Review of electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews

Electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7 – advantages, disadvantages, characteristics

Overview of electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews.

I do not know if it’s good or bad, but I’m a man. So every day I have to shave. Everyone – because even a small bristle makes me unkempt. For 13 years I used shaving machines. Better than foam for shaving and sharp iron on the skin and nothing can not be – I thought. But recently I got a hand-held electric shaver Braun 790cc-4. It is about her today’s review.


  • Shaving system: mesh
  • The way to shave: dry
  • Number of shaving heads: 3
  • Trimmer: yes
  • Floating heads: yes
  • Floating shaving unit: yes (possibility of rigid fixation)
  • Possibility of cleaning under running water: yes
  • Power: network / battery
  • Stand-alone operation: Li-ion battery
  • Battery life: ~ 50min
  • Full Charge Time: ~ 1 hour

Braun 790cc-4 – price. Where is the best place to buy?

The recommended retail price for the Braun 790cc-4 in the US is about $ 175. At this cost, you can order it on Amazon. Plus Shipping, so the total cost of Braun 790cc-4 when ordering on Amazon will be about $ 175. I would not recommend ordering anywhere else except on Amazon. Since you are less likely to find cheaper, and if you do not take into account the fact that Amazon is probably the most reliable online store, it still very often provides free shipping.


The box itself is not remarkable – thin cardboard. Easily crumples during transport. But, you see, you are buying a product for the sake of the device, not for the sake of packaging?
Braun 790cc-4 Series 7 electric shaver pack, user reviews.

The device itself is securely protected by a foam plastic box. All elements are neatly stacked in the slots and wrapped in cellophane. Foam plastic, by the way, could be less – because of this the box has quite impressive dimensions.

Unpacking the razor, I expected to see a heap of instructions, a brush, a charge. But no. Set is minimal –

  • electric razor in the travel case
  • Cleaning glass
  • Removable cleaning fluid block
  • charger
  • Brush
  • Instruction

Braun 790cc-4 Series 7 electric shaver pack, user reviews.

The instruction is a small booklet. It describes only the basic functions and bundling in several languages. And in general – you often read the instructions for the operation of household appliances? All the rest of the information can be read on the official website of the manufacturer.

The charger is quite compact – you can take it with you on long trips. It is extremely convenient that the battery charging connector for the shaver is both on the cleaning cup and on the device itself. A longer fork can be used both in wall outlets and in deepened. A trifle, but nice. For example, the charger of one megapopular smartphone maker could not boast of this. In one of the trips I was left without communication, as contacts of my charge could not reach the contacts of the deep rosette of the hotel.
Braun 790cc-4 Series 7 electric shaver pack, user reviews.


I will not praise the device with super-lightness or any unusual design. There’s nothing unusual in the Braun device. Rather, on the contrary – the razor is quite thunderous and massive. However, this is what makes it attractive. This is not a depilator for a fragile female hand – it’s a device for a real man. Design is minimalistic and strict. The rubberized body is fairly securely in the hand, and additional incisions on the surface make it possible to very clearly fix the razor in the hand.
The appearance of the electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews.

It is especially worth noting the ribbed notch on the trimmer – the thumb is ideally placed there for better fixation. All inscriptions are engraved or interspersed. This is a very correct decision, because in time they will not be erased and the product will not lose its appearance.
The buttons are engraved, so clicking something accidentally does not work. The progress of the buttons is quite tight, they do not walk, but are securely fixed in the slits.
In general, it’s worth mentioning separately about the build quality – it’s done very qualitatively. The inscription on the box “Made in Germany” seems to speak for itself. Despite the fact that the quality of any equipment in the world falls from year to year, everything is collected in the best, I would even say in Soviet traditions. Braun products are manufactured in seven countries. In addition to Germany, this is Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Mexico. All production is automated, which excludes the human factor. Unbroken bolts or loosely fitting plastic here can not be. No bending plastic, gaps, backlash – the device is monolithic.
Despite its impressive size, the razor is quite light. But also heavy enough to control the movement. Of course, this is not a razor weighing several grams. But even after six minutes of experiments with trimming the contour of the beard and mustache, I did not feel any gravity or discomfort.

By the way, Braun is the founder of fashion in this direction. This company more than half a century ago began to dictate its conditions in the market of small household appliances. Now a strict design, lack of bright colors and a minimal set of decoration in devices is considered the norm.

Indication and control

The indication is very simple. Actually, as well as the management of the razor. Control the health and condition of the device with just two indicators. To be honest, I do not completely understand the new-fashioned devices with two dozen buttons and settings. Who is comfortable to spend a few minutes to press all these buttons and set the desired shaving program? It is much more convenient to activate the device by pressing one button – let the razor think, and not the person.

First. Indicator of work. It is built into the power button and has three statuses. Blue indicates normal mode, blue indicates accelerated and white indicates “gentle” mode. Adjust the speed can be two buttons, which are located next to the power button – “+” and “-“. Three modes to remember easily. If you accidentally press “+” in maximum mode, the device will notify you that “something went wrong” by frequent flashing of the power button.

Second. Indicator of the level of charge and cleanliness of the shaver. It is located in the base of the razor handle and is made in the form of a glass circle, divided into two parts. One half shows the remaining charge of the built-in battery. The other one shows how clean the compartment of the shaving part is. If the indication is at zero, then it’s time to install the shaver in the cleaning unit.
The appearance of the electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews.


