RHA CL 1 Ceramic and Dacamp L1 in the test

A two-way in-ear meets a headphone amplifier with HiRes-DAC: How is the duo made of RHA CL 1 Ceramic and RHA Dacamp L1 in the test?

Although time-share hi-fi headphones are no longer an absolute exotics, there are still not many of them. Two-way In-Ears, however, you will hardly find – firstly, in such small hands usually lack the space, second, they are quickly too heavy. The British of RHA have obviously been thinking a little longer and bring now with the CL 1 a high-profile two-way system – in a relatively small in-ear listener.

This is only possible with special materials. RHA manufactures the housing from an industrial ceramic called zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). This has very special properties, it is extremely hard and therefore scratch-resistant, but at the same time can be used by injection molding and thereby bring in virtually any shape. The housings are highly polished and provided with sMMCx connectors, which are often used in the high frequency technology for antennas. Two cablesare the CL 1 with: With 3.5 mm jack (adapter to 6.3 mm attaches) is the 1.4-meter-long copper cable provided, the symmetrical silver cable (Ag4x) with a mini-XLR connector. The first 10 cm of the cable are sheathed in a malleable hose construction, which is clamped behind the ear. That ensures a firm hold

The housing contains two fundamentally different drivers. The dynamic chassis operates from the low bass range to about 8 kHz, above sits a ceramic transducer (also made of ZrO2), which works on the piezoelectric effect. All components of the crossover find place in the housing.

The battery of the portable headphone amplifier RHA Dacamp L1 lasted longer than 21 hours in the test. It has just been awarded the design award “Red Dot Award” – perfectly understandable, because its slightly rounded design flatters the hand. Gain, bass and treble controls are integrated as knurled wheels and protected against accidental adjustment with a metal strap. The volume control is easily accessible at the top. In addition to an analog line input, there is also a digital optical input and USB for use as an external DAC on Mac or PC. In addition, there is also a USB host port: Here you can directly connect a smartphone and use the Dacamp L1 as a mobile DAC. Clever!

Listening test

Already with the first notes, the team proved to be a true sound monster – rich basses, concise and crystal clear highs. This duo loves bang effects. Good that you can turn back the heights on the Dacamp L1 a bit. Rock and pop sounded best, but even one or the other jazzy piece was allowed to be.


RHA CL 1 Ceramic: extreme height dynamics, powerful low bass, balanced cable included
RHA Dacamp L1: long battery life, outstanding sound characteristics, many connection options, easy operation




AUDIO sound rating: 82 points (RHA CL 1 Ceramic), 100 points (RHA Dacamp L1, price / quality: very good

RHA DACAMP L1 and CL1 Ceramic Headphones Unboxing

RHA Dacamp L1, CL1 Ceramic & CL750 (L1 un-boxing)

RHA CL1 Ceramic unboxing in-ear headphones

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