Test and review of Nura Nuraphone

Headphones tailored to your hearing.

Nuraphone adjusts the sound to just your hearing. They can also kick off with sick amounts of bass.


The sound auto-adjusts the ears and ensures a good sound experience. Adjustable bass performs very well with overcompressed music.


The fit is very unfamiliar, it is not always easy to get a tight seal around the ear, and the resolution in the overtones could be better.



Every year at the Las Vegas CES Electronics Center, there are a few obscure products that create a lot of blast afterwards, but, to a greater or lesser extent, we passed by when we were ourselves.

The headphone nuraphone is one such product. The Internet abounds with videos of people who almost fall off the chair when they try for the first time. “Wow! It’s the sickest I’ve heard! “Is certainly the crowded experience.

Nura Nuraphone

The idea behind the product is as follows: no people hear the same. And because everyone’s ears are different and the left ear is not the same right, it will be optimal if the headset automatically adjusts the sound to the user’s individual ears. Like a pair of glasses for the ears. Then you really hear the music just as it is supposed to sound, and we can all live in musical harmony, in an everlasting “thrush”.

I get interested, but still skeptical. It is true that no one hears the same thing that all ears have their unique details and – I dare say – blemishes. The skepticism lies in the ears we were born with, also the ears we have built up our bank with hearing references with. A plane sounds like a plane, and a dog like a dog. I hear the difference between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari , and you and. My hearing system is what I’ve spent all my life listening to nature with. And as I use when listening to music.

“What happens is that my hearing has some tones where it is hypersensitive, while it is less sensitive elsewhere. When you hear an instrument where you are less sensitive, it’s fine. But then it comes in an instrument in a frequency range where you are hypersensitive and steals the attention of the other. This may not be the meaning of the sound engineer’s side. nuraphone fixes this, “said Dragan Petrovic, general manager at Nura, in a Skype interview.

The nuraphone is calibrated by sending test tones into the ear, and the backlit sound is measured so that the nuraphone can adjust the reproduction until it is satisfied.

Extra subwoofer

In addition to compensating for the ear, the nuraphone has another trick. And here comes the strange look. Because this is something special as a pair of headphones with built-in ear plugs. At least they look like this. But the correct one is instead to call them a pair of earplugs with subwoofers. It is through the earplugs that the music comes, while the cups around the ear house larger speaker elements for bass reproduction. They call it “immersion”.

Since ear plugs close to the esophagus, the bass elements around have to use a different method than just playing bass tones. Instead, they play bass frequencies as the hairs in the outer ear are extra sensitive to. The vibration that is initiated is then not captured by the retina, but by other parts of the ear. The advantage of this is that you can pour the bass as much as you want without the risk of bursting the pharynx. As a bonus, the dynamics remain in the rest of the frequency register.

It will be like a buttkicker for the ears! This will create the same physical bass reproduction gained by performing far ahead at a concert near major PA subwoofers. Fortunately, this degree of “immersion mode” can be adjusted steplessly, from wholly to full steam – which is too much too much!

The first connection nuraphone seems really solid, with black metal frame and weather resistant silicone cups. But they look snug with the stoppers in the middle, and it’s strange to take them for the first time. The ear paws are placed around the ears, and they must be pressed fairly hard for the earplugs to go in and seal the ear canals. There is now a double mechanical noise reduction – inside and out of the ears – so no active cancellation of outside noise is necessary.

Then just download the nura app to your mobile phone, connect with Bluetooth and follow the instructions. It is measured whether the headset is sealed completely in and around the ear. If not, it will not work properly. Then comes the test tones, and after a minute, a sound profile has been made for your ears. The shape of your ears sensitivity is mapped in a circle where the lowest frequency range is 12 o’clock, and higher tones are graded gradually by clockwise. The farther out from the center of the circle, the more sensitive your ear is for those frequencies.

Music listening is either via Bluetooth, or use one of the many cables included: Lightning, Micro USB, USB C or Analog. It is recommended to use one of the digital cables for lossless audio transmission.

Nura Nuraphone Sound quality

The sound before and after calibration is like night and day. Disable calibration and all music sounds tame and bloodless. Almost without bass, a lifeless and confined mid-range, and very limited with overtones. Hermetic, simply.

