Overview of Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius, owner reviews and comparison with Waterpik WP-100

The heroes of today’s review, or, if you like – the confrontation, are two siblings born in the noble family Waterpik. The oldest family of the Waterpeaks has more than half a century of history, the founders of which were the “fathers” of modern dental hygiene – the inventors of irrigators Moyer and Mattingly. Both brothers – models WP-100 and WP-660, strong and reliable, have strong muscles and courteous character. Of course, they are similar to each other, but they have a number of significant differences, on which we will dwell in more detail.

Features of the WP-660 Aquarius

  • Principle of operation – impulse
  • Power from the network
  • Tank capacity – 650 ml
  • The pressure of the jet is up to 620 kPa
  • Adjusting the pressure of the jet – stepped
  • Spray, Jet Modes
  • Number of modes / adjustments – 10
  • Spray time – 90 min
  • Water ripple frequency – 1200 pulses / min
  • Timer – yes
  • Nozzle nozzles, periodontal (for gums), orthodontic (for brackets), brushhead, nozzle for cleaning implants and crowns, total number of irrigator tips: 7
  • Dimensions (W) – 1000 g
  • Additional information – hose length 1 meter

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius and Waterpik WP-100, comparison and feedback from owners

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Рprice. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius in the US is about $ 60. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 70. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

WP-100 or classic is always in fashion

Waterpik WP-100, comparison and owner feedback
Waterpik WP-100 is the older brother. During his vivid and rich life, he won a deserved popularity in many countries of the world. Its reliability and technical equipment became the standard behind which many manufacturers of irrigators of the oral cavity try to keep up. But not all have it yet. To date, Sotka is the most popular stationary irrigator model in the world.

This popularity is explained not only by the technical capabilities of the model, but also by its reliability. This irrigator is a rare guest in the service centers. As a rule, he has been serving his master with faith and truth for many years. In addition, the model is very attractive value.

The device is equipped with a smooth adjustment of the level of pressure of the jet, a capacious reservoir for liquid, a powerful engine capable of creating a liquid pressure of up to 650 kPa. In the standard configuration of the irrigator, there are seven replaceable nozzles required for various specialized procedures. In the case there is a compartment for storage of nozzles.

WP-660 or heir of perfection

Waterpik WP-660 is younger than its brother. He became an example of the law of evolution of Darwin. Subsequent generations inherit the useful signs of their ancestors and acquire new, more advanced ones. However, this fully applies to technical progress, the result of which was visually embodied in the new model. The creators of the device set themselves the task of making the new model better than the legendary WP-100. Did it work for them? Let’s try to understand.

Waterpik WP-660, comparison and owner feedback

First, let’s pay attention to what the new model inherited from its famous relative. All the same, which has already become a classic appearance of the device, the same constructive reliability and quality of the materials used. Still, pleases the bundle – seven replaceable baits. A smooth adjustment (10 levels) of the fluid pressure has been preserved. In the case of the device there is a compartment for storage of nozzles. Grieved one thing – just like the WP-100, the new model does not provide the ability to mount to the wall.

Differences between WP-100 and WP-660 models

Now, about how they differ. Firstly, the new model is equipped with a more powerful engine capable of developing a maximum liquid pressure of 690 kPa, versus 650 kPa for the WP-100. The second, perhaps most important difference is the ability to work in two modes. The Floss mode is intended for cleaning the oral cavity from plaque by a constant flow of liquid. Switching to Massage mode allows for effective gum massage, activating the blood supply of tissues. The mode switch button is located on the main body of the device.

Instrument control has also undergone some changes: if there is a “Pause” button on the handle of the “Sotka” irrigator, which allows only to suspend operation, the 660 has an ON-OFF switch that turns the system’s engine on or off. Many experts believe that the new model has a more convenient compartment for storing baits.

There is another important difference between the models – the price. As of April 2017, the cost of WP-100 is 6 500, and WP-660 – 7 900 rubles. Of course, each buyer will be able to correctly calculate the ratio of price and quality. We, for our part, note that any calculation will be correct – both models are good and worth their money.

And in conclusion one can not help saying that both models have twins. Either following fashion trends, or the principles of tolerance, the American manufacturer has created both these models also in black. Black twins have got their own names – WP-112 Black (analog WP-100) and WP-672 Black (WP-660). Black-plastic models at no cost, no technical characteristics completely different from white.

