Test of: SVS SB-4000

SVS SB-4000

Are you of those who like the bass to feel as good as it sounds? Then you want to dig SVS’s new sting subwoofer.

Quick review

+ This compact sub from SVS serves deep bass in brutal amounts!
– The bass is not as tight and impulsive as the best in class

“How low can you go?” In ten years, the US SVS has succeeded in becoming one of the most respected subwoofer manufacturers in the world. They are also among the cruelest when it comes to producing proper dyyyp bass – you know, the one who goes down the basement, vibrates the basics and shakes his mother’s finest crockery down from the kitchen shelves! The new 4000 Series from SVS aims to deliver even more bass without the price running runny. Among these, we find the SB-4000, which is small enough to fit into a normal living room – but powerful enough to deliver bass of the right neighborly kind.

SVS SB-4000

SVS SB-4000

After unpacking and placing the 46 kilo heavy subwoofer in the corner of the test room, we realized that the SVS SB-4000 is a solid and well-built case. Our test specimen came in a piano paint finish for 2000 kroner. The mirror-colored lacquer undoubtedly takes a good look in the living room, but in a dark home theater we prefer the woodcut veneer.

The compact cabinet is just big enough to accommodate a potent 13.5 inch bass. The specially designed bass membrane has a thick rubber suspension for extra long stroke, with a powerful magnet system and solid chassis to keep everything under control. The bass element alone accounts for just over 20 kilos of the total weight, which says a lot about how powerful the “engine” we are dealing with! The amplifier that runs it all is at 1200 watts, capable of delivering 4000 watts of sharp power when needed.

SVS SB-4000 test

The traditional buttons and steering wheel on the rear are replaced with front mounted display and digital controls.

Ease of use and features

The 4000 Series has also received state-of-the-art operation. All functions (volume, phase, parametric equalizer, etc.) can be controlled via the supplied remote control, or even better – via the SVS app, which is free downloadable for iPhone / iPad and Android. The app offers many cool features, including the ability to store more “presets” for different listening scenarios.

SVS SB-4000 test

The SVS subwoofer can also be managed with its own app for iOS and Android.

The parametric equalizer makes it possible to fine-tune the frequency range and expel the worst peaks from the bass response in the room. However, it is worth noting that it is manual checks: SVS has no “Auto-EQ” as other manufacturers offer, and you will therefore be dependent on adjusting on your own with measuring equipment.

Sound quality

SVS SB-4000 test

SVS and Arendal Sound: The SB-4000 has to deal with a single 13.5 “bass element in which the Norwegian boasts a double 13.8”. However, SVS can strike on the chest with extreme stroke and gampesterk amplifier. (Photo: Audun Garden)

As bass readers have already scored, the SVS challenger missed his absence during our previous subwoofer game. The joy was therefore great when we got the SB-4000 on the carpet and could drive it up against the test winner from Arendal Sound! The impressive 1723 Subwoofer 2 is currently our reference below $ 20,000.

It will soon become clear that the SB-4000 has the right genes intact. We start with Snoop Dogg’s Make America Crip Again , and the SVS suben delivers the heavy hip hop bass in full moon. The bass gets the chair back to shake, and it feels a bit like cruising down the street in a late American with big stereo: The bass is really fat, and the heavy budgets go like pressure waves through the room. We can play so high that the neighboring teams are streaming, without the subwoofer giving signs to give up. Both Geir and Audun are glittering acknowledging.

We move on to James Blake’s Limit to your love. The SVS subdirector sounds perfect on this type of slow, monotonous bassway. It has even more sliding than Arendal in the deepest frequencies. The whole room shakes!

So far so good, but how about a bit faster and more impulsive techno rhythms? Deadmau5 “Seeya” has a fast and hard-wearing bass that really sets the response to the test. Here SVS does not keep up with Arendal at all! The 1723 has a significantly tighter bass with greater dynamics in the impacts, without losing its impact. SVS has plenty of punch it too, but it’s unable to stop and restart as fast, which inhibits the music a bit.

“SVS does not sound as dynamic, and does not nearly reach the same transient response as Arendal,” comments Geir.

Maria Menas cover I was made for loving you also reveal that the SVS suben is not as musically precise as the reference. Der Arendal reproduces the bass bass easily and freely in interaction with the main speakers (Focal Kanta No. 2) , SVS has a heavier, more “subwoofer-like” sound rating. It clearly differs from the soundtrack even after we have tried out with the EQ controls.

SVS sounds straightforward when movies are on the menu. The spacecraft explosion in the Alien Covenant strikes deep into the spinal cord, but the shock wave does not feel as dynamic and “explosive” as the Arendal suben makes with its double basses.

Of course, we could not die ourselves to “torture” both subwoofers with deep frequency sweeps. There is no doubt that SVS has more levels from 20 hertz and downwards, but the gain is not as great as we had hoped. Arendal Sound has more pace up in frequency. The bass also feels cleaner, faster and tighter, with a more seamless transition to our main speakers (Focal Kanta).


SVS SB-4000 is a powerful subwoofer, with heavy amounts of deep bass from a relatively compact cabinet. Here you will have a juicy and weighty deep bass as the ability to turn the whole room in a swing! After testing a large number of subwoofers in this size and price range, we can determine that SVS claims to be the best, but they do not reach the top. The Americans must look at the finish line of the newcomer from Arendal, who has a careful approach and impulse.

Rating – 8/10


  • Type: Pressure chamber
  • Basselement: 13.5″
  • Amplifier: 1200W
  • Frequency: 19-310 Hz (+/-3dB)
  • Dimensions: 46.5 x 45,3 x 53 cm (H x B x D)
  • Weight: 46.4 kg
  • Other: SVS App
  • Price: $ 1500

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