Overview and testing of the vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute, comparison with V6

Overview and testing of the vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute, comparison with V6.

No one produced the engine that we needed. And for eight years we developed it ourselves. Without it, our wireless devices would not be so powerful.

James Dyson, Chief Engineer

Passport characteristics, package and price

Type Rechargeable compact vacuum cleaner
Method of dust collection Vacuum filtration + active brush
Main Filter Type Cyclonic two-stage
The type of the pre-engine filter Fibrous, washable
Type of postmotor filter Foldable, washable, catches particles up to 0.3 μm
Dust Collector Container made of polycarbonate, volume 0.54 l
Control Power button and power switch on the housing
Battery Life 25/30/40 (depends on the nozzle) min. In the normal power mode (22 AV), 7 min. In the maximum power mode (100 AV)
Charging time 5 hours
Charging method Cable from the adapter on the charging station or directly
Battery Lithium-ion (cathode Li [NiCoAl] O2), 21.6 V, 2800 mAh, 65 Wh, 6 elements
Weight 2.63 kg
Dimensions 1243 × 250 × 210 mm
  • Cyclone technology 2 Tier Radial
  • Dyson Digital Motor V8 with digital control
Package Contents
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Electric brush with direct drive (50W)
  • Fluffy electric brush (20 W)
  • Mini electric brush (20 W)
  • Combination nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Docking station
  • Extension pipe
  • Power adapter (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz at 26.1 V, 780 mA)
  • User’s Guide
  • Dock User’s Guide

Dyson V8 Absolute – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Dyson V8 Absolute in the US is about $ 520. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Dyson V8 Absolute when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 540. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

Appearance and Function

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 series is the result of further work of the company’s engineers on the device of compact battery vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V8 has many similarities to the previous V6 model, which we covered in the corresponding article, but there are several significant differences, the most important of which we will list closer to the conclusions. Note that at the time of writing this text in the Russian retail was offered only one complete set with a vacuum cleaner Dyson V8, namely V8 Absolute, which apparently has the maximum number of accessories in the box.
Overview of the Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner comes in a small, elongated box made of durable corrugated cardboard. A box without a handle, but outside it is tightened into a film, to which you can attach a traditional handle from an adhesive tape without any damage to the appearance of the box itself. The design of the box is strict and informative, on the planes it is clearly told about the main advantages and features of the unit, about the methods of use, the complete set with pictures is shown, and the exact mass is indicated so that the integrity of the set (5,34 kg) could be determined by weighing. A minimum amount of plastic is used for packaging, and insets and partitions made of corrugated cardboard are used to protect and distribute components. The vacuum cleaner is delivered in a form that is practically ready for use – it needs only to be freed from the package and to connect the necessary devices with the main unit at the moment.
Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner delivery kit
The main parts of the body and accessories are made of plastic of different types. Opaque structural elements – mainly from ABS (or ABS + polycarbonate), transparent – from polycarbonate (a glass of a dust collector and covers of brushes, for example).
Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner delivery kit
The surface of the ABS parts is mirror-smooth, apparently uncoated, but minor damage and scratches on them are invisible, since the plastic is not too light and not too dark, but gray (with a slight shade of brown) and slightly silvery, sometimes with divergences from variation in concentration Filler. The block of small cyclones from the outside has a dark gray silver scratch-resistant coating.
Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner delivery kit
The inner glass of the large cyclone is made of a thin sheet of stainless steel with fine perforation, and the orange extension tube is made of aluminum, anodized from the outside.
Dyson V8 Absolute
Inside the pipe is inserted a plastic insert, forming a smooth and even channel for air passage. At the ends of the pipe, you can see the connectors that provide the connection of the electric drives of the brushes to the power source.
Dyson V8 Absolute
Transparent body of the dust box allows you to assess the degree of its filling at a glance. The bottom of the dust collector is made reclining by pulling the cyclone block up as far as it will go by the red handle with the garbage can.
Dyson V8 Absolute
The lid is folded at the end of the movement, and while the cyclone unit is moving upwards, the red rubber skirt cleans the debris that adheres to the mesh of the inner cup. If necessary, the cyclone unit can be removed completely by pressing the red lock that has become accessible and pulling the unit further upwards.
Dyson V8 Absolute Dust Collector
After cleaning the dust bag and cyclone unit, you need to insert the cyclone unit back, push it down until the lock clicks and then close the bottom of the dust bin. For thorough cleaning and inspection of the condition, after disconnecting the cyclone unit, it is then possible to disconnect the dust collector with the branch pipe from the engine block. From above, a pre-engine filter made of fibrous material is inserted into the hole surrounded by 15 mini-cyclones. At the end, a postmotor filter is fixed by turning. The name HEPA is not mentioned anywhere, but the manufacturer states that this filter allows “to catch the smallest particles, detaining allergens and bacteria up to 0.3 microns in size.”
Dyson V8 Absolute Dust Collector
When the filters are contaminated, they must be rinsed with cold water and dried. The manufacturer recommends that this procedure be performed at least once a month.

