Marantz PM8006 – test and review

Marantz PM8006 test

Marantz’s new model repeats the virtues of the stereo stations’ great time.

Sound & Image mean

 Classic stereo amplifier without digital noise. Nice component selection. And all the money is spent on the important: the sound.

No digital features of any type. Limited output power. No built-in MC amplifier. No balanced inputs and outputs.

The Marantz PM8006 is a classic stereo amplifier, as they put them when father was a rocky teenager: a big and heavy metal box that occupies the venue in the rack or in the stereo system.

Like other Marantz devices, the PM8006 has rounded corners. It looks quite elegant – and certainly contributes to brand loyalty, if you want to maintain a uniform expression in the plant. The front plate is strictly symmetrically structured: two large shutter buttons respectively for input selector and volume, four less to balance and tone control, and finally four push buttons for choice between speakers as well as “Source direct” and “Power amp direct”.

Like in the old days

Filling is as classic as the outside: a solid ring core transformer, baked by a trustworthy pair of “beer boxes” of capacitors, supplies a 70 W amplifier of 70 W in 8 ohm (100 W in 4 ohms). An electronics engineer woke up after 30 years of sleep would immediately feel at home here. However, the person might ask about the “Network” entry, but be tempted that it is just a regular line entry, similar to those marked with “Tuner”, “CD”, “Aux” and Recorder. ” Yes, it is the input and output of the (tape) recorder! It can not be more classic than this without using the radio door

Beyond the many inputs, the back of two pairs of solid speaker terminals dominates, which, luckily, is far better than in good old days. It is – of course – also a record player input, but only for MM pickup. There are no inputs and outputs on the PM8006, but it is a bit surprising that there are no balanced inputs.

If you want to use the Marantz PM8006 as the amplifier to the front channels of a home theater, you can do the Power Amp Direct feature that skips the preamp and volume control.

 As usual for Marantz, the company’s own hybrid modules are used rather than ordinary integrated operating amplifiers. In general, a lot of work has been done in the sound quality of the component selection. Someone can expect and demand from a 70 W amplifier at such a relatively high price.

No Digital Features

Marantz PM8006 is a pure analog amplifier. There are no – as if none of them – digital features under the hood. Thus it separates itself from its cousin, Denon PMA-1600NE,as we tested last year. Both are otherwise classically designed stereo amplifiers and come from the same factory. But the slightly more expensive Denon has built-in DAC.

Marantz PM8006

There are amounts of inputs on the back of the Marantz PM8006. Also to record player and (tape) recorder!

It’s a nearby – and a bit bad – choice to combine the PM8006 with the ND-8006 network and CD player , which boasts an excellent built-in digital converter and a full set of digital inputs. The same division between analogue and digital functions is seen in the many times more expensive reference pair SA-10 / PM-10 .

Since there are no digital features, the setup is easy. No network connection, Tidal login or driver loading. And the accompanying CD contains just a manual. It’s actually quite comfortable.

The sound of Marantz PM8006

Over the last few years I have listened to a large number of class D amplifiers in all price ranges, which have often impressed with the distinctive neutral but also some cool and distant sound. This is not the case with PM8006. Marantz-plays music with skin and hair and warm-blooded feeling.

The bass is deep and round and with a reasonable degree of control for a 70-wat. Big drum breaking sounds like just broke. The PM8006 can turn speakers with reasonable efficiency in turn. Also at high levels. In fact, it has an impressive ability to maintain the overview, even though it is scratched. However, it is not the power arrogance and dynamic span of power as a power plant depicted by great brother Marantz PM-10.

The Marantz midway rendering is pure sofakhyshygge. Votes rendered warm and close. It makes it a pleasure to listen to song – whether it’s a slim Sinéad O’Connor on Scarlet Ribbons or a bassist Leonard Cohen at You Want It Darker .

The Marantz PM8006 stands out by creating a convincing illusion of the room behind and next to the speakers. And there is a clear difference between the size and depth of the room, depending on the recordings. On a song like Kyrie with José Carreras from Missa Criolla, we are apparently in a huge church room. Should you have some wormwood in the cup, the nuance – and thus the ability to distinguish voices, is heard better. But not at this price.

When the Marantz PM8006 paints with the warm wide brush, it’s not the treble that attracts the most attention. However, that does not mean that the sound is dark or dark. When there is “air” at the top of the recording, the room opens up.

The Marantz PM8006 looks like a classic piece of hi-fi from the home theater era. And it is also available in silver.

The Direct Way

Some audio files shed tone control like the plague. It’s a pity when, like the Marantz PM8006, a good set has been offered, and in addition with mid-range regulation. However, if you do not need to correct the weaknesses in speakers and listening rooms, you should still take the shortcut through the electronics using the “Source direct” button. The amplifier does not change the sound rating with Source Direct, but the room behind the speakers opens up and becomes much larger when you skip the tone controller.


If you only want to listen to analog music in stereo, the Marantz PM8006 is an excellent choice at an excellent price. You get exactly what you need – nothing else. However, that does not mean that floodlights and home cinema people must wake up. If you put it together with a DAC, CD player or home cinema receiver, the PM8006 will be a successful and versatile cornerstone of the facility. You can easily find amplifiers with more features and higher power for less money. But not so charming.

  • Output power: 2 x 70 W in 8 ohms / 2 x 100 W in 4 ohms
  • Inputs: Platen player (MM, stereo RCA), 5x analog input (stereo RCA), Power Amp Direct (stereo RCA)
  • Outputs: 2 pairs of speakers (screw terminals), rec out (stereo RCA), pre out (stereo RCA), headphone
  • Dimensions / Weight: 44.0 x 12.8 x 37.9 cm (WxHxD), 12 kg

Extra: videos

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