SHURE MOTIV MV88, MOTIV MV51, MOTIV MV5, MOTIV MVi, MOTIV MVL — microphones for computer and mobile iOS/Android devices

American company Shure, whose legendary microphones and radio systems are widely recognized as the standard of professional concert sound, has released a series of MOTIV microphones, designed primarily for home music sound recording, for bloggers, YouTube, journalists or Skype communication.

Microphones are connected via USB cable to computers PC, Mac and to mobile devices on iOS and Android. There is only one model SHURE MOTIV MV88 with a connector Lightning, which is designed exclusively for iOS devices.

You don’t need to install drivers for recording on a PC, the device is ready for use right after connection. A free application was developed by ShurePlus MOTIV for working with smartphones and tablets, allowing high-quality recording in the memory of a mobile device in uncompressed PCM in formats up to 24 bits 48 kHz. If you often use your iOS device for video recording and want the sound quality to be at the same level as the picture quality, you can use the new ShurePlus Video Recording application. This free mobile application is created to combine the capabilities of a mobile device’s video camera and MOTIV microphones.

The SHURE MOTIV series includes four microphone models and one USB interface.


The compact digital condenser stereo microphone MV88 is designed to record high quality audio when shooting video on an iOS device. The microphone is equipped with a Lightning connector that plugs into the charging port of a smartphone or tablet computer.
The MV88 is equipped with a 90-degree swivel joint, which allows you to direct the microphone directly to the sound source when shooting on a smartphone or tablet. The upper part of the MOTIV MV88 also rotates 90 degrees for flexible positioning of the microphone when recording, for example, when you want to record several musical instruments playing simultaneously, or a musical group. This design is also indispensable for video recording of interviews, when it is necessary to record the voice of the interviewer and the respondent sitting opposite.

Inside the microphone case there are two capsules: one cardioid, it is directed forward. The second is bi-directional, it catches the sound from the left and right sides.
When you connect the SHURE MOTIV MV88 to your iPhone or iPad, the Apple device reports that the microphone needs the ShurePlus MOTIV application and immediately prompts you to install it. The application is free and has tips on using the microphone.
The application offers you to select one of four diagrams: stereo (with the possibility of manual adjustment of the opening angle), mono cardioid, eight and a combined diagram. The user is invited to choose one of the four diagrams, most suitable for the solution of a particular problem.
The ShurePlus MOTIV program offers users the use of a compressor and a limiter, which provides additional dynamic processing capabilities. Thanks to the compressor in the recorded file, the voice will be louder, and when the limiter is turned on, the signal peaks won’t cause overload. There is an option to suppress wind noise for recording live performances in the open air.
Five pre-selected preset modes optimize the gain settings, stereo width, frequency correction and compression to match your recording requirements. Just set the desired microphone volume level and scroll through the modes to find the most suitable sound setting. Then adjust the level as required.
In addition to the five EQ presets, there is a 5-band equalizer for manual equalization by the user. And the recording levels of both capsules are shown independently, but the total mono signal is written. You can select the recording format using the application: 24 bit / 48 kHz, 24 bit / 44 kHz, 16 bit / 48 kHz, 16 bit / 44 kHz. The recording time for the usual version of the iPad is 20 hours in the most economical mode. You can edit the recorded file with the scissors button or compress (in AAC format with bitrate 96, 128 and 256 kbit / s directly from the application) and then send it to the cloud, mail, messenger or network drive in the local network.

By the way, the application is not only for iOS, but also for Android! We connected Samsung Note 3 and Google Nexus 10 to the microphone MV5 (via OTG USB cable). As you can see from the screenshot, everything was perfectly recognized and worked on both devices. After connecting to the smartphone, the application recognized the microphone.
Thanks to a large number of useful functions, the ShurePlus MOTIV application won the NAMM TEC Awards (translation – technical excellence and creativity) in the nomination “Mobile application for sound recording”. By the way, ShurePlus MOTIV can be used without connecting an external microphone. The first tab of the application with the mode settings won’t work, but the basic functions of recording and saving will remain. It turns out a very high-quality advanced voice recorder, which can be used without Shure microphones, but it’s much better to use them. There will be a compressor, and an equalizer, and the sound quality is incomparably higher than with the built-in microphone.
There is a very revealing direct comparison of the simultaneous recording of a live performance on an internal microphone and on the SHURE MOTIV MV88 on the official Shure website.

As you can see, SHURE greatly outperforms the built-in microphone of the iPhone in terms of recording quality. The main disadvantage of the built-in microphones is the AGC – automatic adjustment of the sound level, but in SHURE sensitivity is adjustable, and it doesn’t “jump” during recording.

