Oral-B White Pro 7000 with Bluetooth-module – a toothbrush test

Oral-B White Pro 7000 with Bluetooth-module

Electric toothbrush today no one is surprised. But if such a brush is equipped with a Bluetooth-module and can interface with a smartphone – this is unusual. We tested one such gadget – Braun Oral-B White Pro 7000.

Oral-B White Pro 7000 with Bluetooth-moduleToothbrush Braun Oral-B White Pro 7000 with a Bluetooth module and support for mobile applications is part of a series and the Pro 7000 is designed for fans of the digital lifestyle. During the test we line clean teeth this luxury tool for oral hygiene.

With a high price of about $ 130, equipment can not be poor. This is true for the White Pro 7000: the package contains four heads for the toothbrush, travel accessories and a charger with the ability to store heads. And there is an additional SmartGuide display, familiar from the older Professional Care models.

Oral-B White Pro 7000: the speed and equipment

White Pro 7000 during the test, impressed us with outstanding performance during brushing. The manufacturer indicates that the brush makes 40,000 pulsations and 8800 reciprocating movements per minute. If you don’t fit the standard round brush head can use head “Trizone”.

Six modes of use include a program of cleaning, massage, tongue cleaning and sensitive mode provides for reducing the number of oscillations of the brush. Mode of bleaching because of the short trial period, we could not estimate. And deep cleaning essentially a lengthened normal mode.

Pros and cons

  • + Very good performance
  • + Six cleaning modes
  • + One-time cleaning
  • + There are Various applications
  • — Long battery charge
  • — Heavy

Useful help is provided by SmartGuide: this small device shows which mode you are currently using and when you need to change the “quadrant” of the jaw when brushing your teeth. In the rest of the time it can serve as a digital clock, which can be mounted on the wall.

Let’s return to the brush: if you press too hard, the red indicator will light on the device. Lightness is not about this brush, it’s too heavy in the hand, and its size is too big. Another drawback: in spite of the fact that a fully charged battery, even with regular brush use, can last one to two weeks, it will take almost a whole day to charge it.

Oral-B White Pro 7000 Application

Oral-B White Pro 7000: rewards diligent cleaners with positive statistics.

Oral-B White Pro 7000: applications

These “special features” Oral-B provides you with the free app for iOS and Android. Bluetooth we hooked the brush to the mobile device (in our case an iPhone 5S). In native mode, the smartphone, like SmartGuide shows the area of the jaw and a timer that you can program for different cleaning modes. This can be considered a benefit, since it is usually the brushes offer a simple timer for 2 minutes.

We liked the following personalization options: you can ask for specific areas of the jaw increased time intervals, to more intensively treat problem areas.

In addition, the app has several features that can be attributed more to the “luxury bells and whistles.” During brushing the tiled screen can display messages, weather or various tips. The scoring system for those who belong to the dental hygiene in good faith — this is a great find for people with poor self-discipline. The same applies to statistics brushing your teeth in the last 20 days and some reminders — for example, when it is necessary to use dental floss or to replace the brush head.

Another function of the application at first sounds like a useful: with statistics in your mobile device you can see your dentist, so he programmed a brush in accordance with the strengths and weaknesses of the state of your teeth. Thus, the intensity and duration of the cleaning can be customized professionally.

In addition, the company Braun told the editorial Board that is (availability statistics) should contribute to the training of dentists, so they can more effectively customize to the profile cleaning. However, there will be programmable brush trend and how many dentists later learn actually programming these brushes, now it is difficult to predict.

Oral-B White Pro 7000: alternative

A more affordable alternative to the White Pro 7000 was found quickly: after all, Oral-B Professional Care 7000 also costs around $130. In this model, compared to White Pro 7000 you will have to give up supporting applications and customization of the timer. This brush also features six cleaning modes to meet all common heads Oral-B. Little display she also has, as SmartGuide is included in the package.

Test results



Oral-B White Pro 7000 impresses with the results of brushing your teeth. If you think a large number of applications junk, but don’t want to abandon the SmartGuide, it makes sense to pay attention to more affordable toothbrush Oral-B Professional Care 7000.

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