Rating of the best of 2017 photoepilators according to user reviews

Photoepilation is a fairly new phenomenon for many women. And the devices for doing this procedure at home – and at least some exotic. In order not to throw out a considerable sum for a not very high-quality device, we recommend that you carefully study the rating of the best photo-emulators of 2017, which is based on the opinion and feedback of customers. Also, we’ll talk about what exactly you need to pay attention to when buying to purchase the best photoepilator for home procedures.

The disadvantages of laser hair removal are the inability to use on dark skin types and light / red hair.

How to choose the photoepilator?

Despite the fact that photoepilators appeared on sale relatively recently, the choice on the shelves of stores is quite large. How can you not make a mistake and buy a really effective and high-quality device. What to look at?

Criteria for the best photoepilators

  • Maximum number of flashes (resource). The more this figure is, the better. After all, it directly affects the service life of the device. With a small number of flashes, one of the conditions is the possibility of replacing the lamp. Otherwise, over time, the best device will simply become a useless piece of plastic.
  • The area of ​​the enclosed surface. This indicator should also be as large as possible. Otherwise, you will have to “go through” the same place several times, without mediocre spending those flashes. Which indicator is optimal? The bigger, the better. But certainly not less than 3-4 cm2.
  • Food. Good models can work for a long time without additional charging. Also, you can buy a device that works from the network. But using it is not always convenient.
  • The power of the pulse. Which indicators are best to choose here? According to experts, 5 J / cm2 is considered quite safe. We’ll stop on them.
  • Security. The best photoepilators necessarily have several stages of protection: from children, from accidental depression, blocking the possibility to direct a ray into the eye.

In addition, it is worth additionally taking into account and several more criteria:

  • User reviews
  • the material from which the model is made;
  • usability and ease of use
  • ergonomics (as the device “lies” in the hand)
  • Design;
  • the ability to use for different types of hair and skin tones
  • no irritation, discomfort, allergic reactions
  • the ability to apply in the right zone
  • the duration of the result;
  • build quality;
  • cost.

Which photo-epilator to buy: rating of the best of 2017

rating of the best photo-emulators 2017

Making our rating of the best models of 2017, we tried to take into account all these factors, but most of all we followed the feedback of consumers. Having carefully studied our TOP-10, you are sure to find for yourself the best photoepilator that will suit you.

Home photoepilator Philips Lumea SC 2009/2007

Home photoepilator Philips Lumea SC 2009
In the first place of our top of the best photoepilators are just two home photoepilator from Philips. Models of photoepilators from Philips Lumea SC 2007 and Lumea SC 2009 are very similar and differ only in that the model SC2009 is a novelty in 2016 and has a nozzle for the bikini zone. Photoepilators have very good customer reviews, excellent design, high functionality: they can be used on all parts of the body, except for the face above the cheekbone line and the zone of deep bikini. The Lumea Prestige photoepilator has a convenient sliding mode that allows you to quickly process the entire body. A resource of 250,000 outbreaks will suffice for years of use.

Will not help if used on dark skin and owners of light and gray hair.

Philips Lumea SC 2009 Video

Silk’n Glide infinity 400K

Super-advanced model from a well-known Israeli company. Silk’n Infinity differs in that it uses two types of energy. The combination of the optical and galvanic system gives an extremely fast sliding effect.

The device is suitable for almost all shades of the skin. The only exception is the darkest tan. The lamp has simply endless resource in 400 thousand flashes. Also, there is the possibility to synchronize the photoepilator with your smartphone and the latter will regularly remind you of the need to conduct the following procedure.

rating of the best photo-emulators 2017

An innovative home photoepilator from the famous Israeli company Silk’n has won many fans in 2016 and, we are sure, will win even more in 2017.
Silk'n Glide infinity 400K

Silk’n Infinity uses advanced technology eHPL, which is based on a combination of two types of energy: galvanic and optical, has a super fast sliding mode.

The device is suitable for all types of hair and almost all types of skin (except for the darkest), has a huge resource of 400,000 flashes, the ability to connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone – it is very convenient for accounting procedures and drawing up their schedule.

Infinity 400K is the only photoepilator, in the instructions to which the manufacturer provides the possibility of using in the zone of a deep bikini!

The cost of such a miracle of technology is about $ 430. But believe me, it’s worth it.

Silk’n Glide infinity 400K Video review

Braun IPL BD 5009

Braun IPL Silk-expert
One of the high-tech developments from all the famous company Braun. The photoepilator is equipped with a special sensor SensoAdapt, which accurately determines the color of the skin (the intensity of melanin in the dermis). This allows the unit to automatically adjust the flash intensity so that it does not send an excessively impulsive signal. Such a system will protect the skin from damage.

Outbreaks are only generated when the epilator contacts the skin. The model has special modes for first use and delicate areas of the body. The device works from the network, so you can safely process all the zones at a time. The manufacturer claims that if properly handled, the device can serve up to 25 years. Today it is one of the best home photoepilators. Prices in different shops vary, the average cost of the model is about $ 400.

The Braun IPL BD 5009 photoepilator will help to remove unwanted hair for a long time at home. The effectiveness of Braun Silk-Expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology based on professional pulsed light technology has been proven in clinical trials in the field of permanent removal of visible hair. The safest IPL technology: the unique SensoAdapt ™ skin tone sensor always provides the necessary light intensity for the most safe and effective hair removal. The effectiveness of Braun Silk-Expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology based on professional pulsed light technology has been proven in clinical trials in the field of permanent removal of visible hair.

The safest IPL technology: the unique SensoAdapt ™ skin tone sensor always provides the necessary light intensity for the most safe and effective hair removal and allows for efficient hand or foot treatment in as little as 8 minutes.