The described details constitute a five-stage filtration system. The first large cyclone separates large and heavy debris from the air, the second large and light debris (wool, fluff, etc.) is trapped in a mesh on the inner glass of the dust collector, the smallest 15 dust and air are separated on the third 15 small cyclones, the dust falls in The central part of the dust collector container, isolated from the outside, and the air goes to the fan through a pre-engine filter (the fourth filter stage), which holds back almost everything that has managed to leak, and finally the postmotor filter performs the final cleaning. Note that all joints of separable structural elements, pipes and nozzles, through which air passes from the surface to be cleaned to the fan, have seals made of rubber or elastic plastic, so the parasite air sucking is negligible. A reliable connection of the branch pipe to the pipe / nozzles and pipes with nozzles is provided by snap-on latches.

The battery is located at the bottom of the handle.
Bottom View Dyson V8 Absolute
This arrangement of the motor, handle and battery allowed to bring the center of gravity of the vacuum cleaner closer to the user’s hand, which ultimately reduces the amount of effort required to vacuum the vertical and high objects. Actually, the vacuum cleaner itself, as well as the pipe and simple (without motors) nozzles are light, but seemingly reliable. Our measurements of the mass of parts gave the following results:

Detail Mass,
Main Unit 1563
Electric brush with direct drive 695
Electric Fluffy 765
Mini electric brush 300
Crevice nozzle 49
Combination nozzle 71
Pipe 283


ПTwo (no motor) nozzles. The first is a typical slotted one.
Slot nozzle Dyson V8 Absolute
It is long enough (213 mm) to climb into the hidden places of dust accumulation, and with a series of holes on the lateral surface helping to keep the air flow necessary for the operation of the cyclones and cooling the motor while completely closing the mouth of the nozzle. The length from the tip of the crevice nozzle with the installed pipe to the power button is more than a meter, that is, as much as the user can maximize his hand when using this vacuum cleaner. The second nozzle is a combined nozzle with an inlet wider and with a sliding brush of relatively long and non-rigid nylon bristles.
Dyson V8 Absolute
In extreme positions, the brush retains the spring-loaded retainer.
Dyson V8 Absolute combo nozzle
The main wide brush-nozzle has a relatively low profile and is equipped with a hinge with two degrees of freedom (vertical deviation slightly less than 90 °, rotation along the pipe by 180 °).
Basic Dyson V8 Absolute attachment
This brush can be podzovyvat under extended objects of furniture with a small (from 70 mm) lumen. The brush with two spiral rows of bristles rotates from the electric motor to act actively on the surface being cleaned. In this case, the black row is formed of soft bristles made of carbon fiber, which retains the shape well, while the red one is made of thicker and more rigid nylon bristles. When working, the transparent cap allows you to determine whether the brush rotates (it stops, with increased resistance to rotation), and in breaks it is visible how many and what is wound on the brush and whether it is time to clean it. To remove the brush, use a coin (not supplied) to turn the plug from the end.

The electric drive is located inside the brush itself. This allowed to make the ends of the minimum width, as a result, with a brush width of 251 mm, the working width is 228 mm with approximately equal indentations on the sides. The velor strips are attached to the body of the nozzle, from below, they help to maintain the necessary air flow on smooth surfaces (do not allow the brush to suck tight) and protect the surface of the floor from scratches, and in front form a bumper that is safe for furniture. The elastic strip-scraper from the bottom on the back end ensures a tight fit of the nozzle on not very even floors. Slip the brush on the floor help two small rollers with tires made of elastic material.

