Dyson V10 review and detailed test, comparison with V8

Dyson V10 review and test

The Dyson V10 looks a bit like a futuristic laser gun. We like it.

Yes, it can actually replace your regular vacuum cleaner

No other handheld vacuum cleaners can be compared.

Ever since the 80’s, British inventor James Dyson has developed and designed new poseless vacuum cleaners, but this year it ended.

Dyson believes that the company’s latest product, the handheld vacuum cleaner Dyson V10, is so powerful and has so much battery life that it’s no longer a joke to further develop their more traditional vacuum cleaners. Now it’s only handheld, but still poseless, vacuum cleaners that apply, Dyson claims.

But can it really be true that a small machine like this manages to compete with the much larger and heavier machines from Dyson? Let’s take a closer look.

Powerful feed

This is the latest in a long series of handheld vacuum cleaners from Dyson, and the machines have gradually become better and better. According to the company itself, the V10 can offer 50 percent better battery than its predecessor V8, and 20 percent better suction power. At its peak it can now boast of a suction power of 150 Air Watts.

The suction power has increased because the V10 is now designed to keep the airflow in a more efficient and straight line between the engine and the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. The new design also makes the V10 stand out considerably from its predecessors, and now looks more like a futuristic gun than a vacuum cleaner if you take off the long metal tube. However, the new design has made the weight a little bit up, and the V10 weighs a few tens of grams more than its predecessor.

When the dust is introduced from the nozzle, it is thrown into the first cyclone, where the coarse particles are separated from the air stream and fall into the dust container. This wind is at about 70 kilometers per hour, but when this is further shot up to 14 further cyclones, which are much smaller, both the speed and the G-forces increase.
In the small cylinders, the speed of air suction increases to between 240 and 320 kilometers per hour, and due to its compact construction and rapid acceleration, Dyson says that the dust is exposed to 79,000 g. This is to separate the last and least dust particles from the air flow, which are shot out to different filters at the top of the engine.

Dyson claims they manage to filter out 99.97 percent of all impurities in the air, and particles up to 0.3 micrometer are picked up. This is good enough for HEPA certification, something every home-based allergy can enjoy.
But enough about specifications and numbers – how is it in actual use?

Futuristic plastic

The vacuum cleaner and all the nozzles included in the Absolute package.

Dyson V10 comes in three different variants, but all are relatively similar. They have the same engine, battery and appearance, but the cheapest variant (Motorhead) has a little smaller dust bin than the other two. The animal variant has an accompanying brush head that is particularly suitable for removing animal hair while the Absolute package contains “all”. It’s the V10 Absolute we’ve got in for testing.

The absolute variant has the largest dust container and five different brush heads, two of which are active with their own engine.
Dyson V10 looks like Dyson products most with its futuristic design and plastic material in different colors. Our variant is colored in purple, gray and orange, but it is available in other colors as well.

We like this best with Dyson V10

It is easy to remove the brushes on the inside. Just screw up the side with a coin, then you can remove the entire brush.

To check the performance of the Dyson V10 we have tried it on a variety of different surfaces – ranging from laminate and parquet flooring to tiles and carpets – with a variety of different types of dirt. Among other long and difficult dog hairs, well laid down in carpets, to really make it a challenge. We have also tried the different vacuum cleaner heads, with the most focus on the three variants that have motorized brushes that throw dirt and dust further into the vacuum cleaner.

The floor of the test home is usually kept clean by a robot vacuum cleaner, but this has been paused to see how the Dyson V10 could act as a replacement for the daily cleanup. After a week of testing, this is the experience we have done:

Extremely good suction

There are three different levels, and even on the weakest, the vacuum cleaner can take up most of the floor.

Dyson boasts a lot of suction power in his machines, and it’s no wonder. You really feel that you’re wearing a little hurricane in your hands when using the V10 on the floor, even without turning on the Max level. Whether there is general dust on the floor that is going up or crumbles on the couch, there is never anything left to sit again, especially when you raise the suction strength at the handle.

Plain dirt on hard surfaces always sucked up, simply. Whether it’s riskorn, pebbles, dust or hair, it disappears straight into the dust container thanks to the powerful engine. More interesting becomes when the vacuum cleaner gets on softer surfaces such as blankets and pillows. Even here, Dyson V10 performs well through our tests and extinguishes both animal hair, human hair and general dirt.

However, it requires that you use the correct nozzle. With either the smaller vacuum cleaner head intended for animal hair, or the usual vacuum cleaner head for rugs, the hair quickly brushes up in the strong air flow and the hair disappears. A couple of times we had to walk over an area several times for extra hard hair, but generally it was mostly sucked up after just one round. Here, the V10 Absolute will differ from the cheapest Motorhead variant, as the latter does not have the same vacuum cleaner head. If you drive a lot of yourself or have a pet, you should probably go for one of the two more expensive variants of the V10.

Good battery life

The Dyson V10 keeps it promise, if not a little more. We did a couple of sampling at the given times below and hit either the minute or about 30-60 seconds more:

Battery life with vacuum cleaner head (common):

  • 35 minutes of low suction
  • 20 minutes on medium suction power
  • 7 minutes at max suction power

Battery life without vacuum cleaner head (handheld):

  • 60 minutes of low suction power
  • 30 minutes on medium suction
  • 5 minutes at max suction power

In everyday life, the vacuum cleaner never left empty while we did the usual cleaning, and usually you get ordinary dirt and dust even at the lowest effect. Is something extraordinary good, like animal hair in a rug, you can turn on the maximum suction power for a while.