94% of women noted a noticeable result after 3 months, and 89% of women noted a marked decrease in the amount of hair even 12 months after the last procedure.
Braun IPL BD 5009


  • The fastest IPL technology that allows you to effectively process hands or feet in just 8 minutes.
  • Success in many trials.
  • The lamp life – 120 000 flashes – provides up to 6 years of total body work or 14 years of operation when used only on the legs, in the bikini zone, on the face and in the armpits
  • No hidden costs for gels, replaceable cartridges or goggles. The device has undergone clinical trials and is safe for use without glasses.
  • The Gillette Venus shaver is included for a smooth and clean shave
  • In the accelerated or “sliding” mode, large areas (for example, legs) are processed quickly and efficiently. A built-in sensor that provides the best contact with the skin, guarantees the accuracy of processing small areas, for example a patch above the upper lip.
  • For starters, you can choose a delicate mode with a reduced intensity of light pulses. In addition, this mode is ideal for processing sensitive areas such as the bikini line or armpits.
  • Silk-expert IPL devices do not need batteries or recharging. They can be continuously used at full capacity. Do not change any light bulbs or light filters: just connect the appliance to electricity and proceed to the procedure.
  • Compared with laser or wax epilation, Braun Silk-expert IPL technology is an inexpensive way to remove hair at home.
  • Powerful.
  • Painless.


  • No storage case.
  • Not for all hair types.
  • Requires time for epilation, just longer than usual epilator.

Braun IPL BD 5001

Our rating is opened by one of the leading models of the popular German company, which has gained immense popularity among quite a large number of girls. The light module of this model has a tremendous resource of 300 thousand flares. This is quite enough for many years of work. Women note the advantages of this model:


  • an accurate, detailed and understandable instruction for use, under which the procedure will pass quickly and well;
  • one session takes quite a bit of time;
  • There are no unpleasant feelings at the time of the procedure
  • the device is very natural and comfortable “lays down” in the hand
  • an excellent build;
  • A huge lamp resource.

Unfortunately, like with any device, there are also drawbacks here. For example, these are:


  • the storage case is not included;
  • The battery is also missing, only works on the network.
  • Well, of course, not too happy with the cost. Pay for the Braun IPL BD 5001 is offered from $ 310.

Again, the device for photographic removal of unwanted hair from the German firm “Brown”. His merits are weighty, the main ones are:

Considerable power – 10 J / cm2;

Sufficiently large pulsed lamp life – 50 thousand flashes;

Presence in a set of a special gel, cooling the skin and facilitating work with follicles;

There is a built-in skin tone sensor;

The cost of $ 200, which can not but rejoice.

Virtually the only drawback of this model, the girls call a very cumbersome design of the skin sensor. To be precise, it is generally a separate device that should be brought to the leg or arm site, and then put the photoepilator on it so that he can read the information. But it’s a matter of taste, you gradually get used to it.

Tanda Me – My Elos Touch +300 000 Pulses

And here’s another wonderful photoepilator for the house. Developed by his company Synergon known for the fact that it uses the latest technology “E.L.S.S.” in its devices. Its essence lies in the fact that along with light pulses, radio-frequency interference is also applied here. This is the only technology that allows you to work with all types of hair, including red and very light. Other models are simply not capable of this.

The cost of the most “long-playing” device of this company is impressive – as much as 550 $. But models with a smaller life of lamp pulses are much cheaper.


  • the use of ELOS technology
  • pulse 4 J / cm2;
  • additional radio frequency processing of 6.78 megahertz;
  • can be used on absolutely any parts of the body
  • Suitable for almost all types and colors of skin and hair
  • compact, convenient;
  • is absolutely safe.

Well, as without minuses:

  • for qualitative processing each zone needs to “pass through” 3 times
  • During prolonged operation, it can become warm and spontaneously turn off until it cools down;
  • Blonde hair needs to be treated with a special wax.

Remington I-LIGHT PRO ipl-6000

The average cost of this model is $ 300, which, in general, is also quite a lot. Nevertheless, many young ladies evaluate this model as the best photoepilator of 2017. And not in vain. The first, but not the only advantage, is that the device has replaceable lamps. And in the complete set at once there are 3 pieces on 1 500 flashes each. The rest can be bought as needed. The device is very energy efficient and has built-in protection against ultraviolet radiation.


  • simple and convenient
  • does not leave unpleasant feelings;
  • leaves no traces on the skin;
  • 5 modes of operation (power)
  • small dimensions.


  • the coverage area is only 2 cm2, which is clearly not enough.

In general, it can be noted that this is one of the best models for working with a zone of armpits or bikini. But with your legs you have to tinker a bit.

iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Overview of home photoepilators continues the model iluminage Touch. It is distinguished by a high-energy lamp (up to 300,000 light flashes, which provides several years of operation!). Speed ​​of work – 1 flash per second.

The epilator uses the Electro-Optical Synergy system, a technology that optimally combines electrical energy and radio-frequency radiation. This allows you to use the device for both dark and light hair on the body.

The device is equipped with a convenient slip mode. The maximum power in the program mode Max Optica -: 4 J / cm² +. The area of ​​the quartz lamp window is 3 cm2. The kit also includes safety glasses, a replaceable cartridge, a nozzle-applicator for more accurate processing of the face areas.
iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

At the end of our rating, we again want to warn you against the purchase of substandard Chinese counterfeits, because in addition to the lack of a positive result, you can also damage your health!

All photoepilators and home laser epilators presented in our store are absolutely safe (when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions!), Which is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Most epilators are approved for use by large research medical laboratories or national government agencies, for example, the US FDA.

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