The main attachment is Dyson V8 Absolute
In addition, this kit includes an electric brush with an electric drive of a similar design, but with other roller and hinge. This brush has the name Fluffy
Nozzle Fluffy Dyson V8 Absolute
Rows of black soft bristles made of carbon fiber on a large roller are cut off by fields of soft and short nylon pile. Similarly to the previous brush, there are safety velor strips and two rollers from below, but they are supplemented with a small diameter roller with a soft and short nylon fleece. At the ends of this roller are washers made of elastic plastic, which control the clearance between the floor and the body of the nozzle. Such a design, we believe, greatly reduces the likelihood that the brush will leave scratches even on very unstable floor coverings. The total width of the nozzle is 250 mm, the working width is 224 mm. At the front, the casing ends without reaching the floor, which allows a large roller to scoop up almost to the vertical surfaces, grabbing the lower part of the plinth.

It is designed for hard coatings. A soft roller simultaneously collects large debris and fine dust. Nylon fibers capture large debris, directing it under the brush and then into the container, while the brush remains tightly pressed to the floor. Carbon fiber on a brush against the floor removes fine dust. The rows of small carbon fiber bristles do not allow accumulation of static electricity, which keeps the dust on the floor, which facilitates its collection.

Nozzle Fluffy Dyson V8 Absolute
The hinge in the joint with the pipe allows a vertical and horizontal deflection with a range slightly less than 90 ° along both axes. The tightness of the joint provides a corrugated plastic sleeve. You can also remove the cleaning rollers with a coin.
Enumeration of nozzles completes a narrow electric brush without a hinge (but with a rotatable casing) and with a nylon bristle in two spiral rows.
Left view Dyson V8 Absolute
The manufacturer calls it a “mini electric brush for solving difficult problems”, which involves the collection of hair, animal wool and dirt from soft furniture and from hard-to-reach places.
Mini electric brush Dyson V8 Absolute
The vacuum cleaner is operated by a button on the handle of the pistol type. The button is pressed – the motor is spinning, not pressed – it does not spin. Such an algorithm without fixation allows to save battery power additionally, since the user is more likely to turn off the suction only at the right moments, for the benefit of the motor is spinning very quickly. In addition, there is a sliding switch on top of the housing with a lock in the extreme positions, which includes a high power mode. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fan with a brushless motor with digital control. The impeller and the motor itself is the company’s own development. Recall that, in comparison with the collector motors, more expensive brushless have the following advantages: high efficiency and reliability, extended service life (no wear brushes and collector), reduced operation noise, reduced level of electromagnetic interference.

On both sides of the handle on the battery pack there are three-segment status indicators. During operation and charging, the number of glowing blue segments indicates the current battery level, and the red indicates some problems with the battery or the vacuum cleaner itself. The vacuum cleaner is charged from the complete power adapter, the coaxial connector from which is inserted into the return socket on the back of the handle.
Back view Dyson V8 Absolute
Keep the vacuum cleaner comfortably suspended on a special bracket.

Bracket Dyson V8 Absolute

This bracket at two points is screwed to the wall or to another vertical surface. The vacuum cleaner is easily inserted into the bracket and removed from it, it is also charged, as the connector from the power adapter is fixed in the bracket, and this connector is inserted into the return connector on the handle when the vacuum cleaner is installed.

The length of the power cable from the exit point from the bracket to the adapter is 1.8 m. At the bottom of the bracket there are sockets for slotted and combined nozzles. When installing the bracket at a sufficient height, the vacuum cleaner can be stored with the pipe installed and one of the brushheads (for the other two, unfortunately, there was not a place).

Bracket Dyson V8 Absolute

Note that the vacuum cleaner and even the battery have a warranty of two years. If necessary, the battery can be replaced by the user (the replacement instruction is attached to the new battery), for which it is enough to unscrew the three screws.

