Marshall Woburn Multi-room – test and review

Marshall Woburn Multi-room review

Big and ugly

Woburn is a highly untouched beast, but the multirom feature halves considerably.

  • Pro: Nice and well-built. Many connections. Heavy bass and huge volume resources.
  • Contra: Outstanding settings. Angry connection. Not suitable for demanding music.

The biggest and worst in Marshall’s speaker range is Woburn. It’s so hot that you have to think about where you can have it in your home. Certainly close to other audio sources as there are several analog inputs.

In addition to the installation and handling issues described in the Marshall Acton test, it is also arguing in everyday use. Occasionally, only one speaker plays in a group. Occasionally nothing happens when switching audio source. Occasionally, the speaker reboots completely unexpectedly. Marshall obviously has problems with his software that needs to be fixed if this should be an option.

As for the sound, it’s just as good to reveal what Woburn is not. It’s not a speaker to sit in the armchair and listen to violin concerts. To this end, the sound is too unbalanced, some that make classical music sound a bit confined. No, here is the impressive factor that applies. With its large cabinet and hefty bassports you get an impressive bass reproduction. And it plays very loudly without straining. Something that makes it perfect when guests call for Metallica and AC / DC.

The arm gives an impression of the size.


Marshall Woburn is big like a house and dressed in leather, has a thundering bass and plays so high that you risk the visit of the power of attorney. It is not so good at classical music, but does not appear as it is. Here is no finesse without rock’n’roll. As with Acton, the problem is the unstable multirom function. Until it’s resolved, there will be points and a recommendation to choose the cheaper Bluetooth model instead.


  • Output power: 2 x 40 + 2 x 15 watts
  • Connections: Wifi, BT 4.2, RCA, 3.5 mm
  • Streaming: Spotify Connect, Chromecast, Airplay
  • Other: 7 quick selections. Works with Google Assistant.
  • Dimensions / Weight: 40 x 31 x 20 cm / 7.9 kg
  • Web:
  • Price: $680, –

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