How to Make an Automatic Cat Feeder?

An Overview of the Advantages of Automatic Cat Feeders

Many people like cats as pets, and giving them the right nourishment is crucial for their well-being. How to Make an Automatic Cat Feeder: It might be difficult for pet owners who lead hectic lives to feed their furry family members on time. An automated cat feeder is useful in this situation. With the help of an automated cat feeder, you can make sure your cat gets fed even while you’re not home by setting it to release food at regular intervals.

Using an automated cat feeder has several advantages, including:


You won’t need to stress about rushing from work to home or waking up early to feed your cat. Even if you aren’t present, the automated feeder will distribute food on a schedule.

Healthier eating patterns

An automated feeder may assist in regulating your cat’s feeding patterns by reducing overeating and guaranteeing that the proper quantity of food is being supplied to your cat. With the knowledge that your cat is fed and cared for, you can relax and enjoy your time away from home.

Spend less money

Spend less money by utilizing an automated feeder rather than a pet sitter or a friend to feed your cat.

In general, busy pet owners who want to make sure that their furry companions are well-fed and happy should consider investing in an automated cat feeder. We’ll demonstrate how to make an automatic cat feeder in the parts that follow, so you may experience these advantages for yourself.

Supplies Required for the Do-It-Yourself Automatic Cat Feeder

You’ll need the following supplies to create your automated cat feeder:

  • A plastic container with a lid
  • To keep the food fresh, the container must have a lid and be large enough to store the necessary quantity of food.
  • A food dispenser may be ordered online or through a pet shop.
  • Pick a timer that can be programmed to distribute meals at regular intervals.
  • Make a hole in the lid using a drill for the food dispenser and timer.
  • To fasten the food dispenser to the lid, use a hook.
  • To attach the hook and food dispenser to the lid, use a hot glue gun.
  • Cut a hole in the lid of the food dispenser using scissors.
  • Utilize a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the food dispenser and the lid’s hole.

You can quickly create your automated cat feeder with these supplies. We’ll demonstrate how to put everything together to make a practical and effective feeding system for your cat in the parts that follow.

An Instructional Guide for Building an Automatic Cat Feeder

It’s time to start assembling your automated cat feeder now that you have all the required components. To make a practical and effective feeder for your cat, follow these steps:

Decide on a container

Choose a plastic container that can accommodate the required volume of food. To keep the food fresh, make sure the container has a tight-fitting cover.

Cut a hole in the lid

To make a hole in the lid large enough to accommodate the food dispenser, use scissors.

Use hot glue

To fasten the hook to the lid by using this method to attach the hook. Attach the food dispenser by putting it through the lid’s hole and then gluing it in place using hot glue.

Put a timer on

Set the timer to release food at predetermined intervals after attaching it to the lid.

Food should be placed in the container to the level of the bottom of the food dispenser. Fill the container with your cat’s favorite food. To test the feeder, set the timer to the desired duration and check that food is being dispensed at the appropriate intervals. To ensure that the food dispenser administers the appropriate quantity of food, modify the parameters, as required.

You may quickly create a useful and effective automatic cat feeder by following these instructions. Even when you’re not home, your cat will have a healthy diet, and you’ll be able to relax knowing that your pet is well-cared for.

Choosing the Right Container and Timer: Some Advice

A suitable container and timing must be used while creating an automated cat feeder for it to function properly. Here are some pointers to assist you in making the best decision:

Size of container

Pick a container that is large enough to accommodate the necessary quantity of food without taking up too much room. For the food to stay fresh and to avoid spillage, make sure the lid fits firmly.

Size of the food dispenser

Pick a food dispenser that is appropriate for the container and the quantity of food you want to distribute.

Setting the timer

Check the timer’s accuracy and ability to be configured to dispense food at the correct intervals.


Pick a timer and container that can sustain repeated usage and are both sturdy.

By using these suggestions, you’ll be able to choose the ideal container and timing for your automated cat feeder, ensuring that it operates well and gives your cat the nutrients it needs.

Advantages of Building a DIY Automatic Cat Feeder

Making your automated cat feeder has various advantages, including the following:


Building your automated cat feeder might be a more affordable option than buying one from a store.


When you construct your automated cat feeder, you can change the size of the container and the intervals at which food is distributed to suit the unique requirements of your cat.


You can easily make sure your cat is fed even when you’re not home with an automated cat feeder.

Having peace of mind and lessening stress might result from knowing that even while you’re gone, your cat is being adequately fed. Promotes independence: Using an automated cat feeder can help you to empower your cat’s independence and self-reliance. You can provide your cat with the right diet and attention even while you’re not home by making your autonomous cat feeder. Given these advantages, it seems sensible that a lot of cat owners choose to create their mechanical cat feeder.


To sum up, building an automated cat feeder is a quick and affordable solution to make sure your cat gets fed, even while you’re not home. You may build a useful and effective system that delivers meals at predetermined intervals with only a few simple components and a little time. Making an automated cat feeder that satisfies your cat’s demands and gives you peace of mind is simple if you follow the instructions in this article and choose the appropriate container and timer.

Why not attempt to create your automated cat feeder right now? Your pet will appreciate it!

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