient to remove dust from various surfaces. Somewhat lacking is something like a short brush with soft bristles, since it is already difficult to get to the upper horizontal surfaces of high shelves with a brush at the end of a long nozzle. When using a vacuum cleaner, the inner surface of the transparent glass of the dust collector quickly and irreversibly becomes turbid due to the abrasive action of the solid particles, which makes it difficult to assess its fullness and the state of the inner mesh.
Testing Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The dustbag gets very easy. It turned out that due to the strong inclination of the dust collector in the rear part (which is almost not visible), the hill of garbage still outgrew the indicated mark. Although in the end the garbage was not so much.
Testing Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Almost all the garbage fell out after the glass was moved down and the cover was snapped off. Red rubber skirt on the glass well cleaned debris from the grid of a large cyclone.
Testing Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
The design of the dust collector can really be considered hygienic, since contact with dust and dust in particular can be minimized.

The manufacturer reports that this model of the vacuum cleaner is certified by the American foundation for the control of asthma and Allergy Standards Limited for use by people prone to allergic diseases. The American Asthma and Allergy Foundation is the leading national non-profit organization that is struggling with asthma and allergic diseases. The Foundation provides free information, organizes educational programs, fights for patients’ rights and funds research aimed at seeking improved treatment and medicines. The Asthma & Allergy Friendly certification program is implemented by the foundation in partnership with Allergy Standards Limited, an international certification agency led by physicians who prepare independent standards for testing a wide range of consumer products in order to determine their environmental friendliness and suitability for people with asthma and allergies. Dyson claims that because of the hermetic design and the high quality of filtration, all dust remains inside and vacuumed the air cleaner than the one taken.

Инструментальные тесты заключались в определении мощности всасывания и измерении уровня шума.

Suction power

The measuring stand was connected to the coupling on a flexible branch pipe. The graph below shows the dependence of the suction power on the vacuum created:
Testing Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Regarding the type of the obtained dependence, we note that at the first point, where the rarefaction is minimal, the stand valve is open, the resistance of the stand to the air flow is minimal, the useful work is small, since the power goes mainly to the movement of air. At the last point the damper is closed and the suction power is zero, since there is no air movement. In the interval between these two points, the suction power reaches a maximum, since a significant vacuum is created at a large air flow, that is, useful work is performed. Судя по снижению мощности всасывания и изменению в характере шума где-то после 17 кПа в пылесосе открывается предохранительный перепускной клапан. Видимо, таким образом сохраняется необходимый для охлаждения мотора поток воздуха. Максимальная мощность всасывания достигает 300 Вт, что даже больше заявленного значения в 250 Вт.

In operation, the power drawn from the network is somewhere at the level of 1100 W (at 219 V of mains voltage) with a slight variation depending on the current output throughput.

Testing Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro

The peak current value at the start of the motor reaches 30.5 A. The vacuum cleaner is completely disconnected from the electrical network by the button on the housing, since the consumption is reduced to 0W.

Noise level

We measured the noise level by placing the vacuum cleaner on the floor in the working position and with the attachment pressed against the floor (commercial carpet). The sound level meter was placed laterally at an altitude of 1.2 m from the floor and 1 m away from the motor unit of the vacuum cleaner and was aimed at the vacuum cleaner.

Nozzle Sound pressure level, dBA
Turbo brush 71.4
Mini Turbo Brush 75.6
Brush for cleaning hard surfaces 69.7
Musclehead nozzle 68.0
Crevice Tool 71.7

Also, we will give the level of sound pressure in the range 20-20000 Hz in bands of 1/3 octave:
Testing Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro

The vacuum cleaner is not very loud. The fan and motor in the main unit operate relatively quietly, noise from the rotation of the active brushes (especially the mini turbo-gear reducer loudly buzzes loudly) and the swirling of the air flow at the inlet to the nozzles add significantly to the loudness. Negative point is the lack of adjustment of engine power, that is, you can not remove something without unnecessary noise, when high power is not needed. The nature of the sound is mainly determined by the type of nozzles used and the type of the floor surface.


Cyclonic filter in vacuum cleaners Dyson has a unique high efficiency, even when cleaning very fine and light dust. A key role is played by the use of a large number of small cyclones, in which the flow velocity required for the separation of air and dust is created. The work of the cyclones is improved due to flexible vibrating tips, dropping the adhering dust into the dust collector glass. As a result, Dyson vacuum cleaners retain high suction power and do not require replacement or maintenance of filters. The quality and convenience of cleaning are enhanced by using original nozzles with a well thought out design. In the case of the Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro model, it is especially worth noting that the vacuum cleaner returns to its original position when it rolls over, the dust collector is cleaned easily, quickly and with minimal contact with debris, and a large number of attachments and accessories are included in the delivery.

Video demonstration of the vacuum cleaner Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro

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