Overview of the Evapolar Desktop Personal Air Cooler and Humidifier. Small and sweet.

How about an air conditioner that fits on your desk? It does not require pipes and installation of additional equipment and even more crumbling walls.
Almost portable, which you can place anywhere and enjoy fresh, clean air. This is not another project on Kickstarter, which promises a lot, but does not work.
Evapolar is on my desk and works as expected.

What is Evapolar and how does it work?

Evapolar is a compact, evaporative-type air conditioner. It looks like a plastic box with a water compartment. Inside there is a fan and a nanofilter made of basalt fiber.

The brainchild of two Russian inventors, evapolar evaporation cooler has collected 1.2 million dollars of people’s investments for Ingiegogo.

What is the difference between coolers and conventional evaporators and why is there no heat released there? The process of water transfer from the liquid state to the gaseous state, which is used in Evapolar, is called adiabatic in physics:

Evaporative cooling is a physical phenomenon in which the evaporation of a liquid into the surrounding air cools the object or the liquid in contact with it. Latent heat – the heat needed to evaporate the liquid is taken from the environment.

The developers went further: the basaltic fibers of the EvaBreeze ™ material are approximately 10 times more efficient than traditional evaporative filters made from cellulose.

The filter absorbs water, which evaporates from the surface of the plates due to the flow of air and cools the air within a radius of 2-3 meters. It does not just cool the air, it also moistens. You will need to change the cartridge once a year.
For example, my home split system can not cool the kitchen (just not enough range). And I like to be there with a laptop. For me, it’s expensive and irrational to buy a second wall-mounted air conditioner. In this case, I put Evapolar next to the table – and the problem with cooling the workplace is solved.

What is the main advantage of Evapolar?

Clean air

The device also works as an air purifier. In Evapolar, a stream of air passes through the moistened channels of the cartridge and dust is trapped on its walls. Filter material from basalt fibers is environmentally friendly and does not allow bacteria and mold to develop.


Evaporative cooling increases the humidity in the room, which means that the skin feels better.

Cheap installation

You do not even have to do anything: turn it on and everything works.

Environmental friendly

Water is a cooling element. This is a global difference from refrigerants based on Freon in traditional air conditioners. What can be more ecological than water?

Energy efficiency

Power is needed only for the fan. Water is supplied by a capillary method. The gadget is powered by a 10-watt charging via a USB cable.

Quick and cheap repair

There is practically nothing to break in evaporative coolers.

There are only two disadvantages:

It is required to add water constantly

The 700 ml tank lasts for 5 hours, depending on the power of the jet.

A small cooling zone.

Air conditioners of the evaporative type are inferior to traditional split systems in efficiency. For example, Evapolar cools only around the table. However, this is quite expected for a portable cooler.

And how is it managed?

The rotating wheel on the top switches modes of operation:

  • Changing the backlight of the cartridge. Evapolar can work as a night lamp.
  • Backlight brightness control
  • Fan power control

In addition, the evaporator notifies the owner when the water is running out. Evapolar operates as a standard fan without water.

Who should buy Evapolar?

Those who like comfort in the workplace. Not necessarily surrounded by office equipment. Evapolar gives you a clean and cool air that you do not need to share.
Sometimes in business centers, air conditioning blows either in the back, or can not cope with the office space. Evapolar will help you in this case. It creates a private work area, works quietly (like a PC cooler) and does not disturb colleagues with a cool jet.
Evapolar costs $180 dollars in the US.

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