Oral-B Black Pro 7000: review of an electric toothbrush

Oral-B Black Pro 7000: review of an electric toothbrush

Oral-B Black Pro 7000

Oral-B Black PRO 7000 is quite an unusual model. Along with other brushes it has a number of features, and is a real smart gadget on guard of oral hygiene.

A brush is sold in a huge box-book. Its dimensions are related to a sufficiently large content.


In addition to the brush, the kit includes:

  • Instruction,
  • Case for travel,
  • 5 different attachments (with the exception of a nozzle with cross bristles – there are two of them),
  • charging station,
  • Stand with a brush cover and nozzles,
  • Clock (smart device Smart Guide)

Oral-B Black Pro 7000 – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Oral-B Black Pro 7000 in the US is about $ 130. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Oral-B Black Pro 7000 when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 140. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

Modes of the Oral-B Black PRO 7000

There are only two buttons on the body – on / off, and mode switching:

  • Daily Clean (daily cleaning) – thorough cleaning of the oral cavity (total cleaning time – 2 minutes, 30 seconds per one of the four zones)
  • Deep Clean – exceptional cleaning quality due to extended time: 45 seconds per each quadrant of oral cavity
  • Sensitive – especially mild cleansing for sensitive areas of the mouth or during the post-treatment period
  • Massage – massage and gentle stimulation of gums for their strengthening and health
  • Polish (polishing, bleaching) – soft whitening and polishing for periodic and daily use (in this mode, the brush is then accelerated, like a racing car, it pauses)
  • Mode for tongue cleaning

Usually, I’m not particularly worried about choosing a mode. Most often I use daily cleaning, a regime for cleaning the tongue, and, sometimes, bleaching.


Nozzles Black PRO 7000

  • Oral-B Floss Action with Micropulse bristles – recommended for daily deep cleaning, creates the effect of dental floss
  • Oral-B Sensitive – nozzle for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Oral-B Cross Action (2 pcs.) – angled bristles for ideal interdental cleaning
  • Oral-B 3D White – whitening nozzle with special polishing cup (the most unpleasant and inefficient nozzle)

All nozzles are equipped with blue Indicator bristles to help you find out about the time when you need to replace the nozzle (about 3 months with daily thorough cleaning twice a day for 2 minutes).

From regular use, and strong, with unaccustomed pressure on my part, my nozzle palpably pales in 1.5 months


Complete with brushes are smart watches. It is with their help that you can not only monitor the cleaning time and the need to go to the next cleaning zone, but also monitor the active mode in which the brush works (you can not determine it by brush body).

The time to go to another zone is marked by the brush itself. After a lapse of 30 (or 45 seconds), the indicator light on the brush flashes green, and the brush itself vibrates vividly.

timer clock


The clock is not the only thing that the toothbrush interacts with. With Bluetooth, it synchronizes with the application in the phone. The application, like the clock, keeps track of the cleaning time, maintains a logbook, reminds you of using a thread and a conditioner (and in the morning, it also broadcasts key news and tips).

But most importantly, in the application you can specify a specific prolonged goal, for example, “Whitening”, and the application will develop a special program based on your features to achieve a whitening effect for this period, and also tell you what nozzle and additional products to choose in order to achieve Maximum effect.

This function is there, but I prefer to leave the phone outside the bathroom, and use only the clock.


Special attention to the road case. Absolutely at all he causes rapturous exclamations, and he is really classy and stylish, although in itself is quite weighty. A brush is placed in the cover, and two nozzles, which allows you to take one brush for two on a trip.


The brush body is rubberized, so it does not slip out of the hands. The beauty of black, unfortunately, at the same time is a drawback – the brush always shows a divorce from the toothpaste, so it constantly has to be wiped. It’s good that at least the nozzles are white.


The brush is charged on the charging station and one charge is enough for about one and a half weeks of daily use by one person 2 times a day. Since I use a brush not only I, I have to charge it at least once a week. If you have the opportunity, then you can store it right standing on the charge.

charge Oral B Black PRO 7000

User Reviews

I suggest you read the two reviews and look at the brush from the angle of the male and female eyes. We did not contact at all while writing the reviews, but it turned out that the similarities in our reviews are much more than one could imagine.


Before the Oral-B 7000 electric brush I have not been here for more than 10 years, and it seems that it was not in principle, because all the sensations were completely erased from memory. The first time is very unusual. It seems that every cell of the brain is rattling and vibrating, but you get used to it in 2-3 days.

In the first week, I started to press hard enough, for which I regularly received a “red card”. With excessive pressure on the toothbrush and teeth, she literally says “come to your senses!”, Shines with red light directly into the eyes, and the muzzle on the watch begins to feel sad.

