Bose S1 Pro – test and review

Bose S1 Pro review

The Bose S1 Pro plays up for a party and when you’re going to seduce the guests with the cashier, it’s your wingman in the nudge.

  • The sound is powerful and at the same time better and cleaner than many “party speakers”. Battery operation and a number of placement options pull up, and the girl has the karaoke function!
  • The bass is a bit linear, and the dynamics are limited.

The Bose S1 Pro looks like a small stage monitor with carrying handle. It has built-in battery and Bluetooth wireless technology and should therefore be an entertaining travel – even if it does not fit into the hand luggage. Do you have two, it’s even more fun, as they can be connected in stereo. You can also connect a whole row of S1 Pro together in Party Mode.

It’s just a part of history. S1 Pro also has two microphone inputs. Plug in a song microphone and a guitar and you’re up and running. Was there anyone who said karaoke?

Bose S1 Pro - test

Two microphone inputs accept both 6.3 mm jack and XLR. You can set bass, treble and reverberation as well as sound level.

Bose S1 Pro Sound quality

The speaker automatically adjusts the bass after placement: vertical, horizontal, or tilted upwards. Horizontally and backwards, the bass is cleanest.

S1 Pro brings the rhythms of Janelle Monáes rhythmic RnB bell I Like That, with good energy in the important middle mass. The rhythms are marked well, even though the bass guitar is not completely linear. The loudspeaker sounds more coarse than “real” hi-fi speakers, but in return it is the most important thing; namely to entertain. It never sounds hard and uncomfortable even when you pull up so loudly that the speaker loses control of the dynamics. The party speaker Soundbox 2 can play a lot higher than the Bose S1 Pro, but with a much more cutting-edge tweeter. Personally, I would rather have Bose, which is also less expensive. On the other hand, there are several who beat Bose on sound quality. For example, Monster Superstar Blaster for $ 4,000 and indeed Harman Kardon Go + Play for $ 2,500.

Then to the ace of the sleeve: the microphone inlets. This is the first time I have taken the cashier at the office, and I have to say S1 Pro works surprisingly well for the purpose. The guitar sounds rich and sound, and with good touch in the strings. The built-in aftertow sounds nice, and with the EQ you get rid of porous and excessive bass. And best of all: the microphone inputs work with the Bluetooth connection, so you can play and sing with the music. A real karaoke speaker, in other words!


If you want a portable, wireless and powerful speaker that also lets you connect a song microphone and guitar, the Bose S1 Pro is in the middle of the flash.

With recorded music it’s loud enough to get the mood, with full bass that kicks well. Although it has nothing to do with proper hi-fi speakers in pure sound quality, and the dynamics could be better, it sounds comfortable and at the same time clear. Many other speakers that are made to play loudly, make much more cutting in the ears.

The microphone inputs are a nice plus and they work for the purpose. In other words, here you can both play a party and become the king of the nightclub with Stairway to Heaven on the boxer.


  • Sound pressure: 103 dB (1 m, peak 109 dB)
  • Elements: 3 x 2.25 »tweeters, 1 x 6″ bass
  • Sound sources: BT 4.2, Aux, 2 x mikrofon
  • Battery life: 11 hours
  • Dimensions / Weight: 33 x 24.1 x 28.6 cm / 7 kg

Bose S1 Pro Price: $770, –

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