Mini review of the Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition – an anniversary version of the legendary condenser microphone

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the Neumann U 87, one of the most legendary microphones of all time, becoming the real standard in the field of sound recording. In honor of such a significant event, Neumann decided to release a special anniversary version of this condenser microphone – U87 Rhodium Edition.

Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition

Many of you have probably guessed, the prefix “Rhodium Edition” in the name of the “limited” model means the use of rhodium as a material for finishing the microphone body. Rhodium is a very rare metal (more rare than gold), and the chemical process of its extraction is so expensive that the entire volume of annual production could be placed under the table in the living room. That’s why rhodium is used as a protective and decorative covering of various ornaments, as well as for making mirrors for high-power lasers, grids for spectrometers and in other unique and rare processes and industries.

Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition

As we already mentioned above, the Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition will be presented in a limited edition. To be more precise, only five hundred copies will be sold around the world. Each of them will have its own unique number and certificate of authenticity, and the delivery kit of the microphone will include an aluminum case, an anti-vibration mount, a pop filter and a cover.

Main features of Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition:

  • Capacitor-converter of a pressure gradient with a large double diaphragm.
  • Three switchable directional patterns: circular, 8-shaped, cardioid.
  • Classic studio microphone.
  • Switchable attenuator and low-cut filter.
  • Ideal as the primary and auxiliary microphone for all aspects of recording

Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition

Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition Package Contents

Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition

  • U 87 Ai – Rhodium Edition microphone
  • Elastic suspension EA 87 – Rhodium Edition
  • Alumium case Neumann – Rhodium Edition
  • Numbered authenticity certificate for personal signature
  • Wolfgang Freissinet, president of Neumann
  • 1 pair of black gloves

Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition

Технические характеристики Neumann U87 Rhodium Edition

Acoustic principle pressure gradient transducer
Directivity circular, cardioid, 8-shaped
Frequency range 20 to 20000 Hz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz at 1 kΩ 20/28/22 mV / Pa
Rated resistance 200 Ohm
Rated load resistance 1000 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio according to CCIR 1)
(at 94 dB SPL)
68/71/69 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio A-weighted 1)
(at 94 dB SPL)
79/82/80 dB
Equivalent noise level according to CCIR 1) 26/23/25 dB
Equivalent noise level A-weighted 1) 15/12/14 dB-A
The maximum sound pressure level for SOUND & lt; 0.5% 2) 117 dB
The maximum sound pressure level for SOI & lt; 0.5% with attenuator 2) 127 dB
Maximum Output Voltage 48 V +/- 4 V
Supply voltage 48 V +/- 4 V
Consumption current 0.8 mA
Switch connector 3-pin XLR-F
The weight 500g
Diameter 56 mm
Length 200 mm
1) According to the standard IEC 60268-1; weighted, according to CCIR 468-3, quasi-peak; A-weighted, according to standard IEC 61672-1, RMS.
2) Measured as the equivalent of an electrical input signal.

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