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Overview Oral-B Professional Care 500

Oral-B Professional care 500 packaging

Packing Oral-B Professional Care 500

The brush is supplied in a box that is completely customary for a modern product. On the side of the package all the main functions of the Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush are depicted. On the front part there are brushes and 4 kinds of nozzles.

ORAL-B Professional Care 500 Рprice. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price of the ORAL-B Professional Care 500 in the US is about $ 26. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of ORAL-B Professional Care 500 when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 30. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.

Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush

Open the package. In the foam box is made a notch in order to conveniently unpack the product. Some manufacturers do not think about this and have to foam polystyrene body just shake out.
Complete Oral-B Professional Care 500
Inside the box all the items of the package are neatly arranged. Interestingly, next to the toothbrush, there is another unit for an additional copy. Perhaps in more advanced models, the kit includes two brushes.

The set of goods includes:

  • Toothbrush
  • Charger
  • 5 interchangeable nozzles
  • Brush instruction in Russian (very useful document)
  • Warranty card (2-year warranty from the manufacturer + 1 from the store)
  • Mini disc with a presentation from Braun

About the characteristics of much I will not say: 7600 directed movements and 20,000 thousand pulsations per minute is enough to perfectly clean the teeth. The battery, according to the manufacturer’s statement, is designed for 30 minutes of full use of the brush.

Where better to buy

The first question – where to buy? Given that in a supermarket / pharmacy / store you still do not allow anyone to experience the product on their own, no difference. I chose the usual option for myself – online stores. They are many, the choice is great. It only remains to choose the right prices and delivery.
Complete Oral-B Professional Care 500

This model runs on battery power

Experience using an Oral-B Professional Care 500 electric toothbrush

The device for charging the battery of a toothbrush looks like a stand with a small pin, resembling a stand of a teapot. The toothbrush is freely mounted on it, you can even say that it hangs on the stand. The attachment is not rigid. Charging is in itself induction, which means that the battery charging time is increased several times.

After the Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush is mounted on the charging platform, the green indicator, which has three levels, lights up. As soon as the indicator goes out – you can use a brush, the battery is fully charged. Like any other battery, it needs to be “pumped” at least once a month – to charge and discharge completely.

Some information about the brush head

Complete Oral-B Professional Care 500
Each Oral-B Professional Care 5000 brush head is individually packaged. Before buying were thoughts, but how to use attachments with the whole family? How to distinguish between where and whose nozzle. Now everything became clear. Each has a colored plastic ring, which is securely attached to the end and does not fall out when used.

In working condition, the brush looks like the photo. You can at least now brush your teeth. Now Oral-B Pro Care 500 supplies only one white-turquoise color version. The handle is rubberized and does not slip. In the hand lies comfortably.
In a set with a toothbrush are delivered several kinds of nozzles:

  • Braun Oral-B 3D White – whitening nozzle for removing stains from coffee and cigarettes from teeth (1 pc.)
  • Braun Oral-B Precision – brush for thorough cleaning of teeth (2 pcs.)
  • Braun Oral-B Sensitive – nozzle with soft bristles for sensitive teeth (1 pc.)
  • Braun Oral-B Otrho Care Essentials – brush for cleaning around orthodontic construction, braces, as well as interdental spaces (1 pc.)

Nozzles Oral-B Professional Care 500
Nozzles are sold at an affordable price, so I decided to stock up and bought extra for the whole family. By the way for kids you can buy attachments in the style of cartoon characters, for example, from the cartoon “Cars”.

Toothbrush Oral B Professional Care 500 – first impressions

The first brushing of teeth resulted in the fact that I, not yet accustomed to the sound of the timer, did not understand what had happened. The brush counted 120 seconds and began to remind me that it’s time to stop, for I was too carried away by the process. What to do – test drive, he is.
first impressions Oral-B Professional Care 500

If you believe advertising and so on, Oral-B Professional Care 500 D16.513U is made in Germany. It is possible, given the excellent quality. Very different from what I had in my hands before. No burrs on the plastic, a nasty smell of cheap plastic or rubber, all bristles along the length are ideal.

Do you know who writes negative reviews about such brushes? Those who think that for three days yellow teeth from coffee can be miraculously bleached. It is possible – at the stomatologist for the big money or using special nozzles for a toothbrush Oral B Professional Care 500.
Nozzles Oral-B Professional Care 500

Nozzles for this model really clean teeth. And, if 99% of advertisements promise that the brush will reach hard-to-reach places, here it really works. Rotations of the bristles allow you to shake off the particles of plaque, even where you did not previously reach. Less likelihood of such trouble as cervical caries. It is terribly unpleasant when the last teeth in the row have a hole where you can not see and feel it. And all because it is impossible to clean it normally. It was until I bought a normal brush.

