Monster Superstar Blaster – review and sound test

Monster Superstar Blaster

Canonian look and sound

Monsters Boomboks is cynical brutal to watch, but sounds nicer than expected.

  • Pluses: Can play crazy loudly and can be taken everywhere. Worth the price, could be a real bargain!
  • Minuses: Weighs relatively much. Just Bluetooth and Aux Input.

If Braven XXL reminds you of a military hardware, Superstar Monster Blaster can be retrieved from the intelligence service’s secret laboratory. With its metallic soft, yet sharp shapes, it resembles something that Men in Black could use to neutralize escaped aliens.

The use is as simple as it’s easiest. A five centimeter wide power button on one side turns on the device and two equal arrows increase or decrease the volume.

You can choose between an indoor and an outdoor setting. The latter has less bass, as it is nevertheless impossible to play deep bass outdoors. On the other hand, there are power sockets, microphone and analogue inputs and USB port for charging.

Monster says nothing about dusting, power or frequency range. But through the dark gray protection grid four full-register elements can be identified that are about two inches large, two on each side. A bass element of about five inches takes care of the bass, with the aid of two square slave bases.

Monster Superstar Blaster

With the outdoor setting you get even more party sound.

Wow, how high it can play! Not as loud as the colossal Soundbox of course, but quite enough to get unnoticed with anyone nearby. 100 dB is usually sound level at the disco. But here with handles!

Monster Blaster-not only plays high, it goes deep too. Not as groundbreaking as the JBL Boombox, but it’s overly full of ice bases and electric bass. If you put it on a table, the music is accompanied by the ripple of everything else. This is because the subwoofer and the two slave bases point down and put the ground in motion.

Although the bass is huge, Monster Blaster does not feel too dark to listen to. It has a very nice and free middle and treble register. So much that one takes care of thinking: “Oh, I can actually live with that!”


The idea of ​​Monster Superstar Blaster has been reviving the classic boobox, and Monster has succeeded in unusually good results. It’s coarse and sturdy as a few – full of height with Braven XXL and JBL Boombox – and plays both thundering high and with pressure in the bass. Despite this, it is so well-renewed that it can very well hang indoors and put on the table. But then the coffee cups will dance breakdance when you turn up the volume! In addition, the price, compared to the others in the test, is very good. Be aware that Superstar Blaster is on its way out of the range. Look out for the sales shelves for an even better purchase.

Monster Superstar Blaster Characteristics

  • Element: 5 full register, 1 subwoofer, 2 passive
  • Frequency Range: –
  • Amplifiers: –
  • Max sound pressure: 100 dB
  • Connections: Aux, Bluetooth 4.0, USB (charging)
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Dimensions: 46 x 21 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 7.6 kg

Monster Superstar Blaster Price: $450, –

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