Test: Plantronics Backbeat Fit 505

Plantronics is back, this time with a BackBeat Fit model that’s ideal for sweaty activities, as it’s both wireless and moisture-proof. senses.se has tested BackBeat Fit 505 and sets ratings.

Over the years, we have tested a number of headphones from American Plantronics, a manufacturer that we think has mostly gone from clarity to clarity and in recent years also made efforts to step out of the gaming segment and more at mid-range / entertainment slots. BackBeat Fit 505 is a pair of wireless tricks, like the old BackBeat Fit , are P2i-certified and so easy to sweat on / on them. But unlike Old Fit: one, this model is on-ear, which gives the most benefits.

Plantronics can do that with design. They succeed in creating fools that look more expensive than they actually are and although plastic and faux materials are dominant, it’s hard to see a big difference to brands many times more expensive. You also keep the exemplary clear and easy-to-use buttons that control the side-of-the-side (play / pause, forward and backward) while all the connections work well (the lurks last about 18 hours on fully charged battery, but you can also connect them with 3.5mm- cable, which is included).

The fit of the BackBeat Fit 505, according to our test patrol, is not brilliant. The cups feel too small and are not very good or comfortable on the ear, as it only covers a part (of an adult’s ear). Not really comfortable to wear for a long time, but they are really featherweight and it includes a sporty carrying bag to carry them in.

The sound itself is approved without direct impressions. This can be done with the minimalist construction of the caps, since they do not cover the ear completely, it feels like a considerable amount of bass is lost. BackBeat Fit 505 can not be compared to the sound quality of BackBeat PRO (neither in price tag) and what works beyond expectations is noise reduction, which allows you to really focus on your chosen sound and exercise, even though most gymnastics are usually scratched with today’s top ten from the free commercial radio station or gymrunners that bump and cannonbars when lifting. If you turn on the volume, the sound is better, but you still notice that on a well-mixed and listenable track like Junge Junges Run Run Run so some bass and heat are taken. The BackBeat Fit 505 definitely compels to the gym, where sound quality may not be so crucial and they sound completely alright to audio books and podcasts, for example, which may be more of the expected use. However, if you are looking for tricks to enjoy music on the couch or on the trip, the BackBeat Fit 505 is not the best choice.


As is the case with headphones, it comes down to the preference and what you essentially think about them. If you are looking for a pair of stylish and durable workouts, the BackBeat Fit 505 is not a bad choice at all, since they are better than the predecessor (which was in-ear and, quite badly), while not being great for a couple Wireless headphones that sound just sounds OK. In the price range around $ 1,00, competition is stubborn and even though P2i treat is grateful to moisture (sweat), it’s usually not crucial to the functionality unless you sweat so much that you risk water damage a few common naps. BackBeat Fit 505 is delicious and it’s too many a not entirely unimportant factor, considering how much you put on exercise clothes and peripheral equipment in general.

BackBeat Fit 505 is not Plantronics most well-behaved or comfortable pair of fools, but they are stylish, lightweight and do their job well-to handle sweaty sweatpockets and block out noise around them. The price tag is perhaps a little salty, but for the class-conscious gymsman who puts function and design in front of audio file excitement, they are not a bad choice.


  • Light
  • Nice
  • Good noise reduction and P2i treatment (moisture resistant)

  • Lots of bass and heat
  • Small covers, a bit uncomfortable
  • Sounds only OK sound for the price

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