The mouthpiece on the left is meant for blankets, while the right side is made for plain flooring.

The advantage of handheld vacuum cleaners in general is that they are extremely manoeuvrable compared to a regular vacuum cleaner, simply because they do not have cables or a big body to shower around. The Dyson V10 is no exception, making it extra easy to get around the floor with a vacuum cleaner head that you can almost spin all the way around while swirling around the home.

Most of the weight of the Dyson V10 is in the upper part of the machine, making it easy to move and turn around on the vacuum cleaner head. It can be a bit heavy in the long run to use and lift the vacuum cleaner with only one hand, but since the sessions are never very long, there was never a particularly big hurdle.


The HEPA filter can be removed and washed.

The way the Dyson vacuum cleaners are built makes them very flexible in use. The large buttons at each link allow you to easily snap them either on or off and with five different brush heads you have many different ways to use the vacuum cleaner.

It turns out that if you want absolute power out of the vacuum cleaner you will need to remove the long vacuum cleaner and use a vacuum cleaner head without additional engine. Then the handheld vacuum cleaner can achieve a suction power of up to 150 Air Watt (AW), which is more than many common vacuum cleaners.

We also like the good wall suspension that comes with the vacuum cleaner, which allows you to leave the vacuum cleaner for charging when not using it. It would have been even more convenient if there were also parties to more than two brush heads, but it’s a bit of a joke.

We do not like this with Dyson V10

You may have understood that we like the new Dyson vacuum cleaner, but not everything is a dance of roses:

It vacuums only one way

The brush for flooring can be removed and washed in the washing machine if it becomes too dull.

This made us a point out of our team of handheld vacuum cleaners , and it’s still an annoyance: Dyson vacuum cleaners just suck dirt when you push the nozzle forward, not coming back again. There is only one opening on the front of the vacuum cleaner head and not on the backside. Thus, just pulling the dust against you if you start the vacuum cleaner head far away, rather than sucking it up.

It’s not a “dealbreaker”, but it definitely makes you have to adapt the way you vacuum and you could have a faster cleaning if it sucked dust both ways. We confronted Dyson with this on their launch of the V10 in Paris and they had no good excuse. Instead, they just said it’s like vacuuming a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Simple and straightforward, yet a little annoying.

Not replaceable battery

The battery life of the V10 is better than any of the company’s other handheld vacuum cleaners, but sometimes you want more. For example, a replaceable battery, such as used to battery powered tools, has made the noise, but it does not offer Dyson. The battery is screwed and is not intended to be replaced until after many years of use. We like that you can replace the battery after a few years, but when they sell separate batteries, it would be nice if they came with a single fastening, instead of screws.

You must remove the bar to empty the dirt bin

How to clear the V10.

Not a big deal, but with previous Dyson models, you could empty all dust, dirt and hair by just opening a hatch under the vacuum cleaner body. Because of the new design, you have to remove the bar before you can empty the machine.

You must hold the button to vacuum

The vacuum cleaner battery can last up to one hour, and it would be nice to be able to use it without having to keep the button on the handle all the time. We never thought about it during short vacuum cleaners, but as soon as you hang on for more than a couple of minutes, you miss to be able to relieve your index finger a little.


We like Dyson V10 very well and we will actually strive to agree with James Dyson’s statement: It can actually replace your regular vacuum cleaner. The suction power is good enough, and while you always want a longer battery life, you get more than enough cleaning time before it stops the V10.

What impressed us most was how good the vacuum cleaner was how easy it was to pull up animal hair from even rugged carpets. It requires both the correct vacuum cleaner head and powerful engine, and the Dyson V10 has both.

The biggest downside is the price. You’ll find other handheld vacuum cleaners at half the price, and regular vacuum cleaners for a quarter. You’ll get cheaper if you buy the cheaper Motorhead variant, but you will not get all the clever vacuum cleaners and you’ll also get a smaller dust bin. Should you first have a Dyson V10 we had recommended the Animal or Absolute variant. You will not regret it.

Good alternatives to the Dyson V10

Dyson V8 absolute

Dyson V8

Dyson V10 is a scam, so if you want to save some money you can go for the predecessor V8. It has a weaker engine and shorter battery life, but it also comes with a whole bunch of different brush heads.

It goes without saying that the experience will be a little worse than with a V10, but in return you save about 2,000 kroner by going for the V8. For the price conscious, this is still a very good choice.

Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10 – Detailed Tests and Comparison

Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum 2

Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum 2

If you just want to keep your house relatively dust free, without lifting a finger, you’ll find nothing easier than a good robot vacuum cleaner. It vacuums your floor while you’re at work, so you’ll always come home to a clean and tidy floor.

The downside is, of course, that it does not come to absolutely every crutches and hooks, as you do if you do the job yourself.
The model that gives you the best value now is this Chinese model, which provides about the most expensive models on the market, but at a fraction of the price.


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