Thomson WHP5407 Quick Review

Thomson WHP5407 review

“Wireless headphones with DAB radio”. This is what the packaging of the Thomson WHP5407 says. DAB radio with wireless headphones would do better in our opinion.

At the heart of the Thomson is clearly the transmitter / charging station made of plastic, whose extendable radio antenna receives DAB + and VHF. We have never had that in this form, which is why we have awarded our Innovation Award. The operation of the radio is conceivably simple: Once connected to the mains, up to ten stations for DAB + and FM can be stored in a favorites list and three on speed-dial buttons on the device. An LED display shows the station name and source info, the remote control controls volume and station selection. Thanks to the cinch’s input and output and optical fiber cable, external playback devices can also be connected or the radio programs can be transmitted to receivers or a TV.

Wireless communication

The headset itself communicates with the transmitter via radio at 2.4Ghz frequency. Thanks to the jack connection, it can also be connected directly to the players. A wireless connection with something other than the transmitting station, such as via Bluetooth, he does not dominate, so that the wireless use is limited to the range of the transmitter. The manufacturer claims that this is up to 30 meters, but in our test, faults occurred after only 15 meters. One battery charge lasts for 8 hours of music enjoyment, the soft ear cushions ensure high wearing comfort. Sonically, the WHP5407 does not tear down any trees. Solid mids and clear speech intelligibility are sufficient for the normal radio operation and music he brings distortion and naturally to the ear, large dynamic jumps, rich bass or fine treble is not expected with him but.

The review Thomson WHP5407 (overall rating: good, price / RRP: 180 euros)

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