Enable calibration and change is total. The sound image opens, you hear instruments suddenly get the color of the sound, and it grows wide. The voice of Lady Gaga on the piano version of Joanne becomes more real, and the sound of the piano becomes a completely different one.

Nura Nuraphone

The nuraphone comes in a practical hard case with magnetic lock

The strange but acclaimed electronic psytrance song She Zoremet of Infected Mushroom is close to a revelation to hear with nuraphone. To pull up the bass, or “immersion mode”, and there are head-breaking stuff that smells out of the big drum! And where many headphones sound tucked up and artificial as you pull up the bass, it just gets more juicy and hotter here. The bass will never be disconnected from the rest of the soundtrack – except when pulling it up too high. A little below or above the center is fine.

When I think of the videos I’ve seen of people who are impressed, I think it must be when you go from uncalibrated to calibrated mode. For some revelation against other good headphones, it’s barely, or? How is the nuraphone for example the Sony WH-1000XM2 for the same price?


Sony has active noise reduction, something nuraphone does not need because they block so much anyway. The nuraphone has better dynamics and pulls more. Sony is somewhat more sophisticated in the middle and lower treble, and handles cymbals, violins and light guitar strings with a more delicate hand. But Sony is more reluctant at the top, and can also forget the bass of the nuraphone. It’s juicy and extremely physical, and set to the right level it’s beyond anything else in this price range. At least in pure power.

The nuraphone also sounds more balanced than Sony, with energy more evenly distributed throughout the frequency register.

Lack of finesse

The nuraphone could have had more of that finesse. If you go up a thousandfold, you can get the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro . A pro model that reproduces the entire frequency registry with both dynamics and sophistication. It has a very trustworthy and warm bass, and connected with a good amplifier it rings around the nuraphone quality. But it’s just that: it needs an amplifier that increases the price considerably. nuraphone, you can simply connect directly to the mobile, wireless or digital cable. And have fun twice as much as the DT 1770 Pro.

Nura Nuraphone

Only a couple of pillows are included, we would like more to choose from.

A pair of great wireless headsets are the Master & Dynamic MW60 . Up to 6,000 kroner, they have better resolution in the top register than the nuraphone, but again they lack the physics. The stereo perspective, which should be even better with the nuraphone, is about the same. It may be different to other listeners.

Nura Nuraphone

While the earplug reproduces most of the sound image, a large element in the cup sits, which propagates the bass well into the skull. It works!

On the plane

A cool thing with nuraphone was that when I sat on the plane and calibrated, I got a different sound profile. In the air, it worked better, where the first calibration I did let more metallic in the middle of the middle. The new calibration gave a significantly better sound experience. When I landed again, let that old calibration work best. Fortunately, you can save calibrations in several memories and call them what you want. What’s cool is that calibration is not done if the phone does not have internet coverage.

Nura Nuraphone

Several digital cables are included, for those who do not want to use Bluetooth wireless technology. Both iPhone, Android and PC with USB are supported.


It is undoubtedly cool that you can get custom sound for your own ears. The nuraphone claims to be “glasses for the ears”, and corrects for the weaknesses in the hearing of the listener. It seems to work. On the other hand, even though my frequency range is different from you, the subjective perception for me and you should nevertheless end in zero. If you have no hearing damage. Basically, just making a good headphone is all right. But small adjustments can still be good to do, especially if the left and right ear are so different that the brain overcompensates.

The nuraphone certainly does, is to transform yourself from letting it badly, to becoming a rock star headphone! The sound is balanced, and the bass is really physical and can thunder with lots of power – without losing dynamics.

The nuraphone is not perfect and can sometimes sound a little rough in the top register, and the fit with both watches and ear plugs is unusual. But it is clearly a good product, which you should definitely hear if you get the chance!


  • Type: In-ear / over-ear
  • Element: 40 mm
  • Connection: BT 4.1, cable
  • Lydformat: aptX, AAC, SBC
  • Microphone: yes
  • Weight: 329 grams
  • Battery life: 15-20 hours
  • Colors: Black
  • Web: nuraphone.com
  • Price: $399

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