Another plus (for me personally) is the battery, not the batteries. Originally chose between this (500th) model and the 5000th. The price of the last one stopped me. Yes, the 5000 has a set of seven baits. But it costs so much that all these bells and whistles like a display with pictograms I was not forced to spend. In the end, I chose the optimal for the price and quality model Oral-B Professional Care 500 D16.513U.
battery Oral-B Professional Care 500

Having a battery is also an undoubted advantage

During the use of censures, I have no. I bought individual attachments for my wife, use it together. Very convenient and economical. Oral B has a handy thing – ringlets on the nozzles, so that each one can mark and never be confused. I liked this approach. I remember the beginning of family life and the cries of “Who took my brush?”. Now there is no such thing.

Feedback from owners of using an electric toothbrush

For a person who first used an electric toothbrush, this may sound very unusual and new, but at the same time very nice. During cleaning, you feel a tooth and where you clean, that is, there is a clear contact with a specific tooth. You can say that you feel directly how the brush cleans the surface. Perhaps this effect is only for mechanical toothbrushes, but it’s quite convenient, I liked it.

Pastas need not be placed much, because thanks to the rapid movements of the bristles, it perfectly fits. The head of the brush moves around the circle to the left, to the right and additionally pulsates, thus it turns out that cleaning of the teeth occurs on all sides.

Every 30 seconds the brush gives a signal in the form of a short interruption of vibration, that it is time to move on to the next group of teeth. According to the instructions, all the teeth are divided into 4 groups and each is given for 30 seconds of cleansing, that is 2 minutes for the whole process. After 2 minutes, the brush informs you with another intermittent signal that the cleaning time has come to an end, but no one forbids you to continue cleaning further. It is very convenient when in the morning you have not fully woken up, but here everyone has already thought of how much to clean and when to move to another group of teeth.

I’m very sorry, but you know what? The fact that many years ago did not acquire an electric toothbrush. I have never had such pleasure in cleaning, and my teeth have been treated as carefully as in a dentist’s office. In addition, the brush perfectly massages the gums, as if going to the reception in the massage room.

To further protect the enamel from damage, the device has a pressure sensor, if the bristles are pressed too hard against the teeth, then the pulsations will stop and only rotational movements will remain. Thus the enamel of your teeth will remain intact.

After cleaning, I wanted to throw out all the usual brushes and never again about them to remember.

Pros and Cons of the Braun Oral-B Professional Care 500

Very rarely there is an ideal product, of course they are, but they are usually … In my opinion, the electric toothbrush Oral-B Professional Care 500 is an excellent balanced product at an affordable price. And now let’s sum up the results and weigh the pros and cons.


Again, the subjective disadvantages for me were that:

  • Quite a strong vibration, the child will keep it a bit unusual
  • Noise. If you get up early for work, you can wake up the rest of the household. Of course this is not a hair dryer, but the sound is palpable.
  • There is no stand for attachments in the kit, you’ll have to come up with something.
  • Long battery charging
  • Only one attachment was included in the kit. Therefore, after the put three months I bought additional ones.
  • By default, with the “native” nozzle is not suitable for children, sensitive enamel.

All the disadvantages concern anything but not the direct purpose of the brush, because with her duties she copes 5+.

When buying attachments there are no minuses. The price is quite adequate, even in stores, not to mention the Internet. If I came back at the moment when I chose my brush, I would not change the decision. Quite satisfied with their money. The battery holds 5-6 days provided that you do not try to brush your teeth for 10 minutes each time.
Oral-B Professional Care 500

There is only one nozzle in the kit


  • Excellent workmanship (Made in Germany)
  • Decent design and color
  • Convenient design
  • Ideally cleans teeth, massages gums
  • Many different attachments for different purposes
  • There are no dozens of different modes, the purpose is only one: brush your teeth
  • Good instruction in Russian: everything is clear and short
  • Saves paste (for the year will pay off only on paste)

From myself I can add only one thing: get rid of the usual brushes and start using electrical. Let technical progress serve your health. And what kind of toothbrushes do you use? Write in the comments, we will discuss with pleasure.

During my use, I never regretted my choice. Even the process itself is now not so boring.

Toothbrush Oral B Professional Care 500 – Precautions

For those who are afraid of damaging the enamel. If you are so afraid for the health of your teeth, buy a nozzle with softer bristles. It is inexpensive, but it provides, as they say in advertising, “safety and comfort.” In general – the very thing. However, my original nozzle “medium” is quite comfortable. The main thing is not to press on your teeth too much. With such a number of movements per minute, the bristles perfectly cope with the task.

Table. Comparison of the characteristics of popular battery brushes.

Video review Oral-B Professional Care 500

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