Jays A-six Wireless review

Jays A-six Wireless review

Large bass in small package

For the bass game they are a bargain, but they are less suitable for a varied music flavor.


Excellent battery life. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Surprisingly precise and heavy bass.


Bulky battery on the cord. The bass dominates on quieter music.

As usual, Jays is wearing a skinned Scandinavian design, without any luminous logos or screaming colors. The remote control may feel a bit plastic, but the plugs are metal and the overall quality is generally fine. They also have a wiring that does not wrap if you drop them into your pocket.

The Jays a-Six Wireless comes with a short USB cord for charging, and generously enough five different sizes of silicone pads. It is therefore not the big problem to find a pair that is both in place and provide a suitable seal in the ear canal. Thanks to the small and lightweight studs, they are comfortable, even in length. On the other hand, the large battery pack on the cord makes sure that they do not hang securely around the neck. Magnetic plugs had solved that problem. The battery pack, however, means that they have an unusually good battery life of 12 hours.

Acoustic recordings sound good, with a good presence. But thanks to the aluminum enclosure with steel bass ports, a technique from q-Jays, it’s the bass that impresses. The Bass Walk in Silent Shout with The Knife has never been so thundering in a few cheap stuffs. But it can be too much of the good. In Becks Say Goodbye, the background bass is raised so much that it exaggerates the other instruments. An app with EQ had solved the problem.

Jays A-six Wireless

The steel bass port is derived from the q-Jays premium plugs.

Jays A-six Wireless Conclusion

If you love bassstung music and want a pair of wireless headphones in a reasonable price range, there’s nothing to discuss. Then you have to have Jays a-Six Wireless. Rarely have we heard such a precise and abrasive bass from such small and lightweight plugs. Thanks to the size they are comfortable as well, and the selection of silicone plugs makes them fit. However, if you allow them to hang around your neck, you may risk the battery causing them to slip off. The battery pack, however, means that the battery life is very generous.

Jays A-six Wireless Characteristics

  • Element: 6 mm
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Remote control / microphone: yes / yes
  • Certification: –
  • Weight: 14 grams

Price: $99, –

JAYS a-SIX Wireless Earphones Review

JAYS a-Six wireless earphones unboxing

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