Testing Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute – battery life

For real use in high power mode, the vacuum cleaner worked 7 minutes 53 secondswith the combined nozzle (declared 7 minutes), with the same nozzle, but in normal power mode, the operation time was 42 minutes 24 seconds < / B>(stated 40 minutes). Normal power allowed using a vacuum cleaner with a Fluffy brush for 33 minutes(declared 25 minutes for this power and nozzle). This time and efficiency in case of normal power is enough for daily cleaning of the apartment area somewhere in 40-60 m².
The main advantages of a wide electric brush with direct drive is considered to be an increased working width and narrow ends, as well as a large diameter of the shaft, on which the hair and threads are practically not wound up, and everything wound up is easily removed by hands, without the use of tools.
We tested the Fluffy brush on a carpet with a short loop pile, as well as linoleum and laminate. Visual inspection shows the high quality of the cleaning provided by the Fluffy brush on these surfaces. You can remove almost the entire surface of the floor, back to the obstacles, in addition to use a crevice nozzle for cleaning in the corners is not necessary. The Fluffy brush requires minimal maintenance, since nothing is wound on the rollers.
Nozzle Fluffy Dyson V8 Absolute
The mini electric brush well corresponds to the dimensions and tasks of this compact vacuum cleaner, especially in the version without an extension pipe. This brush is well sucked to the surface, so it is not necessary to press it. The shaft of the sectional section and solid rows of bristles contribute to the fact that not many threads, hair and other things are wound on the brush, and all that is wound up is easily removed with fingers. The only drawback of this brush can be considered the lack of a hinge, so you can not get on with it under the couch, but there are two other wide brushes for cleaning there.

The transparent glass allows to estimate the degree of the fullness of the dust collector, however, when cleaning the floors due to the inclination of the body, debris accumulates in the front part of the dust container, which reduces its useful capacity.

Dust Collector Fluffy Dyson V8 Absolute

Emptying the dust bag is very convenient and contact with dust in most cases can be minimized, since it is possible to load the vacuum cleaner in a garbage bag or bucket, gently pull up the cyclone block until the cover is snapped open and tap lightly – everything will fall out of the main container of the dust collector and from the cyclones Fine cleaning.

The efficiency of the fine cleaning cyclones is very high, since after several cleaning cycles the pre-engine filter remained absolutely clean and we have never washed it (like the V6 and DC62, which have been operating for several months). Of course, there were no signs of contamination of the postmotor filter either.

In the high power mode, especially if you use the vacuum cleaner continuously until the batteries are completely discharged, the case sometimes gets very hot, although it is in the handle area that the heating is not very large. A snapshot taken by an infrared camera allows us to estimate the temperature distribution (after continuous operation at high power in actual use conditions).

Temperature Fluffy Dyson V8 Absolute
The battery compartment is heated most of all (in places up to 55 ° C).
Heating Fluffy Dyson V8 Absolute

In normal power mode, heating is negligible, the hand, however, is still slightly sweating and the slippery smooth plastic of the handle becomes unpleasant to the touch, more effort is spent on holding the vacuum cleaner in your hand and directing the nozzles to the right places. Hvat, however, is very reliable, so there is no chance to slip out of the vacuum cleaner’s hand. On some types of floors, rotating brushes can generate static electricity, and as a result, the user can receive a palpable electric shock in the area of ​​the charging connector on the back of the handle. The blow is not very sensitive, but unexpected, it’s better to be ready for it.

Note that an exceptionally comfortable bracket, as well as the compactness and lightness of the Dyson hand-held vacuum cleaners, change the idea of ​​a typical scenario of using a vacuum cleaner. The constant availability and readiness of this device to work allows you to transfer cleaning from a long (and tedious) process to the preparatory stage (the usual “wire” vacuum cleaner needs to be got, plugged in, dragged to the right place) into the category of cases that can be done in any free minute and Measure of real necessity. It seemed that something was dirty somewhere – took a vacuum cleaner and cleaned it, woke up something – with one hand took off the vacuum cleaner and cleaned it. Quickly and not burdensome.

Cleaning stair steps

A wireless, powerful, lightweight, convenient vacuum cleaner with a mini electric brush Dyson V8 is the best option for those who want to quickly and efficiently get rid of dust and dirt on the steps. Previously, this title was rightfully owned by the V6, but the V8 model easily won it. You do not need to worry anymore about the wire that follows the vacuum cleaner, and you can stumble over it. Mini-electric brush perfectly copes with pollution even in the most inaccessible places. The size of this nozzle is great just to vacuum the steps. It is compact enough and maneuverable even for a spiral staircase, and the swivel cover provides good contact with the surface. The angle of its inclination is limited, so sometimes it will be inconvenient to use this nozzle to get to the surface that is under low obstacles, but for such cases there is Direct Drive and Soft Roller.

Combined and slotted nozzles are well designed and durable. They will surely serve you for many years. The bristles of the universal brush are softer and longer than the same V6 nozzle. It is ideal for surfaces where dust is often collected, for example, for shelves, window sills and computer keypads.

