Monster iSport Freedom v2 – test and review

Monster iSport Freedom v2 review

A sweaty monster

Excellent sound and long battery life packed in lime green sweaty plastic.

  • Pluses: The sound quality is approved and the long battery life is pulling up.
  • Minuses: The pillows get very sweaty and the built-in touch control is too weary to use.

I exercise strength a couple of times a week and rarely do without music in my ears. Normally I prefer in-ear headphones, as they are just easier to use. But I see many who swear to big on- or over-ear models. The Monster model is on-ear type and is another generation of iSport Freedom.

I have not tested the first and can not comment on sound quality and fit, but can find that physical buttons have been replaced with touch. It is not necessarily a good change, as these are difficult to hit correctly on the narrow bow. For example, at shoulder pressure, I had an error activating the touch function when my arm hit the barrel, which almost caused me to lose one weight – oh for p …!

Monster iSport Freedom v2 test

Sweat ears

The fit is comfortable, but the bow is close to the head, and it did not take long before I started sweating. The materials are made to withstand this, but it is still uncomfortable if you are not used to it. When you do not use the headphones, they can collapse so they do not take up much space. An automatic off-function and case or case was good to have.

Long battery life and good sound

Fortunately, sweaty ears and tiresome touches do not go beyond the sound quality, which is actually surprisingly good for a headphone for exercise. There is both bass and space for details, and I would dare to say they play better than the very popular Beats. However, the fact that they do not cover the whole ear means that they release some audio, something that has to be kept in mind.

Monster boasts that there are two built-in sound profiles. Normal and Turbo. Unfortunately, the manual does not mention how to switch between the two.

Another extremely positive point worth mentioning is the impressive battery life of 24 hours. Do you forget to charge them a bit and you should never run out of power and you always have a pair of headphones ready for battle, whether you’re training them or just using them as your wireless everyday headsets.

Monster iSport Freedom v2 – conclusion

Monster iSport Freedom v2 is designed for exercise, but it can also be used well outside the gym. They have a long battery life of 24 hours and play quite well. For training, however, they gave some challenges. First of all, the ears get very hot and sweat after a short period of time. The built-in touch control is too complicated, and it would have been smarter if Monster had retained the physical buttons from the first release. A worthwhile alternative is Beats from Dr. Dre, but try them before you buy.


  • On-ear wireless headphones
  • Bluetooth
  • 3,5 mm cable
  • 2 audio profiles
  • APTX Support
  • Micro-USB
  • Battery: Up to 24 hours
  • Price: $280

Monster iSport Freedom 2 video review

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