Klipsch RSB-6 – review and sound test

Klipsch RSB-6

Does not follow up

A masculine expression and rough sound does not have the power to follow up, and Klipsch “lands on the ball”.


If you like the PA sound you know from concert venues and nightlife, you will not recognize.


The soundplank does not have the power to follow up the “rock” soundtrack. It all sounds pretty flat, and Bluetooth sounds so bad that it is not recommended.

The look is rugged and masculine, with a length that best matches TVs of 46 inches or greater. The soundplank has HDMI input that supports HDCP 2.2 and hence all latest video resolutions. On the other hand, it needs display, so you have to close to see the input and audio mode. It will not get any better by the small and skipped remote control.

Sound quality

Dialogues on movies are not as clear as Samsung and LG, and the RSB-6 is less good at simulating surround sound. The actual sound in the sound image reminds a lot of what we know from the cinema. Rough and tough, with a hint of brutality. Therefore, it is somewhat disappointing to note that the sound board is unable to follow up when the sound is erased. It sounds quite flat, and explosions and shots in the otherwise exciting Alien: Covenant does not break out of the sound image. It is nevertheless just approved, we mean.

Music via Bluetooth wireless is another story. As with the Panasonic SC-HTB250, it sounds totally lifeless and unobtrusive, where there should be transients standing and pumping against a roof. None of the other soundboards in the test have this problem.

Far better it sounds with CD. The music then sounds rhythmic and works well. But Klipsch is far from threatening the best. The bass sounds colorful, everything gets a very PA sound, but without it being followed up with dynamics and power. Klipsch is miles away from JBL Bar 3.1 in this way.

Klipsch RSB-6 Opinion

With such a rocky exterior and a sound character reminiscent of PA sound, it’s a little disappointing to note that Klipsch RSB-6 is a rather low-blooded affair. It sounds quite flat, action scenes are reproduced without big contrasts, and we never let us believe that it’s surround sound here. Worst is the sound from Bluetooth, which is almost unusable. Flat like the pulse of a stuffed diaphragm.

We also miss the display and the remote control is taken from the bottom shelf.

Klipsch RSB-6 - test


  • Matches screen size: 46 “and up
  • HDMI: 1 in, 1 out (ARC)
  • Digital input: Optical
  • Wireless: Bluetooth
  • Analogues: 3.5 mm AUX

Price: $700

Klipsch RSB-6 soundbar unboxing and users review

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