Overview and experience of using the Philips S9041/12 shaver


Electric shavers series 9000 in a high price segment include several models. All of them, in my opinion, are relatively the same and differ slightly. In any case, equipped with a system of V-Track Precision blades, technology of contour repetition, the system of Super Lift and Cut and other interesting features.
I’m testing the Philips S9041/12 shaver. It is designed for dry and wet shaving, complete with a special carrying case for electric shavers and a narrow trimmer.

Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12

Absolutely do not pretend to a professional view, just share the impression of the device within the article of the weekend. Let me remind you that such articles are published, as is clear from the title, not on weekdays, but the author chooses any topic, the main thing is that it is interesting for readers.

Philips S9041/12 – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Philips S9041/12 in the US is about $ 285. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Philips S9041/12 when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 285. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

Package Contents

  • Shaver
  • Carrying case
  • Trimmer
  • Network adapter
  • Instructions

Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12


Appearance, control buttons and machine elements

Looks like an electric shaver Philips S9041/21 in the same way as any shaver from Philips series 5000 and 7000, designed for dry and wet shaving: a fairly wide handle, cutout for the index finger and shaving unit.

Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12

The body is made of plastic: the front part, where the indicators are located, is glossy, the side panels are semi-glossy gray, the back part is covered with something like “soft-touch”. The plastic near the start button is matte, slightly rough to the touch, the color is black. There are other colors. As far as I know, such shavers are equipped with the SmartClean system, that is, a special “glass” for cleaning, lubricating and drying the blades, and also for recharging the battery. This option is most preferable from the point of view of the convenience of using an electric shaver, however it is more expensive, and if it is necessary to change the cassettes, it does become expensive.

Impressions from touching the shaver turned out to be somewhat mixed: on the one hand, it was very comfortable and firmly laid in the hand, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the hull and the special non-slip coating, on the other hand, as I wrote earlier, confused the light weight, however, the last remark is unlikely Can be attributed to minuses, since it is still quite subjective. In addition, it is necessary to pay tribute to the designers – the shaver looks very stylish from the aesthetic point of view.


Philips S9041/12

The shaving head is also made of plastic, and the blades are naturally metallic.
By the way, this model received an award in the annual contest iF DESIGN AWARD 2015, in which more than 5000 gadgets from 70 countries take part. The roots of this competition originate from 1953.
The shaver perfectly lies in the hand due to a special deepening for the thumb, the thickness allows to completely grasp the device regardless of the size of the palm. For a month of use appeared shallow scratches on the side faces, they are visible only in the light. Slightly rubbed the screen, if you can call it that. The rest is no problem.

Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12
Philips S9041/12
I would like to decipher several brand marketing names of different technologies in this shaver. So:

V-Track Precision. A definite structure of the blades for accurate gripping and direction of hairs for shaving.

Philips S9041/12

Super Lift & Cut Action. The system of double blades raises the hairs, shaving them as close as possible to the surface of the skin.

Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action

AquaTec. You can choose either a dry shave, or wet with the use of foam or gel.

The 9000 series uses flexible heads rotating in eight directions. That is, it rotates, repeating the contours of the face, the head system, the heads themselves and more blades. If it becomes interesting, YouTube has a video that demonstrates this technology.

Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action
Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action

The gadget has only one start button. It is rather tight, with a lot of movement. It is convenient to use. However, if it gets foam or gel, the button becomes slippery. I think it would be better to make it rubber and with a notch under the thumb.

  • Slightly below the screen. It indicates the following:
  • Reminders about cleaning. In my case, this indicator starts blinking after processing one cheek, that is, the system becomes dirty quite quickly, if you believe the shaver. However, you can safely shave further. For example, I can shave without problems completely, never washing my hair. The quality of shaving has almost no effect.
  • Road blocking. During transportation, it is best to turn on this mode for a long (3 seconds) hold of the start button. Frankly, it was used only once and only for verification, since the button is very tight and in the case is not activated.
  • Charge indicator. Three levels. About the time of work we’ll talk later.

Philips S9041/12 Super Lift&Cut Action

  • Reminder about replacement. Since I use the shaver only for a month, it’s still too early to replace it. The manufacturer recommends doing this at least once every two years. After the replacement, you need to reset the settings – a long hold on the “Start” button for about 7 seconds.
  • Exclamation point. Flashes in different cases: replacing shaving heads, overheating, etc.
  • The shaver’s bottom has an input for connecting a network adapter. In models with a “glass”, power to the shaver comes automatically from the holder.

The system of heads is removed very easily, it is enough to poke it for special notches. It is also fast and effortless. You can remove the system not only to replace the heads, but also for manual cleaning. I usually did after each shave: washed under warm water.

Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action
Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action
Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action
Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action

By the way, I once had a shaver with a “glass” and there it was necessary to change the tapes. To save up to 1000 rubles a month (or every two months), I refilled the cartridge with inexpensive cologne and water. I changed the contents every three or four days. Strangely enough, but this scheme worked without any problems: cleaning was, drying was, disinfection (thanks to the presence of alcohol in the cologne) was plus a pleasant smell. The only thing that did not work was lubricating. However, under the similar scheme my friend acted, and its shaver already about 5 years and all is good.

