Pioneer PLX-1000 – test and review

Pioneer PLX-1000 test and review

Hi-Fi audio for DJ-savvy

Appearance, Pioneer DJ Player is an excellent choice as a home player.

  • Pro: Solid bass dynamics, warm and full sound, and building quality in a class by itself.
  • Contra: But, a slick arm suspension pulls down.

The perhaps most famous record player of all of them, Technics SL-1210, is the longest in history. But a number of imitations are produced. For the DJ market are not exclusively DJ apps on an iPad, or digital DJ consoles.

There is still a market for twelve drummers out there and it requires a record player that is suitable. Long shelf life, the ability to scratch, pitch control and quick change of pickup is more important than sound quality.

Therefore, you do not put on an expensive MC pickup on a player to be scratched with.

It holds an Orthopon Concorde with a cheap pin.

Of course, it does not matter to enthusiasts with a growing record collection.

They smile overwhelmingly over the DJ players, and know that a slim grinding, belt drive, a sharp-cut arm suspension and scientific damping are not compatible with a DJ player.

But Reloop and Audio-Technica have shown that it’s actually possible to create live players on the Technics SL-1210, and at the same time succeed with good sound.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is a direct-powered record player made by Pioneer DJ department. That’s why it’s confusing like SL-1210 – and like it, embraced by DJs with suitcases full of twelve.

The player is not meant for the home market, but it contains so many improvements compared to the Technics player that it has the potential for better sound.

Pioneer PLX-1000 review

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is a DJ player, just more successful than expected.

Better cushioning

For example, it’s the s-shaped arm with detachable pickup housing (headshell), dampened with rubber inside. The arm has made available height adjustment, anti-skid and counterbalance, so changing of pickup is never a problem.

The 33 cm aluminum plate is better dimmed, the same is the chassis (8 mm inner chassis in zinc, 9 mm damping material and rubber suspension suspension), and the three-phase engine has twice as powerful torque (4.5kg / cm) and less than half long startup. 0.3 vs. 0.7 seconds.

The player also has removable cables, which make it easier to disconnect and unpack. It comes with a rubber mat, but also a scratche mat (slip food), and dust cap with solid hinges.

Observant readers will notice the hole behind, between the plate and the arm base. It’s a holder for an extra pickup house, so it’s quick and easy to change the pickup.

The pitch speed can be changed in three levels, ± 8, ± 16 and ± 50 percent with pitch control, and reset with a button.

So far, it sounds like a handsome DJ player.

Pioneer PLX-1000 review

The typical DJ rig, with two DJ players and a mixer table.

Bass with authority

Therefore, it’s easy to understand if anyone is skeptical about the Pioneer player. It starts with strong competitors like Rega Planar 3, Reloop Hi-Fi Turn5 and Pro-Ject 1Xpression Carbon Classic.

A field where a DJ pickup will struggle to claim. So I picked out other pickups. The budget-friendly Orthophone 2M Blue, and Audio-Technica AT-ART9, an outstanding MC pickup in higher price range.

At Radka Toneff’s legendary fairy tales, the sound was hot and full of the Orthophone pickup, and reminded a lot about the sound of the Pro-Ject player. Only with more marked bass, which gave the piano more depth. With ART9, the soundtrack opened more and more details revealed itself. The music simply sounded airy and better focused.

A Planar 3 with Elys2 is slightly better balanced and has better dynamic contrast in the bass. Perhaps due to the fact that the Rega player has the best tonal arm of the class. At least it’s not as bad as the Pioneer player.

Which may be why Mozart’s Requiem did not sound as focused and precise, even with ART9.

It is possible to tighten the suspension on the Pioneer arm, which I absolutely recommend you do. It will bring out more details and give better focus. But it does not undermine the fact that the player sounds dynamic and engaging.

Dire Straits Love Over Gold for example, reproduced with authority and a phenomenal bass rendering that only the Reloop player is near. Not bad for a DJ player, maybe, but just bass should be the strength of players like this one.


You do not expect a DJ player to play music with the same resolution, focus and balance as a hi-fi player. The Pioneer PLX-1000 manages it with a goodbye. It is able to compete with established players in the same price range, and with a little tighter tolerance in arm suspension, the potential is great for real dreaming here. The Pioneer player is an outstanding record player for those who want bags and bags.

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