Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pet hair, testing with a cat

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat
The tasks of this vacuum cleaner and cat test:

  • Evaluate the quality of cleaning the Dyson V8 Absolute in places where the cat leaves the wool.
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of missing wires
  • Compare the influence of wool on the mechanisms of a vacuum cleaner
  • Make a visual overview structure.

Obtained almost run with obstacles: the vacuum cleaner was repeatedly used in various situations – each has its own subtitle and result. It turned out to be monumental, detailed and interesting. Go!

Principal Tester

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

Lulu appeared in my life 7 years ago and became a symbol of stability. Changed apartments, women, cars, work and only the cat remained unchanged with its fur. Because of the large size, Lulu is often mistaken for a guy.

The cat should be scrub every day. Clean the apartment 2 times a week. For the review, it was not necessary to spill and scatter anything specially. Lusha took care of creating excellent conditions for the Dyson V8 Absolute test.

Caring for animals

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

My cat and millions of others adore there is cellophane. It is their natural feature to react to the smell and texture of this substance. Polyethylene is not digested in the body of the animal. With a mix with wool, or in case of eating a decent piece, easily there is gastric obstruction. It is treated only in an operative way.

In the goods for children, small details have long been banned. My opinion: the producers of machinery, on which it is written that it is intended for animals, should exclude from packaging and construction everything that can harm domestic pets.
The wires from the adapter are also an attractive treat. Chew them more from being ill-mannered. My cat with small paws knows that it can not be chewed. Numerous livestock of my friends with pleasure gnaws charging iPhones, laptop adapters and other tails.
And it would be great to find in the kit corrugated from Kevlar, a fine metal mesh or material that is impregnated with a safe and not attractive for the animal composition.

Entrance carpet

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

My cat loves to meet me after work and hug. The webcam in the apartment shows how the cat hears my footsteps on the first floor and comes to meet. Several times a month, she moves to the entrance mat, when I just stop by the parking lot. For 7 days, the entrance space turns gray. The usual vacuum cleaner does not remove the wool from the end of this rug.

Dyson V8 Absolute cleaned everything.

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

On the reverse side rough rubber coating. To shake something out of there is almost impossible, therefore, usually everything remains as it is. Dyson V8 Absolute is not surprised, and the coating has come to its original state.

The suction power in the normal mode is not inferior to the Zanussi ZAN 2300 wired vacuum cleaner, the quality of the fence is superior.

Clean the snowboard cover

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

If the cover is left unattended, the cat turns it into a couch. There were several cases when he forgot it when he was open. Then the cat climbed inside and arranged there his little cat. In all attempts at exile, he made his displeased eyes, hissed and showed the middle claw. You can lure only with shrimps or baked cod.

To arrange the couch, we use osljunivlennaya wool. Usual vacuum cleaner is removed long and tediously. In turbo mode, V8 Absolute sucked in immediately.

Lost Shoes

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat
While cleaning, I found sneakers, which I lost in the summer. It seems that after the club I forgot where I took it off. Their cat made a nest for the quarter.

A small brush with direct drive perfectly coped with the dangling wool. Laces should be hidden and well held, otherwise wound in the brush. Get them from there just after turning off the vacuum cleaner.

Spilled food

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

Some pets are satisfied with social protests and throw food on half of the kitchen. A big brush does it with sadness. On the move, most of the Katysh take away. When you pull to yourself, the food does not fall under the brush and flies. On a small brush, there is no such effect.

As I later realized, I had to use a hard-ground attachment (called “Fluffy”), and not for carpets, as in the photo above. Oops.


Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat

A bathroom in most apartments is smaller than a storage room. There is not a big brush to turn around. Small, although it was created for upholstered furniture, even on the tile, it perfectly skates and takes away the scattered filler. In this environment, the wireless Dyson V8 Absolute is beyond competition. The covering is cleaned without any complaints.

The hose of a conventional vacuum cleaner sticks out through the half-open door. You stand with one foot in the corridor, the other in the bathroom, half the carcass there, half here, with hands the same story. Such acrobatics in periods begins to irritate greatly. Here, full wireless bliss.

Kitchen extractor

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat
There is accumulated the fur of the cat, which is mixed with fat after cooking and the dust of the center of our capital. There’s nothing to do with a rag in the hood. The usual vacuum cleaner to reach the ceiling is difficult. It is necessary to stand on the table. In one hand, hold the main part on the wire in the other of its trunks. In doing so, try not to fall and collect dust.

Here, the wireless Dyson V8 Absolute is in its element – no need to drag on, look for a rosette closer, just brought it up where it should, and removed it. The wool is removed, the hood is cleaned.


Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat
The year of our life with the cat went to fight for wallpaper on the walls. He was adamant in his choice. Otpugavilki, scotch, psychological suggestions, the whole assortment of scribblers and spryskalok primalivalk from pet shops suffered a crushing defeat. I even brought home a birch log. There is a suggestion that some fuzzy love to scratch it, but also not.

Accidentally stumbled on a cardboard scratching machine. It is made very simply. In a small box are placed on the rib strips of corrugated cardboard. And a miracle happened. This thing Mr. Kickers liked a lot more wallpapers. For a couple of her, she is covered with wool, roughly, like a snowboard cover left unattended. Dyson V8 Absolute effortlessly removed all traces of the presence of the cat and cardboard chips.

Heating Radiator

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat
It is a common vacuum to get into the battery outside of the possible. It remains a mystery, because of what radiator heating MS-140M, GOST 31311-2005 ignored. The life of this battery is 50 years. It stands in the “stalines” and a million other apartments. Why do manufacturers of vacuum cleaners have not yet made a normal cleaning nozzle?

Thousands of owners once a week materyatsya, tear off a disposable rag, wet it in water and thrust into each cell of the radiator to remove dust from there. I, of course, scored on it, and the cat organized there warehouse of its wool.

At turbo mode, the main osprey of all sorts of nonsense was removed from the battery. The nozzle was scratched and did not reach certain places. In small holes, only hair is stuck. He removed her hands.

Blowing out of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute and pets. Testing with a cat
When cleaning the battery, the curtains flew in different directions. Blowing out of the vacuum cleaner is very strong. When working with short nozzles, the hair lying next to it rises into the air.

In general, it is wool like dust, only large. That nothing took off, all small nozzles should be used through a long pipe. Otherwise you will get a small cyclone at home.

Noise level

Pets respond sensitively to loud sounds. It is often said that Dyson works very quietly. At the same time, in technical specifications, a small noise level of 82 decibels is claimed. Further we will see that this is data for the turbo mode. Measurements are made by the application for the iPhone Decibel 10th. Removal from blowing the vacuum cleaner 50 centimeters. The microphone is pointed in the opposite direction.
The first measurement of a conventional vacuum cleaner. The average value is 83-84 decibels.

To assess the noise in this case, some mythical figures fit, according to the difference which can be estimated how much Dyson is quieter. In the second image, the chart begins with a silence in the room of 40 conditional decibels.

The middle part in the picture is work in the usual mode, 72 decibels. Really quiet. In the final, the turbo mode is 83 conventional decibels, which is identical to a wired vacuum cleaner and converges with the declared figures in the technical specifications.

In normal mode, Dyson is not inferior to my Zanussi for cleaning quality. In turbo mode, linoleum sticks to the brush. The maximum power is used in exceptional cases, because the conventional mode copes with most of the contaminants.

Brushes after work

Dyson V8 Absolute brushes and pets. Testing with a cat
A large brush removed several containers of wool and dust. There was nothing left in the platen. Minor thoroughly confused herself with everything that is possible. The constructive makes it possible to disassemble and clean. Thank you for that, Dyson engineers.

For comparison, the brush of a conventional vacuum cleaner can not be cleaned practically. After 1000 years, it will be excavated by descendants and will reproduce through my DNA my cat.

Cleaning the Dumpster

Dyson V8 Absolute brushes and pets. Testing with a cat
Dyson claims that V8 uses a new technology to clean the trash. But the coat of my cat is tightly packed around the pump in the cyclone and persistently sticks there. You can pull out only with the help of hands. It seems to me very modest that the engineers of the Dyson V8 Absolute lack practical tests with animals.

It seems that they test their adaptations on two smooth-haired cats and after that marketers proudly write that they perfectly clean the animal’s fur. It is important to note that after training and applying a good impulse when cleaning the container, the wool still falls out.

Glass is prohibited

The only parameter by which the Dyson V8 Absolute is inferior to a conventional vacuum cleaner is the collection of glass. He is the only one, but critical. I often have parties at home. A couple of broken glasses a month is the norm. Large fragments are collected by hands.

Small fragments – only a vacuum cleaner. Manufacturer Dyson V8 Absolute categorically prohibits this. Fragments will be worn over the collection and will attach there everything that is possible. The only solution I see is to buy a cyclone filter. Saw one of the adapters and use a pre-filter.

The owner of the vacuum cleaner about using Dyson for cleaning the house with pets

He excels in the cleaning of wool traditional vacuum cleaner. Mobility is implemented without compromising functionality. Dyson adds Fun to the cleaning, quickly achieves the result “All the wool is removed”. I got to where my predecessor sighed heavily.

As a result, V8 removed to the end what a conventional vacuum cleaner could not. The test is over, I’m happy!

And finally a small video.

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