Sonos One – test and review

Sonos One review

A speaker for the future

Sounds as good as the predecessor, but is it released too soon here?

  • Future-proof with upcoming updates. Resists moisture. Good sound. Not more expensive than Play: 1.
  • Much of the point away without voice assistant in Scandinavia. Closed system.

The size of Sonos One is almost identical to Play: 1, but the look has become a bit more discreet to make it even more smoother. The buttons on the upper side allow room for touch controls to start and stop playback and control volume.

The installation is usually ridiculously easy. You choose to add a new speaker to the app, tap the parkbound app on the back, and then pop it up. You can park two pieces to get a small stereo system. Or use two pieces as back speakers in a small home theater, along with Playbase or Sonos Playbar, often with Sub.

As its predecessor Play: 1, One sounds furiously good for its size. We have tried both sides, side by side. Like its older brother, it has an open and warm rendering that makes it most comfortable. Even at relatively high volume. Possibly it sounds even clearer and fuller. But there are no huge differences. In all areas where one can imagine a Play: 1, Sonos One can clearly replace it.

Sonos One review

The buttons have been replaced by touch controls.


So who will buy a Sonos One the way it is today? Everyone who has gone and puzzled on a Play: 1 might as well turn on an One since it does not cost more. Everyone who knows they want a smart speaker that sounds better than Amazon and Google’s counterparts. Those who will be able to play through Airplay 2 from their Apple devices. Because this is the only smart speaker so far that actually sounds good with music.


  • Output: No information
  • Connections: Ethernet, Wifi
  • Streaming: Spotify Connect, Airplay 2
  • Other: Withstand moisture. Ready for Amazon Alexa.
  • Dimensions / Weight: 16 x 12 x 12 cm / 1.9 kg

Price: $249, –

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