Overview of photoepilator Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert, user reviews

Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
Photoepilation – one of the most “sparing” types of hair removal. It is often offered in beauty salons, but there are also devices for self-use – for example, the Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert photo-epilator.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
The photoepilator is clinically tested and recommended as completely safe for use at home. The principle of the device is that it produces flashes in the form of a beam of light, which first heats, and then gradually destroys the hair follicle. To exclude the slightest possibility of burns, the new Braun IPL BD 5001, the only one of its kind, has a built-in sensor. It continuously determines the impulsivity of the light beam, depending on the thickness of the skin.

Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk in the US is about $ 300. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 320. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.


First of all, I want to note that the epilator is supplied in a rather large and heavy rectangular box.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
The box contains all the necessary information about the device. All modes of operation and control elements are described.
The same is a table on the selection of the type of skin (talk about it separately).

It is noteworthy, but on the package itself there is information that a strong floor can also use the device.

If you open the top of the box, we will immediately see the device itself, packed in a plastic case.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert

Here’s what’s in the box:
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert

  • BD 5001 Body & face Epilator
  • Power cord
  • Instructions
  • Gillete Venus shaving machine
  • The razor blade

Those who regularly use the device are advised to start the procedure at the beginning every two weeks. Gradually, usually after three or four procedures, with a decrease in the number of hairs, you can switch to a more rare application of the device.


Type – photoepilator.

  • The model is the Braun BD 5001.
  • The primary color is white.
  • Field of application – body / person.
  • The area of ​​hair removal is 3 cm².
  • The maximum intensity of the light pulse is 6 J / cm².
  • The lamp life is 300,000 flashes.
  • The number of flash intensity modes is 4.
  • A skin color sensor is available.
  • A skin contact sensor is present.
  • The facepiece is not.
  • Power is supplied from AC power.
  • Weight – 341 grams (without power cord and packaging).


The photoepilator is designed for 300,000 flashes, which guarantees 15 years of impeccable service for the treatment of the entire surface of the body, and 35 years for the treatment of individual zones.

The individual feature of the device is that it works only when completely in contact with the skin surface. If the unit is applied correctly, the light sensors on the side surface of the device handle light up.

Also, to use the epilator as comfortably as possible, a mobile application Braun Silk-expert IPL was created. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play. The application will notify you about the time of the procedure, as well as help to track the change in the status of problem areas. Also, it contains instructions for use and information on how the sensor works to determine the skin tone.

Appearance and controls

First of all, I want to note and say that the device is completely made of plastic. Weight is – 341 grams. In principle, there is no discomfort with prolonged use.

Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
The epilator has smooth transitions and bends, there are no sharp edges and corners. This is the right move in the design – since the device is designed more for the weaker sex.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
The upper part has an insert of transparent white plastic, and the device itself is only available in white color.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
Keep the epilator in your hand is very convenient, it does not slip out since the plastic has a matte texture. The working part of the device is divided by a silver insert, and the working surface is made in golden color.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
The processing surface has an insert of white plastic. SensoAdapt skin color sensors are also on this surface. These sensors read your skin color and choose the optimal mode of light flux. Inside is the reflector of the processing surface and the glass filter.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
On the right and on the left side of the processing surface are LED power indicators.
These light indicators indicate the readiness of the device to work. White indicator light – the device is ready to flash. Red indicator light – the appliance is not ready for use.
Red color can be in two cases.

  1. There is no contact with skin.
  2. Unsuitable skin color.

Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
At the top of the device is a button and a “soft mode” indicator. A little above the button for selecting the processing mode. In the lower part there is a connector for external power supply.

Operating Modes

The choice of three modes: strong, medium and weak intensity, adjustable by pressing a button. According to the selected mode, the indicator light is white, blue or flashing.

Usage Modes

  • Sliding mode (according to the instruction, it is suitable for handling large surfaces – hands / feet, etc.)
  • Accuracy mode (for processing small areas or complex relief areas – knees, folds, face)

When using the instructions, it is recommended to turn away from the device during operation, so that the flash does not damage the eyes. In practice, this is very difficult, since it is still necessary to control the surface to be treated. Therefore, I personally on the experience of photoepilation in professional cosmetology just in case and put on good sunglasses.

Preparing for use

Before using, I strongly recommend that you read the enclosed instructions, there is a lot of information you need.
Here are the main points:

  1. For women, do not use the device near the eyes and on the forehead.
  2. For men, do not use the device on the face, neck or intimate area.
  3. Do not use the appliance by pregnant women or persons under the age of 18.
  4. Chronic skin diseases are also a significant factor not to use the device. It is not recommended to use the appliance after sunbathing.
  5. Do not use the appliance on red, very light or gray hair. The device is ineffective to remove hair from these colors.
  6. Do not use the device on the same skin area more than once a week. Frequent use will not lead to faster results, but may increase the risk of skin damage.