SHURE MOTIV MV88 Specifications

Microphone type one cardiope capsule (1 cm) +
one figure-of-eight capsule (1 cm)
Directional diagrams switching supercardiode, cardioid, eight, circle
Sensitivity -37 dB / Pa @ 1 kHz
Gain adjustment range 0 dB … +36 dB
Supported bit depth 16 bit / 24 bit
Supported frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Modes Speech / Vocals / Guitar / Concert / Without processing
Additional Features limiter, compressor, five-band equalizer
The maximum sound pressure level 120 dB SPL
Shell all metal
Dimensions 67 × 25 × 35 mm
Weight 40.5 g

The microphone won the NAMM TEC Awards in the nomination “Condenser microphones”.
Retail Price: $ 188.
The microphone is sold in a hard case with foam protection in the kit.
In the kit there is also a small adapter that allows you to disable the built-in headset microphone and use only headphones for monitoring.



A digital condenser USB microphone of professional quality, ideal for recording, podcasting and video conferencing.
The MV51 is equipped with a large 1-inch diaphragm. A large diaphragm provides a wide dynamic range, which allows transmission of both high-frequency transparency and low-frequency power.
The digital signal processor is installed inside the microphone, it allows you to do hardware processing without loading the processor of the mobile device. The processor offers five preset sound processing modes: speech, vocals, acoustic instruments, loud music (concert), a preset with an even signal. Recommendations for using and properly installing the microphone are given in the instruction manual.
To control the level and quality of the sound, you can directly monitor the sound of the microphone in the headphones. Hardware monitoring is valuable because it makes it possible to listen to the signal in headphones with zero delay, without sending a signal through the device being recorded. This is an important function for recording musicians.

The case of the microphone is completely metallic, cast. The microphone is very heavy and stands on the table confidently. Control is carried out by three touch buttons and a slider. A button with a crossed-out microphone disconnects the microphone, a button with headphones allows you to choose what controls the slider level of the microphone recording or the volume of the headphones. To control the slider, you need to slide on it from left to right or from right to left.

Shure MV51 Specifications

Microphone type electret condenser, membrane 1 “(25 mm)
Directional diagram cardiod
Sensitivity -39 dB / Pa at 1 kHz
Gain adjustment range 0 dB … +36 dB
Supported bit depth 16 bit / 24 bit
Supported frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Modes Speech / Vocals / Guitar / Concert / Without processing
Additional Features headphone output, MUTE mode,
The maximum sound pressure level 130 dB SPL
Case all metal
Dimensions 128 × 86 × 70 mm
Weight 574.7 g

Retail price: $ 199.
When connected to a computer, the operating system recognizes MV51 as a standard USB device that doesn’t require drivers. Two channels for recording, two for playback, with support for 24 bit 44 kHz.

When connected to iOS, all controls on the microphone work in sync with the ShurePlus MOTIV application. Choose the adjustment method you want.
At maximum sensitivity of the microphone, the noise level is low, in a quiet room less than -60 dB. It’s much better than some kind of computer microphones.
The membrane is not blown out when recording, the microphone is equipped with wind protection. For vibration isolation from the surface there is a rubber coating on the bottom of the body and on the foot. It is possible to install the microphone on the floor microphone stand.

We compared the sound of the SHURE MOTIV MV51 microphone with a studio condenser microphone under the same conditions. The conclusion was predictable – if it is necessary to record vocalists in a professional studio, it is better to use expensive studio equipment, a microphone in a suspension with a pop filter, a specialized amplifier and a vocal cabin. However, if you compare MOTIV with desktop computer microphones (even with a cheap ASUS STRIX Gaming Microphone), a number of advantages of SHURE MOTIV MV51 are revealed. The gamer microphone blows from any removal, catches all the vibrations of the table, presses the keys of the keyboard and mouse, and any touches to the controls are immediately reflected by impacts on the membrane.
The manufacturer’s experience clearly shows the SHURE MOTIV MV51 two levels above the competition.


The MV5 has the same function as the MV5 model – it’s recording voice, speech, vocals, as well as sound recording of musical instruments. And, of course, communication in Skype and any applications where you need a microphone.
This model offers three preset modes for user choice: voice, acoustic instruments and an even signal. Preset settings allow you to select the best gain, frequency correction and dynamic range gains, and select the best sound characteristics to meet your recording requirements.
The all-metal heavy base of the microphone gives stability. Rubber coating prevents slipping on the surface and protects from shocks on the table. Screw fastening allows you to select the desired angle of the microphone.

