Test and review of Marantz SR8012

Marantz’s first 11 channel receiver is so good that everything else fades.



Gigantic sound image with excellent resolution combined with impressive dynamics. Great ease of use and multirom makes the dot over your i-one.


We can not do anything except that of course we can always get even more power.

Full Review

In addition to replacing its previous flagship with the SR7012, Marantz has built a proper tank on top. With the SR8012, you have pushed in the best components, and distributed a completely uninterruptible power supply of not nine, but eleven amplifiers. Each of them with discrete amplifier modules rather than easier opamper, like almost everyone else uses. We took a look under the hood and the dam for some circuit components!

In addition to supporting all new video and audio formats, the Marantz receiver operates in a wireless setup with HEOS multi-volume speakers.

Setup and ease of use

The first time the receiver is plugged in, you are led through a very user-friendly step-by-step menu. The speaker setup is defined in the menu, then Audyssey room correction is executed. You must measure from at least three points in the room, preferably eight.

Marantz selects Default Reference Balance by default, and there is no point to argue with. Flat mode sounds as it says – flat and lifeless. You can choose Front if you have speakers that work optimally in your room, or bypass if you do not want adjustment. But Reference works well.

Music playback with HEOS is about as simple as Sonos multicast, just select your audio source or music service and play with the app.

Marantz SR8012 in silver

Sound quality

The Deadpool movie has details we have not previously noticed. When it blows in the sword, it’s as though they are singing extra long with Marantz. The beautiful resolution in the tones makes dialogs clear and the room around us is enormous. The atmospheric channels from the roof seamlessly bind to the rest and draw an airy bubble of sound. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced movies this way.

It’s no news that Marantz sounds nice. But the SR8012 also has a very raw dynamics, and goes beyond everything we’ve heard from Marantz earlier! Kruttsalver and car crash thunder loose, we are talking about a professional ballerina with bazooka!

Trondheimsolistenes strings sound very beautiful in surround, and the Atmos track on Reflections lifts the experience to new heights. Other music in stereo also sounds great, every breath from David Bowie on Lazarus hits us in the heart of the heart. Fantastic.

Marantz SR8012 outputs

All HDMI outputs support Enhanced Audio Return Channel and thus high resolution audio on this, and the SR8012 has got eleven amplifier channels.

Marantz SR8012 Video review


If you want a receiver that delivers both on music and on movies, always wearing silk gloves but never afraid to thunder with a great breeze, then the Marantz SR8012 is something for itself. Stereo or surround, movie or music; The receiver is almost free of weaknesses. Ease of use is also in the special class.

Add flow and multirom with HEOS and this places itself at the top of our must-have list. Here the handkerchief needs to be wiped away – to wipe away the sheer from the mouthwinds!


  • Effect: 11 x 140 W (8 ohms, 2 channels)
  • Number of processor channels: 11.2
  • HDMI: 8 in (2.0b), 3 out (eARC)
  • Lydformater: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos (7.1.4) DTS-HD MA, DTS:X (7.1.4)
  • Romkorreksjon: Audyssey MultEQ XT32
  • Services: Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn internet radio
  • Wireless: HEOS multirom, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth
  • Platen player input: Yes (MM)
  • Appstyring: Marantz AVR Remote, HEOS
  • Weight: 17.4 kg
  • Colors: Black, Silver
  • Price: $2900

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