Before starting the operation, you can use the attached scale to select the color of the skin and hair. The decrypted table is quite simple.
The horizontal scale “skin tone” serves to match your skin color. At 6 tone of the skin, you can not use the device, and the sensors themselves will not let you use the device to determine the skin tone.

The vertical scale “hair color” serves to select the removed hair. Gray hair, red or too light, is also an obstacle to using the device.

First use

A shaving machine and a blade to it come complete with the device, since before the first application it is necessary to release the surface from the hair, preferably with a razor. This method is preferable, since the principle of the photoepilator in effect on the dark pigment of the hair, that is, when the hair is removed entirely (with the bulb), the flash does not have any effect.

On both sides of the main element there are 2 sensors that allow the photoepilator to work only when completely in contact with the skin, in order to avoid accidental exposure to the eyes. These sensors also determine the skin color on the surface to be treated and block the device if the skin type is not suitable for processing, which could lead to its damage.

Before you start using the epilator, it’s better to go directly to the slip mode. This will increase the number of flashes, which will make the procedure itself faster and more efficiently, and will not allow any hair to pass through. So, for example, treatment of skin areas on the hands will take 5-8 minutes, which will not affect the quality of the procedure.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
During the procedure, you must press and release the power button to achieve more accurate handling of small areas.

For an optimally gentle mode of use, the unit has three power modes:

  • Normal;
  • delicate;
  • extradelicate.

When you first use the Braun IPL BD 5001 photoepilator, as well as for particularly sensitive areas, you should choose an extra delicate mode with minimal power.
Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert

Work in different modes

Summarizing the review, you can see that the positive moments from the operation of the photo-emitter Braun IPL BD 5001 are much more than negative.

When working in slip mode (if you hold and hold the button on the body), the photoepilator produces 1 flash in about 2-3 seconds. If at the same time continuously continue to guide the device through the body, as described in the instruction, there are quite large untreated zones. This is certainly faster, but, in fact, this method will require a much longer period of use to completely get rid of unwanted hair. Higher quality can be treated surface, moving the device exactly at the width of the flash.

Precision mode (one press – one flash) is great for treating complex and small areas of the skin. But it still will not work more often than in the first case.

Operation – long test

Since the photoepilator is a rather specific product, the visible effect is not achieved immediately.

Accordingly, this item will be divided into three sections: the result after a month of use, after three months and after six months of use.

If you think that you can immediately connect the device to the network and start using it, then I’ll disappoint you a little. First you need to remove (in any convenient way) all the hair on the surface being treated. Growing hair can disperse the light flux and thus the efficiency of the work can be reduced.

The first cycle of the device is 4 weeks. We use the device on a certain day of the week for 4 weeks.

Note that the cycle of hair growth for each person is different, respectively, the best effect on the time frame can be different.

When using it for the first time, it is recommended to use the “soft mode” of the operation. The light flux will not be so strong. It is also recommended that the primary procedure be performed on an inconspicuous area of ​​the skin.

For testing, choose the following areas on the body:

Male will have epilated back.

At the woman we process legs or foots and axillas.

In the first week of use, we choose the “soft mode” of the work. Testing will begin with the male back. Shave your hair, dry the surface to be treated. The procedure for hair removal is done after about 30 minutes.

Every day we process the selected skin area.

Until hair removal
photo before epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
After a month of using the epilator
photo after the month of epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
As you can see, after a month of use, hair growth did not stop, hair follicles are visible. It is important to remove hair mechanically every time it grows. In the “soft mode” the effect of the epilator on the back is practically not felt. At full power, there is already a pain effect (each flash is comparable to a needle prick).
Until hair removal
photo before epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
After a month of using the epilator
photo after the month of epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
After a month of use in the axillary region, there is no visible effect. It is recommended to use the “soft mode” of use. At full power, a fairly strong pain effect.

Until hair removal
photo before epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
After three months of using the epilator
photo after 3 months of epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert

But on the legs, the effect of quarterly use is already visible to the naked eye. Remained some hairs, the hairs themselves became thinner and softer, about 80% of hair bulbs are practically absent. You can use the maximum power on your legs.

Accordingly, in gentle areas of the skin we use a soft mode of use. On rough areas of the skin, you can use the maximum power.

If the face does not have black and coarse hairs, then the use of the epilator will not have a visible effect. The so-called “female fluff” to this epilator is too tough.

These results were obtained after six months of use.
photo after epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
photo after epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
photo after epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert
photo after epilation with Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert

Feelings after use

As for the sensations when working with the device – it is easy to use, it is light and well in the hand. It works from the socket, but the cord is quite long, which is convenient. Even in strong intensity mode, the flash does not cause serious pain, the first couple of flashes is a bit uncomfortable, but then you get used to it and think about where else to click …

The device can be used once a week, but because of not very high intensity of the effect, the effect will be noticeable not earlier than after 2 months of use (all, of course, individually).