Philips S9041/12 experience of use

The first thing to say: how often you need to use the electric shaver Philips S9041. The fact is that the hair on the face of all grow at different speeds. For example, I have a light bristle appears after 10 hours, a millimeter grows hair in two days, on the third – it’s already exactly worth shaving. The electric shaver qualitatively shaves, from experience, only on the first and second days, that is the length of hair up to 2 mm. If the length is longer, the blades will begin to partially tear out the hair (this happens rarely, but still happens), and the process itself will increase in time. Therefore, I recommend or shave every day (maximum once every two days), or before shaving to walk a trimmer. Often it turns out that the third or fourth day of “unshaven” comes, and I have to again take up a machine.
The second is a beard and a mustache. I wear a small beard and a mustache with whiskers with short hair. So, an electric shaver with three heads in my case, shaving is inconvenient, as it is necessary to bypass the beard and whiskers, and with wide blades it is not easy to do. Of course, you say that in the beginning it is better to use an electric shaver where possible, and then to trim with a machine or trimmer.

Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action
Philips S9041/12 Super Lift & Cut Action

Yes, the option is good. However, in this case, you have to shave for a long time, it’s easier to immediately take the machine and walk it. Therefore, before you buy a similar shaver, think about whether you will be comfortable shaving if you are wearing a beard / whiskers / whiskers! Without “jamming” for a shaver – shaving is a pleasure, as the blades do their work cleanly, without leaving hairs.

Philips 5000, 7000 and 9000 series should be shaved, making circular movements in the face and chin – this is the most effective way to cut hair.

Third – a dry or wet shave. At first I used gel or foam. But in this case, the time for shaving was stretched so much (spread the gel / foam, shave part of the body, rinse the shaver and so on), that by the end of the action, thoughts arose: why do I need an electric shaver, if I shave faster with a machine … Therefore, the rest of the time I used dry shaving, Periodically rinsing the blades in the water.
As for the quality of shaving, I can say that there is practically no difference between the machine and Philips electric shaver.

Philips S9041/12 comparison with conventional shaving machine

For the sake of completeness of comparison, I decided to conduct a full-fledged study, as in the very advertisement where half the chicken egg was coated with toothpaste, and the second one was not, and the whole thing was put into the solution, after examining the strength of the shell after a certain time – so, having fun, On half of the face was applied shaving cream, and it was intended solely for the machine, which I, for this occasion, tapped new blades, and the second remained intact. I must say that by that time the length of the bristles was about 5-7 mm. And here the lack of experience of using an electric shaver made itself felt – the machine with the rudiments of a mustache coped without problems, but the electric shaver stalled – not only was the place not the most comfortable for shaving, so even the hairs did not want to be shaved. Honestly, at some point I felt the first note of disappointment, but the experiment decided to bring it to an end. And after 4 minutes of increased pressure on the face, the case was made. With all this, the electric shaver still needs to be given credit – I fully felt what a floating shape is, and the quality of shaving was, oddly enough, better than shaving a machine. Running forward, I will say that in the first half of the face I at the end walked several times with an electric shaver to even the picture.

Photo Before Shaving

Philips S9041/12 comparison with an ordinary shaving machine

Preparing for shaving

Philips S9041/12 comparison with a conventional shaver

The result of the classic machine

Philips S9041/12 comparison with a conventional shaving machine

Comparison of results

Philips S9041/12 comparison with an ordinary shaving machine
When I approached the second section of the comparison – the areas of the beard and neck – I decided to use the trimmer and realized that I had not lost it – a couple of movements with a trimmer, a quick and convenient change back to the blades, another minute of slow strokes in the face and ready. Frankly, he did not expect that everything would be so simple, convenient and functional. Of the disadvantages of using a trimmer, it’s worth noting one – the absence of a length-limiting shaving hair. Personally, I do not need it, but the bearded men can be upset. Honestly, it is not entirely clear why it is not included.

Machine Result

Philips S9041/12 comparison with an ordinary shaving machine

Comparison of results

Philips S9041/12 comparison with an ordinary shaving machine

It remained to compare the last important parameter for me – the condition of the skin after contacting it with this device – and then everything turned out in perfect order – without foam / gel and without using balm after shaving (forgive me their producers) everything turned out to be at the highest level – no itching , Burning and other things that are so fond of scaring off the TV screen.

Battery Life

I shave once every two days for 5-7 minutes. In this mode, the battery sits in about three weeks. The manufacturer claims that the full charge should be enough for 50 minutes. In my case, approximately so it goes. If you use gel / foam, the “life” time is slightly reduced, most likely because of their viscosity, which increases the load of the engine. However, this fact can be neglected when it comes to several weeks of use.
Charges the shaver from the network adapter for an hour and a half.

Feedback after use

In conclusion, I would like to note the general pluses and minuses to the configuration and use of S9041/12:


  1. A good battery
  2. Really quality floating knives
  3. Very quiet work
  4. You can safely wash under running water
  5. Convenient interchangeability of trimmer and knives
  6. Fast shaving time


  1. No trimmer length limiter
  2. Absence of any kind of stand for the shaver (the presence of the cover does not count).


  • The Philips S9041 costs about $ 290. Frankly speaking – not cheap! For this price you can buy about 35 heaped machines, about 70 blades or more than 650 disposable machines. For example, I have a one-time machine for 3 weeks, or even more. That is, it turns out that having bought such machines for $ 290 – they will last me for 50 years! Blades I change less often: once in 5-6 months, but it also turns out that 70 blades can be shaved for 30 years 🙂 The practical term of “life” of an electric shaver is 5-7 years. But you understand, it’s not a matter of saving, but of a certain comfort.
  • What you liked:
  • Ergonomics of design
  • Quality of performance
  • Shave quality
  • Working time
  • What you did not like:
  • Price
  • Nuances:
  • The length of the hair should be small (see section “In work”)
  • Beard / mustache / whiskers. It will be more difficult to shave with them
  • The shaver looks somewhat clunky for its price

Video review of Philips S9041

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