The crevice nozzle is equipped with ventilation holes, which ensure that the cyclones and airflows necessary for operation are maintained while completely closing the nozzle inlet. Its tip is bent so that it is easier to catch contaminants from hard-to-reach places. Engineers Dyson worked on the glory. They need to pay tribute. With such adaptations, the entire cleaning process will become easier and more efficient.

Wool of domestic animals

V8 earned our love and respect even before we launched the dogs into the test room. V6 just coped well with the removal of animal hair from various coatings, and the V8 is even more powerful and versatile than the previous model.

The Direct Drive nozzle perfectly removes wool from carpeting, even if it is curly hair, and the carpet is made of nylon. On the test plot there was a coat of dogs of the Collie breed and a Labrador, which we tried to place deep into the pile. V8 coped with this task in 6 minutes. For the same time, wool is collected by special wired vacuum cleaners. Long hair is wound on the rotating roller, but they are easy to remove, since it is removed for cleaning with a coin.

Soft nozzle Soft Roller is better suited to the owners of animals, which have a home mostly hard surface. The nozzle is designed in such a way that thanks to the built-in scraper, much less wool accumulates on it than with Direct Drive. Soft nozzle perfectly coped with a difficult task on the floor, covered with laminate, tiles and parquet.

Dyson V8 Absolute
The only thing that prevents to call the V8 the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners is a small dust collector. If you have animals in your house that leave as much wool as a whole flock of sheep, a 0.54 liter dust bag will be filled long before the battery runs out. Although with the cleaning of the dust bag the V8 does not have problems. This can be done quickly enough.

Charging time

Here are the remaining test results. At full charge it took 4 hours 8 minutes, while the maximum consumption reached 23 watts. Charged, but connected to the network vacuum cleaner consumes 0.06 W, however, this is actually the consumption of the adapter itself. Note that with a connected and working adapter, the vacuum cleaner does not turn on.

Noise level

We measured the noise level when placing the vacuum cleaner on the floor in the working position with a slight deviation from the vertical with respect to the extension pipe and pressed to the floor (commercial carpet) with a basic wide brush or crevice nozzle. The sound level meter was placed horizontally at a height of 1.2 m from the floor and 1 m from the motor unit of the vacuum cleaner and was directed to the vacuum cleaner.

Power / nozzle Sound pressure level, dBA
Normal / Primary Brush 64.6
Maximum / Main brush 68.0
Normal / Slit 62.8
Maximum / slit 71.8

At maximum power, the vacuum cleaner is relatively loud, but the main contribution is made by the noise from the fan motor and the noise from the air movement, both sources do not have pronounced maxima, the noise character is smooth and not very annoying. When the active brush is working on relatively hard surfaces, a low-frequency rumble is added, but noise does not get any unpleasant properties from it. A mode with normal power turns the Dyson V8 into a vacuum cleaner with a moderate volume of operation.

What to choose Dyson V6 or Dyson V8. Comparison.

The V8 has no competitors among wireless vacuum cleaners. And what if we compare it with its predecessor, is there a new model of overpayment, let’s try to find out.

Comparative characteristics of Dyson V6 vs Dyson V8

Dyson V6 Absolute Dyson V8 Absolute
Suction power 100 115
Power Motory V6 (325w) V8 (425w)
Cyclone Technology Dual Tier (15 Cyclones) Dual Tier (15 Cyclones)
Cleaning head Direct Drive, Hard Floor Direct Drive, Softer Roller
Trash bin Standard Quick Ejection
One charge time About 20 minutes About 40 minutes
Charging time 3.5 hours 5 hours
Charging station included Yes Yes
Basket volume 0.4 0.54
Weight (kg) 2.7 2.61

The Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner does not fundamentally differ from the previously discussed V6 model, however, a number of changes have been introduced into the design of the vacuum cleaner and attachments, which improve the consumer properties. On the right – Dyson V8, on the left – Dyson V6, already with slightly clouded after several months of operation with a glass of a dust collector:
Dyson V8 Absolute Comparison with Dyson V6

