Test: Audiofly AF45W

Audiofly AF45W review

Nice and bass-heavy

Nice plugs with rock hard bass, but the battery life and the treble are a disappointment.

  • Pro: Sprinkler safe according to IPX4. Potent bass rendering. Exclusive look and good accessories.
  • Contra: Short battery life. Whale treble and sculptured sound.

Compared with Audiofly’s high-end models , the AF45W is almost free. The budget is unfortunately marked on the battery luminaire and remote control, which is plastic and has sharp edges. However, the buttons are clear and easy to find with your finger. Fortunately, the wire is nylon clad, and the plugs actually look exclusive. They are also spray proof so you do not have to worry about a rain shower.

The leather case is nice and practical. You also get four sizes of silicone pillows. Unfortunately, the plugs are fully inserted into the ear, which makes it a little uncomfortable. A pair of angled plugs had a better seal in the ear canal, and moreover they made better fit.

The sound is open and acoustic music has a good presence. Thanks to the big elements, the bass goes really deep and has a good print, which makes electronic music really come true. On the other hand, the treble and the upper middle register are sharp, which makes sibilants and cymbals feel very sharp. Moreover, the sound is sculptured, which means that instruments can unexpectedly be raised from the mix or that the background is hidden behind a sound mat.

The plugs look exclusive and are spray proof.

Audiofly AF45W Conclusion

Audio aircraft makes proffs and, apart from the plastic remote control, it is labeled with the exclusive impressions of the plugs and the luxurious leather case. The cord is wrench free and the plugs are spray proof. On the other hand, the plugs could be angled for better fit and insulation. The sound is open and the bass really heavy. But they can sound a bit of pace in the upper register, and they sometimes add the tone to the wrong instrument in the mix, which sounds odd.

Audiofly AF45W Characteristics

  • Element: 11 mm
  • Bluetooth: 4.1 aptX
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz-20 kHz
  • Battery life: 5 hours
  • Remote control / microphone: yes / yes
  • Certification: IPX4
  • Weight: 80 grams

Audiofly AF45W Price: $89, –

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