In comparison with the procedure in specialized centers there are a number of advantages:

  • Main – the cost! As a matter of fact, the device costs as one procedure on the professional equipment, and it can be used constantly.
  • Lack of strong pain, thanks to which you can do it yourself. On professional equipment, this is all much more painful.
  • Ability to handle almost any surface (except contraindications indicated in the instructions – mucous, eye area, etc.)

But there is one nuance. To achieve the desired effect (complete removal of hair) must pass a lot of time.

Recommendations and contraindications

Another recommendation from the customer: to treat, if possible, unheated skin. This is because the lighter the skin, the better the hairs are visible, the more accurate, and therefore the effect will be more effective.

It should be noted that the effect of photoepilation drops sharply if the hair color is too light or gray. The fact that melanin, which is in the hair under the influence of flashes of light, begins to intensively release thermal energy, due to which the hair follicle is destroyed. The lighter the hair, the less melanin it contains. And in gray hair, he is practically absent.

Also, we should pay special attention to using this method of removing unwanted hair from the dark with birth and loving to sunbathe people.

Warning! In the following situations, photoepilation procedures are not recommended at all.

  • If there are abrasions, open wounds or sore spots in the epilation area
  • If the skin has been exposed to a long tan shortly before the procedure,
  • If there is a tattoo on the intended site for hair removal;

Before taking any medications, consult a doctor before use;

Pregnancy is not a direct contraindication to the use of the drug, but gynecologist advice is desirable.

Braun Silk-Expert IPL application

Those wishing to control the process of hair removal can use the proprietary application. Smartphones on Android OS and iOS are supported.
Braun Silk-Expert IPL application
Braun Silk-Expert IPL application
Braun Silk-Expert IPL application
Braun Silk-Expert IPL application
Braun Silk-Expert IPL application
Braun Silk-Expert IPL application
Application Braun Silk-Expert IPL
In the application, you can create your own profile. Set the days of use. The data is synchronized with the calendar in your smartphone. Very convenient, the information is always at hand.


The main thing that you need to have when using the photoepilator is patience! And it should be very much.After all, a significant effect occurs after 6 months of use. And throughout all 6 months it is very important not to slow down the use rate, otherwise you will get a bunch of wasted time in vain! In retail, the photoepilator is offered on average 20 to 25 thousand rubles. Is this a lot or a little? If to compare with professional procedures, the price of 25 thousand does not seem so big anymore. When you go to the corresponding salons, you will spend much more money. Having such a device at home can significantly save money and time that you would spend on trips to beauty salons. After achieving the desired result, it is necessary to maintain the result obtained by the photoepilator.

Pros and Cons


  • The guaranteed result of the procedure and the subsequent long-term effect
  • Cosmetic salon at home
  • Significant cost savings if you visited beauty parlors
  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Possibility of carrying out the procedure in a cozy, home environment
  • Relatively low cost of the device compared to the cost of similar procedures in the cabin
  • Painless and simple.


  • Unable to use if hair is too light or gray
  • To achieve the desired effect, it takes about 6 months (but this is a feature of all epilators, not just Braun);
  • Some pain may be present when using this device
  • Limitations in use during the summer due to high solar activity

User Reviews Braun IPL BD 5001

Braun IPL BD 5001 Silk-expert

Being guided by numerous Internet reviews, it is possible to state with certainty that Braun IPL BD 5001 photoepilator takes the leading position in the rating of price-quality ratio.



Easy to use, convenience. Quality goods.


I would like some kind of compact case in the kit.

Impressive modern achievements, now at home this procedure is available. I use recently, I will write the results.



Simplicity and ease of use, the very procedure of epilation is fast. Light and compact device, no need to buy extra creams / gels, safe, understandable instructions. The kit has everything you need


Operates only from mains.
For a long time I dreamed of getting rid of hair in the bikini zone, I was almost ready for electrolysis at the clinic, but at the last moment I was afraid of pain, scars, etc. Began to look for a safe, and most importantly painless method and a friend advised a home photoepilator, chose this model from Braun, since she has a skin sensor. But everything turned out fine, I used it 4 times according to the instructions and already there are the first barely noticeable results. In the process of processing a little hot, of course, but there is a soft mode and these feelings last for only a second, but then neither burns, nor reddening nor any unpleasant sensations. The only thing, during the day after the procedure, you can not wear kapron tights and use a deodorant, which spoils life. So in advance choose for procedure such day that to you it was comfortable during the following days.


I use the photo-emitter Braun Silk-expert IPL for the third month. Simply in delight! Before him tried everything that only happens. In no comparison. A month later I felt like a Turkish concubine after the hamam, my skin seemed so smooth to me. For me, it does not hurt at all, but it’s even nice, especially if you imagine the result!


By the acquisition of the photo-epileptor, I was prompted by the banal lack of time to visit the salon. After a comparative Internet analysis, I bought Braun Silk-expert IPL. Comfortable design, easy-to-understand instructions. The epilator automatically adjusts to the skin tone and chooses how much light to release. Painful sensations are scanty. I use the month, I see the result. Very satisfied!

Video review Braun IPL BD 5001

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