Urbanears Jakan – quick review

Inconvenient and boxed

Even if everything else had been perfect, the unpleasant fit had turned the lasset off.

Available in five cool colors. Decorative around the neck. Good battery life.
Large skins that are uncomfortable in the ear. Mediocre sound quality.
Urbanears is well-known for beautiful and colorful headphones with good value. Jakan is no exception and is available in five cool colors. The ear buds can be snapped together with magnetic fasteners and will be the pure necklaces. The remote control is smart, with a small joystick instead of all the buttons that the competitors have. There is also the charging switch, which lasts two and a half hours for 12 hours of listening. You do not need any silicone pillows as the skulls are shallow in the ears.

The ear bells are the biggest we have seen, and it is actually a problem for convenience. Already one quarter of listening gave sore ears. If you are still interested, it is recommended to try them first in store. The wire goes through the skulls, and the intention is that the shirt that is formed will help keep them in place in the ear. A weird solution that we do not think works particularly well.

The problem with shallow seals is that you will not get any seal in the ear canal, and you will lose a lot of bass. However, Jakan goes deep into the registry, but loses energy on the road. They also have a slightly sharp treble. But the big problem is actually the middle register. It has no presence, it’s like keeping the plugs a centimeter from the ear. You never get the experience that music plays inside your head, but outside.

Available in five cool colors.


With its headphones, Urbanears is successful in finding a good balance between design, price and sound quality. But with the wireless skulls Jakan, the recipe has not worked. Price and appearance are nothing wrong with them, and they are very decorative hanging around the neck, clamped together with the magnetic fasteners. But the sound is tame and unattractive. The biggest problem, however, is that the huge skulls are not comfortable to wear in their ears. It is, nevertheless, a minimum requirement.

Urbanears Jakan Characteristics

  • Element: not specified
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Frequency range: not specified
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Remote control / microphone: yes / yes
  • Certification: –
  • Weight: 18.9 grams
  • Web: urbanears.com

Urbanears Jakan Price: $99, –

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