Ultimaker 3 – review, one of the best 3D printer

Ultimaker 3 review

3D printing in professional equipment

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At the top of the Top 10 3D printer, the Ultimaker 3 replaces Formlabs Form 2. The Ultimaker delivers at a lower purchase price (3,600 instead of 3,900 euros) a similarly exemplary print quality and has a much better equipment. Above all, he can create two-color objects with two printheads. This makes the 3D design more complex in advance, but means more flexibility for the developer and leads to more appealing results.

Good things will take a while

Another advantage is the comparatively large volume of the pressure chamber of 9.24 liters. By comparison, about half of the 3D printers in our leaderboard can only print less than 5 liters. In the new Ultimaker, on the other hand, objects up to around 20 centimeters in height are created – albeit with a high expenditure of time: For our test cube with an edge length of just 2 centimeters, for example, the Ultimaker takes just 49 minutes. This is by no means a negative record, 3D printers for private households are generally no pressure sprinters. For a fast series production the Ultimaker is certainly not the right choice.

Top Features

But he is the currently incontestable master of equipment (100 out of 100 possible points in the test) This includes the already mentioned twin extruder for the two-color print, but also a hot plate, which is especially important for objects that are larger than a few centimeters. Only thanks to heating, the printer can build larger print objects as distortion-free as possible on the base plate. And finally, the test winner works with open source software, the user remains independent of expensive design programs from Adobe and Co.

Although an SD slot is missing and the power consumption during operation is quite high at 119 watts. But these are just small spots on an otherwise impeccable picture


At the top of the list of best 3D printers, the Ultimaker 3 establishes itself. It does this with virtually optimal threshing quality in the test, an unsurpassed set-up – and a hefty price. When 3D printing applies just: From nothing comes.


  • First class equipment
  • Excellent print quality
  • Two-color print


  • High power consumption
  • High costs

Ultimaker 3 Dual Extruder 3d Printer Review

Ultimaker 3 3D Printer Review

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