Soundboks 2 review and sound

Soundboks 2 test

It actually goes to 11

Festival speaker over all others, with sound level and battery for the whole weekend.


Thundering bass and spinning sound pressure. Very robust. Outstanding battery life.


The battery could be more protected. Animal.

Two years ago, we tested Soundbox, a success story where three Danish youths lacked a party speaker for the Roskilde Festival. They found none so they built their own and launched it on Kickstarter, where it made success. Now they are back with an even more cruel sequel. As its predecessor, it is designed to be used at festivals, and consequently built as a caravan. It cope with large temperature differences, to be lost in the ground or that someone spills his beer on it. Despite the size and weight, two people can easily carry it around in the powerful handles.

However, this is a branded sound cannon that has no special features. You can stream music with Bluetooth or connect with an AUX cable. That’s it. On the other hand, you can now choose whether indoors or outdoors, so you can use the speaker all year long. Indoors, the bass boosts and the sound adjusts to more reasonable levels. The battery is more powerful and now also shows load level. At the highest volume, Soundbox 2 plays impressive 40 hours, and if you play without earplugs for 100 hours! You can also bring extra battery if that is not enough.

Soundboks 2

Sound pressure and bass

We already described the predecessor as “a box of Danish dynamite”, and now the boys have increased the volume resources by 40 percent. This means that it goes up to quite crazy 122 dB! It’s like standing on the first row of a rock concert, which definitely gives sore ears. The volume control goes literally to 11! There is no hocus pocus involved, it also has 3 x 72 watt class D amplifiers and dual 10 inch elements. Therefore, it plays not only high, but clean and effortless. That’s why it’s hard to get rid of raw rock songs and dance to electronic dance music in front of Soundbox. You may start bleeding your nosebleed, but it’s cool until it’s over.

Soundboks 2

Our Opinion

If you want to organize your own party at the festival’s campground, there is no more suitable than Soundbox 2. The speaker is capable of unprecedented processing, unbreakable temperatures and a shower in beer. It is not directly light, but two people can easily carry it in the handles. It is also the only party speaker in the size class that has a battery that lasts for several days. And if you have a spare battery, you can manage for an infinite period of time. But above all it plays terribly high and has a bass that makes it freak in pants. However, that does not mean that sounds bad; Soundbox has sufficient horsepower to control the music as well.


  • Sound pressure: 122 dB
  • Element: 2 x 10”, 1 x 1”
  • Inputs: BT, Aux
  • Battery life: 40-100 hours
  • Dimensions: Weight: 66 x 43 x 32 cm / 15 kg

Price: $1.050, –

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