Monitor Audio Silver 300 – review and sound test

Monitor Audio Silver 300 review

Improved favorite

One of our favorite speakers has been improved, and the Monitor Audio Silver 300 has something that competitors should notice.


The tones are very well separated, in a neat sound. The Silver 300 has great appeal, can play high and is thus a super allrounder.


We do not feel the full potential of the bass register is taken out, and it happens that there is much energy in the overtones.

Monitor Audio has renewed the Silver Series, where the new Silver 300 is the hero of the very popular and extremely successful Silver 8 . One of the best floor speakers we had heard in its price range and which is still hard to beat.

Outside, there are few changes. But the treble and middle tones create a more seamless expression, now mounted on a common metal plate on the baffle. In addition, the industrial bottom plate is replaced with four speaker feet attached directly to the underside of the speaker. This gives a more minimalistic feel and reduces the total weight by three kilos. 20 kilos are nevertheless adult compared to the size, for example, the speaker is 30 percent heavier than one of its recognized competitors Audiovector QR3 .

Monitor Audio Silver 300 - review

Monitor Audio Silver 300 looks elegant in walnut.

Inside, crossover adjustments have been made, among which you have increased the crossover frequency to the tweeter from 2.7 to 3.5 kHz to provide a more comfortable work area. The mid-tone element is only 4 inches high and can withstand so high tones without being very directional and creating uneven frequency response outside of the sweetspot.

Quality feeling

The cabinet looks elegant in walnut, as our test specimen came in. It’s rigid, without a rip resonance when you crack it. The silver colored “golf ball-patterned” speaker elements look great visually, and there are no screws to see. There are also no holes for the grilles as they are fastened with magnets.

Monitor Audio Silver 300 - test

The previous bottom plate is replaced with four speaker feet attached directly to the underside of the speaker.

The membrane material is a ceramic coated sandwitch construction of aluminum and magnesium, which alone is very rigid in relation to weight. To make it even stiffer, Monitor Audio has chosen to bulge it in a golf ball pattern.

Monitor Audio Silver 300

It does not surprise us if Silver 300 becomes a bestseller in white. 


For parents with clever children, it is worth noting that the treble element is secured behind a metal grid. The midtone and bass elements do not have a dust cap in the center which may be tempting to push in, so it should be a relatively safe lane here.

The sound of silver

The sound of the Silver 300 is immediately recognizable from previous years. Monitor Audio has repeatedly shown to be able to reconcile convincing tactical strength with a frequency-balanced audio reproduction, and this is no exception.

Take, for example, the fast-paced song Soothing by Indieartist Laura Marling. The bass stream is tight as a soldier in the crowd, while the edge stroke against the sharpened drum has a touch that is little forunt. An expensive and powerful amplifier brings this in extra good terms, but also a simple matter as the Klipsch PowerGate power amplifier gets the most out of Silver 300. Monitor Audio is not known for particularly heavy-duty speakers (at least not in modern times, so let’s also let older models like the 1970s loudspeakers MA1 stand for themselves). With 8 ohm impedance and 90 dB sensitivity, it’s not much to get a little sound pressure out of it all.

Nevertheless, with these as with all good quality speakers: they deserve the best you can afford to put on them. For example, Naim Uniti Nova. A delicious bacon of a power amplifier. Animals like heck but have the sound quality (and appearance!) To follow up. Silver 300 is transformed into music mediators, the voice of Laura Marling is very credible, with beautiful fake set and exquisite chanting vocals. It is presented in a wide and phase-sensitive soundtrack, rich in detail.

Monitor Audio Silver 300 black

Silver 300 is also available in black high gloss, for two thousand kroner extra.

Stram bass

The piano of Philip Glass at the Opening (Glassworks) is reproduced with great touches in the projections, while the tones flow nicely into each other and sing in harmony. But I’ve actually heard the tones from the keys deeper, with a bigger sound base than here. For example, the Dynaudio Excite X34 , which paints the piano with a darker background, in a deeper sound image. The Dynaudios are richer in undertones, and I actually believe that it is also the predecessor Silver 8 var. For the same reason, I miss a little body in the thundering bass stream of Nine Inch Nails’ Into The Void. It may be a clue to the slim. On the other hand, Silver 300 is more homogeneous in the bass, where Silver 8 had an emphasis – a dye – which triggered some bass tones more than others. And by slimming down the bass, the speakers are more placement-friendly, as they can stand closer to the backside without the bass becoming dull and slippery.

A little overcrowded treble

Another point of appeal is that the treble of the Silver 300 can be excessively energetic at times. Not that it sounds loud, but it can override the small crash, if the music has too much energy in the lower treble area, or the speakers connect to an amplifier that is far above analytical. In other words, a Yamaha A-S1100 (or preferably A-S3000) than the Technics SU-G700 or Pioneer A-70DA . Then you might not think the speakers were a good match with Hegel H190 , but you would be wrong. Because even though the Hegel is neutral, it is so well-resolved in the overtones that it still holds the speakers in the throats of the overtones. Nevertheless, there is more weightlessness in the overtones of speakers like Audiovector QR3 .


However, where Dynaudioene comes to light, dynamics are in the estimates. The playfulness. The Dynaudios can sound a bit of a relationship, and where the Silver 300 likes to say yes thanks to much power, Excite 34 is dependent on it. Then the math will be quite different, and you will not even get the dance experience of Dynaudio.

Monitor Audio Silver 300 Conclusion

Monitor Audio has managed to make a fabulous speaker even better. The Silver 300 is a true allround speaker, taking everything you throw it on music, reproducing it with dynamics, resolution and great entertainment factor. It imitates high-end impressively, although it does not have the same richness in tone colors, and it lacks a bit in depth.

Anyone seeking speakers below $20,000, who wants the best combination of musicality, resolution and x-factor, should have Monitor Audio Silver 300 high on the checklist.

The bass area is perceived to be somewhat slimmer than its predecessor Silver 8, and the treble can be excessively energetic. This can easily be fixed by selecting amplifier and job placement.


  • Type: Three way bass reflex
  • Bass: 2 x 6” C-CAM RST
  • Intermediate zone: 4 “C-CAM RST
  • Treble: 1” C-CAM Gold Dome
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 100 x 18,5 x 30 cm (H x B x D)
  • Weight: 20 kg

Price: $2,500 –

Monitor Audio Silver 300 Video Review

Monitor Audio SILVER 300 – sound

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Omara Portuondo

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