Thermacell mosquito repeller

So easily you can get rid of the troublesome mosquito

No matter if you’re just sitting on the terrace, or fishing on the ground, there’s one thing you will not get rid of like that anymore; mosquitoes. It’s almost fascinating how extremely annoying and troublesome the little slimy insect can manage to be.

If you are fishing, you know how relaxing it may be to sit and wait for the fish to move, but the idyll can often be stopped by mosquitoes that buzz around your ears.

Now we have tested a little thing that supposedly should be able to keep these tormentors at bay; Thermacell Mosquito Cake. This only costs a few doggies, but the manufacturer promises to keep the mosquitoes at a distance, thus making the fishing trip much more comfortable. But can it really be that simple?

Easy to use

The mosquito hunter consists of three parts; the device itself, a gas cartridge and a ‘cushion’.

It is this pillow containing Thermacell’s special remedy, with the main ingredient being D-Allethrin. This is a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in flowers in the chrysanthemum leakage, and via the Thermacell, the substance is spread evenly beyond the area in which you are sitting.

The company writes on its web pages that “the insecticide is very uncomfortable for mosquitoes, but when used as instructed, do not be harmful to animals or humans.”

The gas cartridge is screwed into the bottom of the unit after removing a small cover that protects the cartridge. Then you can insert the actual odor that is stuck under the grid on the top of the device.

The gas cartridge is screwed into place at the bottom of the unit.

Included in the box is one gas cartridge and four cushions, giving you about 12 hours of use. Thus, you need to replace the odor pad after three hours of use. This is where the manufacturer probably deposits most of their money, because these cushions are almost more expensive than the machine itself.

To start the mosquito hunter, just twist the big switch, naturally labeled “On”, and you will hear that it starts to gas out.

Then press the smaller button to the right of the switch. Then the gas will ignite and to check if it is running, you can see through a small window in the front of the hunter. If you see a little glow, the hunter is lit.

At the end you can see if the device is lit or not.

After the device is started, it takes a few minutes before it starts to work properly. The reason is that the plate on which the odor is facing must be heated enough by the gas flame before the cushion begins to emit the substance that keeps the mosquito away.

The odor pads are inserted under the grid.

We have tested the device several different locations, at different times, and have to impress us with how well it works.

It is difficult to have completely specific, verifiable tests of mosquito removal, but we definitely have the impression that Thermacell does its job.

We included it on a fishing trip, where two other fishermen were also included – only good old-fashioned mosquito nets.

While they constantly had to express and express their dissatisfaction with the mosquito, the undersigned had little mosquitoes in sight. The device is supposed to keep the mosquito away from about 20 square meters, but this we did not control.

As long as it’s windy, as it is when the mosquitoes can be very intense, this little dingsen worked perfectly to keep mosquitoes and knots away. There is also some wind, but then you have to take this into account and put the device away from you in the direction the wind blows towards you.

Briefly summarized

Mosquitoes can be extremely annoying, and with this little thing you can get rid of the bad guys easily.

The machine itself costs around $20, and you will get gas and pillows for 12 hours. Not a stupid price. The smell, however, comes when you buy refill packages. If you get a 10-pack, this will cost you about $30 – which gives 120 hours of use. It seems we are too expensive.

Thermacell should boast to have made an easy-to-use mosquito hunter, and all you need to take care of is that there are enough gas and pillows for the device to end the entire trip.

You must always have some odor pillows left, as these are significantly shorter than the actual gas cartridge, and it would be nice if the device had some sort of storage.

Beyond this, this has become a thing I do not go on without, despite the stiff price of refill pads. After all, it’s quite difficult to appreciate being able to relax in peace and wait for the dip to go underneath without having to irritate the fat.

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Device: Do They Work?

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