SHURE MOTIV MV5 Technical specifications

Microphone type electret condenser, diaphragm 16 mm
Directional diagram cardiod
Sensitivity -40 dB / Pa @ 1 kHz
Gain adjustment range 0 dB … +36 dB
Supported bit depth 16 bit / 24 bit
Supported frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Modes Vocals / Guitar / Without processing
Additional Features headphone output, mute button, stand, 2 cables
The maximum sound pressure level 130 dB SPL
Case all metal
Dimensions 66 × 67 × 65 mm without stand
89 × 142 × 97 mm with stand
Weight 90 g without stand
160 g with stand

Retail price: $ 99.

The body of the microphone is made of ABS plastic, the foot is completely metal. Other functions are not inferior to the more expensive MV51 model: there is an output to the headphones, as well as mode buttons and mute on the back side. Thus, with a practically double the MV5 price, a very interesting variant is obtained. Of course, there is full compatibility with PC, Mac, iOS, Android. Included are miniUSB-Lightning and miniUSB-USB cables for connecting iOS and Android.


The compact digital audio interface Shure MVi is designed to connect a microphone, guitar or other instrument to a computer or mobile device.
The MOTIV MVi interface looks like the bottom of the SHURE MOTIV MV51 model.
The interface has a combined microphone-guitar input. It is possible to connect condenser microphones, the microphone input has phantom power. When powered by USB from iOS mobile devices, the voltage is + 12V, the built-in battery of the smartphone or tablet won’t be very discharged. When connected to a PC, the full voltage of phantom power +48 V is applied.

SHURE MOTIV MVi Specifications

Modes Speech / Vocals / Guitar / Concert / Without processing
Supported bit depth 16 bit / 24 bit
Supported frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Gain adjustment range XLR: 0dB … +36dB
TRS: +9 dB
Inputs combined XLR / TRS
Input Impedance XLR: > 2 kOhm
TRS: > 1 MΩ
Maximum Entry Level XLR: 0 dBV
TRS: + 9 dBV
Headphone output 3.5 mm (1/8 “)
Phantom Power USB: + 48V
iOS: + 12V
Shell all metal
Dimensions 42 × 84 × 72 mm
Weight 310 g

Retail price: $ 129.

SHURE MOTIV MVi is a versatile device that allows you to connect any studio and concert equipment, any microphones and guitars. The built-in preamplifier of class A gives a high sound quality. The impedance of the guitar input is more than 1 MΩ, and the range is + 9 dBV, which will appeal to guitarists. A hardware monitoring in the headphones will allow you to listen to the signal from the inputs with zero delay.


SHURE MOTIV MVL is an omni-directional lapel microphone that plugs into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet computer. The model is designed for bloggers and journalists and allows you to record high quality audio when working at different sites in different weather conditions. The microphone is attached to the clothing element of a journalist or blogger.
In the kit there is a leather case, a clip and foam rubber windshield, which is better to use always.
The MVL microphone is made of zinc alloy and is able to withstand everyday intensive use for a long time.


SHURE MOTIV MVL Technical specifications

Microphone Type electret condenser
Directional diagram Omnidirectional
Sensitivity -44 dB / Pa at 1 kHz
Frequency Range 45 Hz – 20 kHz
Output Impedance 350 Ω
Signal / Noise 65 dB
The maximum sound pressure level 124 dB SPL
Dynamic Range 95 dB
Noise 29 dB
Connector 3.5 mm
Weight 8 g ​​

Retail price: $ 69.
If you compare with the microphone built into the smartphone, the big plus of SHURE MOTIV MVL is that you can record the sound directly near the mouth (even on noisy events), and a smartphone that shoots video can take advantageous foreshortening from a distance of 1-2 meters at this time


We have in practice tested all the products of the Shure MOTIV series. We listened to the sound quality, appreciated the reliability of the design, the set of proposed functions, checked the work of the ShurePlus MOTIV application in iOS and Android. Shure MOTIV microphones are really great tools for high-quality sound recording in any conditions for a mass user, and are equipped with everything necessary to immediately start working. MOTIV can be connected to a desktop computer, laptop, mobile devices. Microphones don’t take up much space, you can conveniently take them with you wherever you go. Ценность данной серии микрофонов повышает встроенный аппаратный DSP и возможности приложения Shure MOTIV регулировать режимы, динамическую и частотную обработку, все очень удобно и интуитивно понятно. Музыканты, блоггеры и журналисты оценят все эти преимущества по достоинству.


Microphones SHURE MOTIV MV88, MV51, MV5, MVi, MVL
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Microphones SHURE MOTIV MV88, MV51, MV5, MVi, MVL
SHURE MOTIV MV88, MOTIV MV51, MOTIV MV5, MOTIV MVi, MOTIV MVL — microphones for computer and mobile iOS and Android devices. Video. Buy at Amazon.

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