Key features of the Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius:

  • There are 7 baits that meet all the requirements of your teeth and gums.
  • A convenient on / off button on the handle.
  • Irrigator works in 2 modes: constant and pulsating.
  • A convenient indicator is an LED timer that counts the time of the procedure.
  • 650 ml fluid reservoir
  • Nozzle rotating 360 degrees.
  • 10 fluid pressure levels.
  • A minute timer, divided into a range of 30 seconds.

Main advantages of Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius:

  • The irrigator effectively removes plaque, leaving the teeth clean and shiny.
  • The action of the irrigator is safe for your gums, the jets do not hurt them, as the dental floss can do.
  • The irrigator is great for processing implants, crowns, braces and other orthodontic structures: being safe for them, it helps the jets to penetrate even the most remote and hard-to-reach toothbrushes.
  • By adjusting the pressure, you can perform an excellent gum massage, strengthening immunity and improving the flow of blood to the tissues.
  • Minute timer, every 30 seconds will signal a change in the cleaning zone
  • After brushing your teeth and treating the oral cavity with an irrigator, you will get a feeling of freshness and cleanliness in your mouth for a whole day, because food remnants and pathogenic bacteria washed off with water jets will not multiply on your teeth and gums.

Advantages of Waterpik WP-660:

  • a timer of 30 seconds per dentition
  • 2 water jet modes: pulsating for interdental cleaning and continuous for gum massage
  • capacity of the liquid reservoir (650 ml)
  • maximum pressure and ripple frequency of the water jet (690 mPa and 1400 pulses per minute)
  • easy

Disadvantages of Waterpik WP-660:

  • There is no wall mount
  • short cord

Opinion of Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius

What can you expect from such a monofunctional device as an electronic conditioner? Of course, flexible and understandable settings! The most important functional is 10 settings of the water flow pressure – from the level for the child to the position for washing dentures. The capacity is sufficient – for example, the same portable irrigators operate only at 2-3 levels out of 10. In addition to adjusting the pressure, the manufacturer put in the device 2 modes of operation – “massage” and “dental floss.” The first replaces the dental floss, washing away the remains of food and cleaning hard-to-reach places. The second is aimed at hydromassage of gums, which helps to prevent bleeding and all kinds of inflammation, and also improves microcirculation of periodontal. Plus, there are 7 silicone attachments for different cleaning areas: tooth enamel, tongue surface, etc.

The largest part of the structure is a vessel with water. Suffices its volume exactly for 90 seconds of procedures. If you take for the whole family, then do not (neglect it) get hygienic replaceable nozzles for the irrigator. Usually they are sold separately.

Owners feedback about Waterpik WP-660


I have the Waterpik WP-660 irrigation model. It includes a tank for water, 650 ml and 7 nozzles. 3 standard nozzles, for the whole family, so to speak, the nozzle for brackets, nozzle in the form of an electric toothbrush, periodontal, and a nozzle for removing plaque. Irrigator has 10 modes of operation. And two functions: 1. Dental cleaning mode and 2. Gum massage and teeth cleaning. I’m from 1 mode reached 5 and it stopped, the jet beats, be healthy! My irrigator is stationary and operates from the outlet, but there are compact models that run on battery power. Now I can not imagine how I lived without him before! Every trip from home makes him remember and love with renewed vigor.


The first irrigator, there is nothing to compare. The main thing that I expected was a sufficient jet for cleaning (as about many others and more expensive ones wrote that the jet was ironing), the irrigator expected the expectation to be completely fulfilled.
After using a pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth!


Comfortable. Excellent pressure jet, knocks out everything that is stuck in the teeth, even the fact that it is difficult to reach the thread. Pleasant massage.


I have not found it yet.


In general, it is not inferior to its fellow model Waterpick 100. In terms of technical characteristics, everything is the same, only different design and price is higher. Let’s see how the rubber pen and plastic will behave further.


Cleans the remains of food, the function of gum massage. The pressure of the water jet can be adjusted, with the daily use of the gum, it quickly repairs and helps maintain excellent oral hygiene.


Less than a year, apparently due to moisture, although after every use I remove the remnants of water, the rubber handle began to form a fungus. It seems to me that this is the trouble of all the products of this plan (for example, the same thing with an electric Phillips brush at the base where the rubber is). On plastic, I did not notice. There is no case for attachments.



Excellent model, stylish look, comfortable tank cover


Due to the new cover design, which has become more comfortable, now only 2 nozzles can be stored at the same time in the irrigator. Not very convenient button detachment nozzle

Bought to replace the previous model WP-100, a strong difference, well, except for the appearance for me there. They bought it because the old one got completely dirty and began to leak a little. The new model also has a massage mode, an impulse jet for gum massage. Oh, well, there’s a timer.

Video test Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius

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