By the way about the clock, their availability in the bathroom is very disciplined! Not only in terms of brushing your teeth, but also in terms of personal time for morning exercises. And yet, after each purge they put an appraisal. Until then, every day it motivates me to brush my teeth as needed, spending at least 2 minutes. Only with the advent of the timer, I realized that I had given my teeth a catastrophically little time.

My gums and teeth are very sensitive, I can note that after a while the gums began to bleed less (I scratch them with a regular brush), but my teeth became slightly more sensitive.
Well, now I will tell you about the problems that the electric toothbrush helped to solve (although earlier the only way for me was only professional cleaning at the dentist).

Many already know that I really love strong black tea. Yes, not just strong, but a brew that spilled in the cup for 2-3 hours. From here the stable yellowness and terrible plague behind the front teeth of the lower row (at some point I completely started this area and not a single mechanical brush and whitening paste took it). Of course, there this mud is not visible, but knowing that the plaque is, it still somehow jarred (after all the girl is the same:)

The electric brush brightened the tone of the teeth very quickly (3-4 days) , and completely freed from persistent plaque for 2.5 weeks. For me it was just an incredible shock! As in other things, and that my favorite nozzle for cleaning the interdental spaces with the effect of dental floss, really cleans them through. Of course, until the end, an area where bacteria and food remains accumulated for a long time, but we are working on it with a brush (there are gaps already between the teeth.) It remains to get rid of the dark shade.

Of course, the electric brush is noticeably larger, and in comparison with a conventional brush is heavy. But I will say for sure that when I take a brush in my arms, it seems to me absolutely a toy, and I miss my Oral B. After cleaning mechanics, I already lack this feeling of complete purity and smoothness of teeth.

Total: I’m just delighted with the electric brush. Plus the sea, minus for me only one – an increase in the sensitivity of already sensitive teeth. I’m saving myself with specialized gels and pastes.

Of course this model has a lot of bells and whistles, and the price, in my opinion, is quite high. But I strongly advise if you are not yet familiar with the amazing world of electric toothbrushes, finally close the door for doubt, and purchase this device (at least a more budget model).


First impression:

When you open the box and get the brush and all the accessories, immediately, a huge impression is produced by the cover. The cover of the cover is amazing, the tactile sensations are magnificent!
In the box is a beautiful, fairly strict brush, a huge number of baits, a timer, mountings, another case, presumably for charging and a stand, for the brush itself.

Well, in one word, the bundle is rich, but it does not matter with everything, it does not matter: we open the instruction and find everything we need (how to set the timer, the description of the nozzles, the rules for using and charging the brush)

Brush setting and charging:

We adjust the clock, insert it into the mount, attach it to the glass, turn on the brush, and the process goes! There are no settings for pairing the brush with the timer, the only thing the manufacturer asks of us for the first time is to perform a full charge cycle About a day).

I liked very much that the brush has a “wireless” charging, that is, there are no inputs on the case. The stand on which the brush stands is the charge.

Found one minus about charging, if you want the brush to work at maximum speed, then it should be constantly kept on the charging platform, so that the charge is 3 divisions (as soon as it drops to 2 divisions, the brush rotation speed decreases noticeably)


One of the most important advantages of this brush is that it is not too lazy to brush your teeth and you clean them as much as one or another regime requires. Cleans the brush perfectly, after 2 weeks of use, the teeth became noticeably whiter, and the bleeding of the gums decreased.

Most of all I liked the Floss Action nozzle, which also cleans between the teeth. 70% of the time that I use a brush, I use only the usual cleaning mode, sometimes I turn on the mode for cleaning the language, but most often I clean the language in the usual mode.

As for the baits, they are all good and I use them all, except for the 3D White nozzle for teeth whitening with a rubberized calyx, I did not understand its meaning and it was not convenient for me at all, and it’s not comfortable to use it.

The Oral-B application is beautiful and informative. There is a version both for phones running Android OS, and for iOS. But there is one BUT, after installing the application, I used it only once, only after installation. Why?

  • First, all the same functions are performed by the timer.
  • Secondly, the bathroom phone is not in place


Of course, the electric brush is much better than a conventional brush: it perfectly cleans, whitens teeth and even removes persistent plaque. I repeat, for 2 weeks, the teeth became visibly noticeably whiter. This brush is not too lazy to brush your teeth even in the evening, there is always interest.

A huge plus is a bundle, buying this brush, you will not be deprived: an excellent case, various attachments, intelligible description of everything in the manual. Pluses huge number, even it is difficult to list everything. I can say for sure that after the electric brush I do not want to go back to cleaning with a normal brush.

For all the time of use, only one minus has been found, this is a decrease in the speed of rotation of the brush, when it is not fully charged.

Testing time:> 7 weeks

Cost: about $ 130 (in terms of long service life and the opportunity to use the whole family (attachments as many as five), you can look at the price with a more adequate look)

Do you use electric brushes? If not, would you like to try or are you still held back by certain prejudices?

Oral-B Black Pro 7000 video review

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