The manufacturer claims that the time for using the shaver is 50 minutes. It could be affected by the fact that the razor is new, but the first full charge was enough for 1 hour and 20 minutes. In idle mode (the included device just lay on the table), the running time was 2 hours and 25 minutes.
The charge indicator has pleased – it works a little nonlinearly. When the last display section went out, I was able to use the device 3 more times. Further did not dare, decided to save the battery.

Quick charging function is useful for busy and forgetful people – three-minute charge is enough for two shaving sessions.

The universality of the charging slot allows you to replenish the capacity of the battery and when installing in a cleaning unit – so to speak, combine business with pleasure.


You can clean the shaver in several ways.
First. Extra. The shaving part is made of stainless steel. Its internal elements are moisture-resistant, so the working half can be safely washed in water. Honestly, the first time was scary.
Second. Manual. In the set of the device there is a special brush. With it, you can clean the shaving part, as well as the trimmer from all unnecessary elements. Remove the blades easily, just press the two buttons on the sides. And no you here flying mesh, blades and all this – the unit is unified and undefeated. Even after a stormy evening on a business trip, cleaning a razor will not be difficult.
Cleaning the electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews.
The third. Deep. In addition to charging the built-in battery, the cleaning dock serves to completely clean the shaver. A little unusual for me is the fact that the razor in the station is not installed straight, but slightly at an angle. But if you think about it, it’s all right – all the elements in this arrangement seem to flow off the surface of the working part.
Cleaning the electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews.

The cleaning liquid is supplied in the form of special cartridges. They are installed in the lower part of the docking station. The cleaning time depends on the degree of contamination of the shaver from 25 seconds to several minutes. During cleaning, the razor is lubricated with a cleaning liquid with a pleasant lemon scent. The whole procedure ends with induction drying.
Cleaning the electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7, user reviews.

Operating mode

I repeat – I did not believe that razors can shave better than machines. After all, we are used to advertising – the gel lifts the hairs, and two (three / five / seven) blades shave them straight to the root. In addition, memories from childhood have imposed their imprint – in Soviet films the area of ​​the face was shaved five to six times. The grid shaver Braun shaves much cleaner and faster than the machine. When I was shaving with a machine, I first applied the gel, then I passed the face four times – two in the forward direction and two in the opposite direction. This razor is enough for me only two movements.

It is worth noting and the quality of shaving. After the machine, even the newest and the top, a small bristle still remained. But after two movements of the razor, the skin became perfectly smooth.

Removable blocks in the kit – two. These are shaving heads and a cleaning liquid. Judging by the fact that after one and a half months of intensive use, even the slightest changes in the quality of shaving and cleaning I did not notice, it is necessary to change them quite rarely.


The Braun 790cc-4 is designed for lazy people. In a good way. Having bought such a device, you can forget about the bath, gels and sharp elements. This device is for people who value their time and always want to look perfect.

Undoubtedly, the price of the device is great. The razor is 30 times cheaper. But you only need to change it every two to three weeks. Add here the cost of shaving gel, the mandatory availability of a source of water – that’s what you benefit. In addition, there are also cheaper electronic devices on the market. That’s just these brands are going to the countries of the third world and how much they will serve – it remains only to guess. I have a food processor Braun at home – its blades have been grinding meat and cutting salads for 16 years already. Therefore, in devices that are assembled in Europe, I can be sure even away from home.

Video review

And a bonus at the end of the video is an overview of electric shavers:

Reviews of owners about the electric shaver Braun 790cc-4 Series 7



  1. Ergonomics
  2. Build Quality
  3. Shaving quality


  1. Poor quality of self-cleaning system assembly
  2. The fastest consumption of cleaning cartridges – if you do everything according to the instructions, enough for a month


After a couple of months of use, the self-cleaning device started to malfunction. Cleaning is constantly interrupted. I came to the conclusion that without this device it’s easy to do. The razor is perfectly washed with water. You can save and take a model without self-cleaning. The main thing at the same time is to re-grease the shaving head with engine oil, which is attached.
To save cartridges, you can first rinse the shaver with water, and then put on self-cleaning, so they last a few times longer.
Score – 4



  • Very comfortable shaving, do not compare with machines.
  • You can shave anywhere, which is sometimes necessary.
  • Enjoy shaving.
  • A handy trimmer.


  • The quality of shaving is still 9 out of 10 compared to an expensive shaving machine. This is especially true for the neck.


You get the pleasure of shaving. But you need to get used to a razor and the longer you shave the better and get faster! I am satisfied with the purchase.
Score – 5



  • It shaves very well, but I love shaving with electric shavers, before that I did not remember the Panasonic model – the battery was out of order. This razor was chosen very carefully, eventually bought on EBAY for $ 160 + delivery of 38 bucks. Shaves well and cleanly, I always take to the road without a cleaning system.


  • Did not find

Score – 5



  • Purely shaves
  • Conveniently lies in the hand
  • Convenient cleaning


  • You need to buy cartridges with cleaning fluid
  • After 2-3 uses, the shaver appears in the glass for cleaning and automatically starts charging – it is unknown how it affects the battery – if it is not lithium-ion, then this mode is harmful to it.


As soon as I figure out what to replace the liquid in the cartridge in order not to buy a new one – the razor will be almost perfect.

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