  • The Dyson V8 cleans better than the previous Dyson V6, due to its larger power and better engine, and also due to an improved softer cleaning head roller.
  • The older model is also best in practical aspects, such as a large garbage container, quick cleaning functions, and improved running time. Also a plus is that it weighs a little less.
  • Next, the V8 has significantly better battery performance, which allows you to work twice as long. In addition, he has a charging indicator that shows how much charge he has left.
  • Moreover, the V8’s engine is even more powerful than the V6’s, its power is 425 watts, and not 325 watts for the V6. Ie we get a double benefit, a longer run time, less weight and more power.
  • Dyson V8, in addition to its lightweight design, has the ability to quickly clean, making its use much more convenient and practical. Also, the new model is more effective both on soft floors and on hard surfaces.
  • The new model also has an advantage in such a characteristic as the amount of noise emitted, due to the fact that airflow paths have been reworked to reduce noise level

As a result, we believe that the previous version of V6 is better than the new V8, only one parameter: V6 is easier at 268 g, while only 113 g of gain is accounted for by the battery of increased power. V8 is still an easy and balanced vacuum cleaner, but if you hold in your hands alternately both models, the difference in weight is determined instantly. When cleaning the floor, when a part of the weight is distributed to the nozzle resting on the floor, the extra grams are almost not felt, unlike the cleaning of horizontal surfaces, furniture with fastened small attachments, etc., when the vacuum cleaner has to be kept on weight. Now about the advantages of V8 in comparison with V6:

  • Works longer
  • Significantly quieter
  • More dust bag volume
  • The cyclone mesh is cleaned automatically
  • Detachable cyclone unit is easier to clean
  • The higher the power (50 instead of 35 W) of the main brush, and its carbon fiber bristles are kept stronger
  • Indicator is more informative
  • Combination nozzle fixer works
  • Clamps on pipe and nozzles are more convenient
  • The ergonomics of the power switch is better
  • The mini electric brush is easier to clean

Note that in the mode with normal power, the increase in the operating time is achieved both due to the increased capacity of the battery, and due to a small decrease in the suction power. Judging by the designations, the battery for V8 is assembled from elements of type 21700. There are also 6 in the battery, but they are larger in size and have a larger capacity compared to the 18650 elements used in V6.

Is it worth buying?

Dyson V8 Absolute is the gold standard of a wireless vacuum cleaner. There is no doubt about this. He perfectly copes with any complex tasks and sets a very high bar for competitors. Those who use Dyson V6, it makes no sense to acquire V8, as they already own an excellent vacuum cleaner. But we must admit that the new model has been significantly refined.

The only downside to V8 is its high price, which is about $ 500. This amount can be spent on a lot of other things, but V8 is definitely worth this money. It vacuums as well as wired models, but it’s easier and more convenient to use. If your vacuum cleaner is 5-10 years old, then you will definitely see the difference.


Lightweight, compact and powerful vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absoluteis sure to become the most loved vacuum cleaner in the house. With him cleaning out of a troublesome occupation, requiring a lot of time and preparatory work, will turn into a tireless process with a quick result. This is facilitated by the well thought out design of the vacuum cleaner and complete accessories. For example, a very convenient wall bracket is included, which not only allows you to charge the vacuum cleaner, but also to store it and a set of nozzles, but, equally important, makes the Dyson V8 as accessible as possible for emergency cleaning.

It is quite expected that the new V8 Absolute complements the extensive range of wireless vacuum cleaners Dyson. It also comes with all the necessary attachments that you can imagine, including the soft Soft Soft Roller nozzle (also called Fluffy), two electric nozzles and a slotted nozzle. The filtration system has also been improved. The V8 is slightly heavier than the V6 and is more expensive, but this vacuum cleaner is a head taller than all the other models on the market.


  • Attractive and practical appearance
  • Three kinds of nozzles with active brushes
  • Easy to use dust collector
  • Very high efficiency of the cyclone filter
  • Postmotor fine filter
  • High suction power for this category
  • Convenient bracket
  • Smooth noise character
  • Moderate volume in normal power mode
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Excellent equipment


  • Short run time in maximum power mode
  • High heat in maximum power mode
  • Slippery grip

In conclusion, I would like to say that any of these vacuum cleaners are not cheap, but after you use them, you will never want to return to a normal wired vacuum cleaner. There is no doubt that the future behind wireless models, as well as robotic vacuum cleaners.

Video review of the vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute

In conclusion, we suggest to see our video review of the vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and its comparison with the Dyson V6:

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