Rega Planar 1 Plus – test and review, the best choise in the price range

Rega Planar 1 Plus test

The most successful budget choice

The rega player shows that sometimes the easiest is the best.

  • Pro: Rhythmic control, engaging dynamics and beautiful balance in the sound.
  • Contra: Slightly relaxed treble.

The cheapest recorders from Rega have always claimed themselves in the top. They are among the easiest and most user-friendly ones to find, and a Planar 1 is a sure choice in the budget class.

Now the entry-level model, with built-in RIAA, or plotter amplifier, is available for use with amplifiers that do not have such an input. Planar 1 Plus is called it, and it is otherwise similar to a regular Planar 1.

It means a lightweight and rigid player that is pre-assembled and easy to unpack and plug in. No felling with ground or anti-skating. Real plug’n play. It comes with a simple Rega-labeled pickup from Audio-Technica, and a built-in version of the Rega Fono Mini.

Which is a $120 RIAA step with line and USB output. Here’s the USB part removed, leaving the line out again.

Rega Planar 1 Plus Sound

Even the most affordable Rega players are distinguished by a vibrant sound, always with good rhythmic control and good dynamic contrast. Plus edition has all of this and sounds both detailed and controlled. Much of the credit for the good sound is due to the stable 24V engine, the quality of the rotating bearing, and the hand-built Rega arm.

The sound is hot and the bass is full. The middle is well focused, with approved detail, but the treble is a bit relaxed to our liking. The rhythmic precision is impeccable and the dynamic contrast is excellent. Classic music, rock or pop, treated with the same respect, makes Planar 1 Plus the perfect all-round player.


Rega Planar 1 Plus is one of the best purchases in the price range. It is sounding of all music, very easy to use and withstands upgrades for better pickup well. This is how it’s a beginner player who can grow with both the music and hifi interests.


  • Type: Brake-driven manual record player
  • Tonearm: RB110 aluminium
  • Pickup: Rega Carbon MM-pickup
  • Plate: 28mm thick polyoxymethylene
  • Outputs: Analogue RCA
  • RIAA / USB: Yes / No
  • Other: Dust lid
  • Color: Black, or white piano paint
  • Dimensions / Weight: 44.7 x 11.7 x 36 cm / 4.35 kg
  • Web:

Price: $490 –

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